9 Replies to “I Love Space!”

  1. As much as I appreciate the learning for any science this got a tad creepy. This child has been conditioned to learn everything probably without much appreciation for what’s actually been shown.

    I hope the parents continue to teach science but also open open-mindedness and curiosity. excellent post, made my morning


  2. Sam Wilson: “Creepy”? Why? Perhaps because of jealousy, or even envy, on your part? You couldn’t do that at 2 years of age, I would bet. Some people, Sam, some people…

  3. I’m not amused at all, that was extremely annoying! It’s funny how parents think their kids are so cute, the rest of us just cringe in embarrassment. So a child can name the planets, a few moons etc. Whoop di doo!

  4. OK, chill out people. Yeah, Isaac was probably conditioned and he most likely does not understand what he is talking about. But that’s how kids his age learn. He is having a lot of fun doing this because he interacts in a very dynamic way with his mom and he needs that. Of course it could have been frogs, Gummi Bears or quarks.


  5. Wow… All the negative comments are amazing! I guess we should look down on all kids who love dinosaurs too. Those who say this must not have kids or just have forgotten the exicitement of discovery.

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