Where In The Universe Challenge #136

Ready for another Where In The Universe Challenge? Here’s #136! Take a look and see if you can name where in the Universe this image is from. Give yourself extra points if you can name the spacecraft responsible for the image. As usual, we’ll provide the image today, but won’t reveal the answer until later. This gives you a chance to mull over the image and provide your answer/guess in the comment section. Please, no links or extensive explanations of what you think this is — give everyone the chance to guess.

And you can also find the answer to last week’s image (a double-ringed crater somewhere in the Universe…) back on the original post.

UPDATE: Answer has now been posted below.

While this image looks like shag carpet, it actually is Mars! Scientists have been noticing changes in Martian sand dunes, and this is one of the images that they’ve been looking at to determine just how much change is going on from season to season on Mars. You can take a closer look and also look at the surrounding region by looking at the various resolutions available of this image on the HiRISE website.

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  1. This is a HiRISE image of Mars. Not sure where though…sure seems like an area that would have been affected by some form of ancient flooding!

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