“Data” Narrates Hubble Documentary

The Hubble Space Telescope is one of the greatest technological achievements in our history, and for two decades has astonished us with dynamic images of our solar system and the world beyond. To celebrate this important twenty-year milestone, NASA looks back at the contributions of this extraordinary scientific tool, and the scientists who created it, in a documentary entitled “Hubble: Twenty Years of Discovery.” The movie is narrated by Brent Spiner, Data from Star Trek.

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  1. Prettay cool that we’re still getting ‘good Data’ out of the Hubble Space Telescope! Ho! (Snicker snicker)

    Hubble should also be remembered as the experiment that reminded us not to take ourselves too seriously! ESPECIALLY when it comes to theoretical conclusions based on an accumulation of assumptions! (i.e. those held as ‘truth’ prior to its investigations)

    My favorite is the finding that there are fully formed galaxies 12-13 billion light years away!

    Any and all major astronomical theories, including the Big Bang, the Hubble constant, EU and the age of the universe, should ALWAYS be predicated with this statement, “This information is based on CURRENT INFORMATION and subject to change in the near future.”

  2. In my 35 year engineering career I’ve noticed that engineers in general (Like theoretical scientists and religious zealots?) have a tendency to hold information accumulated early on in their studies as sacrosanct and indisputable. I believe this tendency hinders or even negates the development of new theory and new information. ‘Mind set’ can therefore be seen as a serious even dangerous hindrance to real progress.

    Don’t get me wrong, the scientific method works and my intention is not to ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’, but instead feel that it is a mistake to become rigid in one’s thought processes…

  3. Thanks Jean for the interesting suggestion! Its raining here and with the full moon, I don’t think I’ll be taking my telescope(s) ‘up the mountain’ any time soon…

    (Takes the hint and wanders over to the Galaxy Zoo – Hubble)

  4. Hey Aqua, I think you’d really enjoy classifying galaxies in Galaxy Zoo: Hubble, especially if you’ve spent a few hours doing so in the original Zoo (the difference between the SDSS and ASC/Hubble galaxies is astonishing!)

  5. MY evil twin brother’s name is Sean… he only comes out when I’ve been drinking Irish Whiskey! (I don’t do that any more – has a tendency to fry my emotions and make all stars appear double thru the eyepiece!)

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