Report: Two Objects Crash to Ground in Mongolia

Article written: 24 Feb , 2010
Updated: 24 Dec , 2015

Two objects reportedly crashed to the ground near Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia on Feb. 19, 2010. The first object, according to the report on the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness database, weighed 10 kg, while the second larger object weighed approximately 2 tons. Other than that, there’s not a lot of information available about the objects. But of course, UFOers are having a field day, calling the image, above, that accompanied the report a “leaked UFO crash” picture. But the object looks suspiciously like a rocket or jet engine, or perhaps a rocket nose cone. Objects that crash to Earth likely have a very terrestrial origin. We’ll provide an update when any news becomes available. But if you are looking for a few laughs, check out the comments on Io9.

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  1. J. Major says

    I hate when my UFOs leak.

  2. Member
    Aqua says

    Spent Long March tank?

  3. Member
    Aqua says

    Short story subject?

    A piece of space junk creates double sonic booms…*….*….

    A burnt metallic shell crash lands into a recently restored 1968 VW bug. The owner gets images on the internet just as the helicopters arrive. Then its news crews, cousins, uncles, sisters,brothers and others as they arrive to take in the view? Eventually everybody leaves. The owner’s wonders if it’s true there’s a buck to be made on some of the metals? Something ‘really rare’ as his cousin had suggested? The next day he calls a local metal salvage company who agrees to come out and take a look…maybe even pick it up? It ends up in a scrap yard where recyclers start to dismantle it with high temp torches. Some of the metal can’t be cut and is cool to the touch after a 3,500 degree torch had burned on it for ten minutes! Then they find strange text embossed into some of the pieces and decide to call the foreman to see what he thinks? The cell phone doesn’t work and a pair of pliers get stuck to the metal and can’t be removed…

  4. Jon Hanford says

    Part of it is probably related to the Russian craft that fell over Mexico last week. The other may be another Bulova missile similar to the one last November. 🙂

  5. Jon Hanford says

    Obviously a craft from Epsilon Eridanus.

  6. kris says

    there might be any aliens trapped inside, i think rather discussing and analysing we need a immense rescue operation.;)

  7. SuperKevin says

    Well, it is saucer shaped and doesn’t appear to have nuts and bolts construction. Would love to hear more about this, though I’m sure we won’t.

  8. Kevin says

    @ Superkevin

    Seams are the first things to burn away and nuts and blots are USED at seams.

  9. CA_Stargazer says

    Why the endless hilarity about the UFO subject? As a science-minded person, I always find it bizarre that the the UFO subject draws so much ridicule from people who should know better. The thought that Earth may be being visited by spacecraft from other civilizations is hardly a strange or ridiculous thought. We may not have yet found other Earths, but the abundance of other planetary systems is certainly suggestive of the presence of smaller planets and/or moons in these systems — some of them surely Earth-like. Is it so odd to think that some of these worlds may be populated by intelligent life and perhaps a civilization or two that may be as interested in exploration of other planetary systems as we would be if we had the technological capability to do this?

    I’m not claiming that we are being visited or that this UFO crash or anything of the sort, but I think that science-minded folks shouldn’t just dismiss this very interesting idea out of hand.

    I also find it unfortunate that the author of this post chose to add in this dig at “UFOers”. If it’s so ridiculous, why even include a mention of this undefined group of people in your description of the crash of this old satellite, rocket, or whatever in your article?

  10. astronary says

    @CA_Stargazer – Did you read IO9?

  11. CA_Stargazer says

    @astronary — Yeah, I know, they’re just having some fun and that’s completely fine.

  12. Jon Hanford says

    # SuperKevin Says:
    February 24th, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    “Well, it is saucer shaped and doesn’t appear to have nuts and bolts construction. Would love to hear more about this, though I’m sure we won’t”

    Right, I can’t see how any reputable, relevant peer reviewed journal would publish any so-called ‘research’ on this obvious man-made craft. Might make a good sci-fi novel or Richard Hoagland can somehow tie this in to HAARP. 🙂

  13. NDowd says

    Wow, I didn’t know God drinks beer from cans and litters… He’s kind of a slob.

  14. Clearly the aliens tried to fit too many goats into the craft.

  15. Member
    Aqua says

    Thx CrazyEddie! ROTFL! Needed that~

    Dark Gnat – Maybe the alien craft wasn’t originally traveling to Earth when it was destroyed?

  16. Dark Gnat says

    Let’s see….thousands of objects orbiting Earth….Dozens of launches every year…

    I think odds are pretty high that this is man made.

    After all, it’s a little more implausible to think that:

    Aliens decide Earth is neat enough to visit, build a ship, travel X number of light years – and then crash. wow, I’m not so sure we really want their tech.

    Show me a crashed object made of exotic nanotech or an organically grown structure, then I’ll be a bit more impressed.

  17. Andy F says

    Is it an Iraqi WMD? Have the Mongolians succeeded in the search for Saddam’s weapons when everyone else failed?

  18. Jon Hanford says

    @CrazyEddieBlogger, you read my mind.

  19. Jon Hanford says

    Those aliens are damn sure poor interstellar pilots!

  20. Lawrence B. Crowell says

    Any bets one whether there are MIL-SPEC components (probably Russian) in this thing?

    As for alien space craft, which CA_Stargazer raises as a possibility, that is of course not impossible. It is not hard to presume there are other ETI which build spacecraft and they take some sojourns. A few might go out to other stars. Maybe there are a few cases where some ETIs travel to the planet of some other ETI. Could be — it is a big universe out there and for a k = 0 flat universe anything not impossible is mandatory. It is likely? Not a chance!

    If I had to guess this is probably the bottom stage of some small launch vehicle or missile. I doubt it re-entered the atmosphere from orbit. It would not likely return this intact, ithe re-entry shock heating of the metal would have vaporized much of it away.

    Beer cans from God, or how about a particularly big party in Valhalla. Thor and Wotan had a drinking contest.


  21. Per says

    Maybe it’s another civilization’s Voyager, having traveled for billions of years before crashing into our planet. We should look for a gold record to play and some binary code to decrypt. 🙂

  22. Lawrence B. Crowell says

    If you look at this thing there appears to be a fuel tank that has been popped open inside the main cylinder. The more I think about it people probably should not be standing around this thing. The chemical residues in that ripped open tank are probably toxic.


  23. Uncle Fred says

    Eww looks like a hazardous bottom stage of a Russian/Chinese rocket to me.

  24. J. Major says

    Odd that it fell from the sky yet seems to have not disturbed the soil or rocks around it at all, in this photo anyway. Any further info on these things?

  25. Ken Champ says

    Does anyone have the Google Earth coordinates for this?

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