Stereo “Soul” – A Visualization by Jukka Metsavanio

Seeing double? Darn right you are. It’s been awhile since I’ve featured any of Jukka Metsavanio’s brilliant visualizations… and things have gotten even more incredible since. Step inside and prepare to get blown away by “Stereo Soul”…

As always, whenever we present a dimensional visualization it is done in two fashions. The first is called “Parallel Vision” and it is much like a magic eye puzzle. When you open the full size image and your eyes are the correct distance from the screen, the images will seem to merge and create a 3D effect. However, for some folks, this doesn’t work well – so Jukka has also created the “Cross Version”, where you simply cross your eyes and the images will merge, creating a central image which appears 3D. For some folks, this won’t work either… But I hope it does for you!

Now, let’s learn a little bit about IC1848, the “Soul Nebula”…

Located about 6,500 light-years away in the constellation Cassiopeia, this complex of emission nebulae contain a radio source called W5. The stellar winds and intense radiation from the region’s most massive stars have carved out a black “holes” in the nebula. However, unlike the black holes that signal the death of a star, these forming cavities push the gases together and trigger new star formation. Younger stars line the rims of the cavities, while older ones form clumps and knots.

Let’s give them a fly-by…

Parallel Vision

Cross Vision

Can’t see “Stereo Soul”? Then have a look at this…

And be sure to thank J.P. Metsavanio for sharing his incredible visions with us!

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  1. ‘ It’s been awhile since ‘. Awhile means ‘for a while’; think you meant to write ‘a while’.

  2. The first two Youtube videos are the same (both parallel). Unfortunately, the one marked cross on Youtube appears to be intended for someone with 3-D glasses.

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