Curiosity Rover Takes First Test Drive

Even though there were no wheelies or skid marks, it was an exciting day for the teams working on the next Mars rover. The Mars Curiosity rover (or the Mars Science Laboratory) took its first short drive in the JPL clean room where it is being built. This video was captured from live broadcast on July 23, 2010. Cheers and commentary provided by mission team members who watched the event from a viewing gallery above the clean room floor. In this clip the rover drives backward for the first time.

4 Replies to “Curiosity Rover Takes First Test Drive”

  1. For the benefit of those who can’t watch embedded videos, click here to watch directly on YouTube.

    Yeah, as Kevin said, that thing is bloody huge!

  2. I like the heat radiators for the thermal power generators. It appears there are 2 on this rover but it is hard to see clearly.

    I whonder how long until someone manipulates this to show the thing on You Tube rolling up to a Burger King drive through or something along those lines.

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