Universe Puzzle No. 5

As with last week’s Universe Puzzle, something that cannot be answered by five minutes spent googling, a puzzle that requires you to cudgel your brains a bit, and do some lateral thinking. This is a puzzle on a “Universal” topic – astronomy and astronomers; space, satellites, missions, and astronauts; planets, moons, telescopes, and so on.

What do the following have in common?

UPDATE: Answer has been posted below.

Alice, Hanny, Kate, Pamela

They are all featured in Galaxy Zoo’s She’s an Astronomer: Alice Sheppard, Hanny van Arkel (of the Hanny’s Voorwerp fame), Kate Land, and Pamela L. Gay (of Astronomy Cast fame!)

Check back next week for another Universe Puzzle!

8 Replies to “Universe Puzzle No. 5”

  1. Women who’ve had stuff in space named after them? Hanny must be Hanny’s Vorwerp, and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Pamela Gay has had an asteroid named after her.

  2. Aren’t these the girls of playboys centerfold of the year resp. 1905 (relativity theory by A. Einstein), 1609 (Keplers planetary motion), 1687 (Newtons gravity theory) and 1960 (string theory) ?

  3. They have all been featured on the She’s an Astronomer section at the Galaxy Zoo blog.

    Alice Sheppard
    Hanny van Arkel
    Kate Land
    Pamela L. Gay

  4. I’m with Navneeth. These four are amoung the many contributing zooites at Galaxyzoo.org

  5. Wow! I’m honoured! I sure don’t get the puzzle, though – that is, if we were supposed to work it out from the picture. (Which I didn’t spot in advance.)

    That will teach me to keep up with Universe Today in future 🙂

  6. Wow, someone featured in a Universe Puzzle drops by!

    Alice, the picture has nothing to do with the puzzle (but, in future it might! you’ve given me an idea!)

    Here are the five Universe Puzzles to date, along with the answers:

    1) What do Ferdinand, David, and Nicholas have in common? They have galaxies named after them

    2) What’s the next number in the sequence? 1655, 1671, 1672
    A: 1684

    3) Which is the ‘odd one out’? And why? aragonite, diamond, ice, olivine
    A: aragonite (several answers, e.g. it’s the only one found only on Earth, so far; it’s the only one known to be made by biological processes)

    4) What’s the next number in the sequence? 401, 172, 85.2
    A: 42.5

    5) What do the following have in common? Alice, Hanny, Kate, Pamela
    A: They are all featured in Galaxy Zoo’s She’s an Astronomer

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