Spots Among Spots on Mars


This unusual landscape on Mars can be found within a crater on the southern hemisphere of the Red Planet. But if you look on the actual location of this HiRISE image on the Google Map of Mars, below, you’ll see these spots are just spots among spots.

An area of heavy cratering on Mars. Credit: Google Maps (Mars)

Seasonal spots appear on dunes found on the floors of craters on Mars; most likely it is from carbon dioxide frost that is “defrosting” and later may sublimate away. At one time, these spots that seemingly come and go with the seasons were thought to be signs of life on Mars. The jury is still out on that line of thinking.

See the original picture on the HiRISE website and zoom around the Google Mars (below the image on the HiRISE site) to see the entire area, or go to Google Mars.

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