Bright Outburst of QZ Virginis In Progress…

According to AAVSO Special Notice #212: “Hiroshi Matsuyama (MTH), Kanimbla, Queensland, Australia, reports and Rod Stubbings (SRX), Tetoora Road, Victoria, Australia, confirms that the SU UMa-type dwarf nova QZ Vir (formerly called T Leo) is in outburst, and possibly in superoutburst.”

Matsuyama reported it at visual magnitude 10.4 on July 9.409 UT (JD 2455386.909), and Stubbings at visual magnitude 10.0 on July 11.384 (JD 2455388.884).

According to observations in the AAVSO International Database, the last regular outburst of QZ Vir, which is 16th magnitude at quiescence, occurred 4 July 2009 (JD 2455017, magnitude 10.6, Matsuyama), when it reached visual magnitude 10.3 and faded to 15th magnitude by 9 July (2455022). The last superoutburst (see AAVSO Special Notice #144) occurred between 19 January 2009 (JD 2454851, magnitude This AAVSO Special Notice was prepared by Elizabeth O. Waagen.