Possible Meteorite Impact Near Puebla and Hidalgo, Mexico


Reports of a possible meteorite impact in Mexico are popping up on various places around the net. Via Twitter, this translated article said a bright light “accompanied by a roar which swayed buildings and houses” was reported in towns in the bordering states of Puebla and Hidalgo, at about 18:30 local time on Wednesday, Feb. 10, and is being attributed to a meteorite. The article includes reports of a bridge collapsing and a 30-meter crater causing “tension among people.”

We’ll confirm if this is an actual meteorite hit as soon as more details become available. The Bad Astronomer has also posted about this, so check his site for updates, too.
Here’s a map of the region where the reports are originating.

A map showing Ahuazotepec Municipality, Puebla, bordering Cuautepec, Hidalgo, Mexico. Credit: Google Maps

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  1. Hmmm.. Has anybody else been watching ‘Meteorite Man’ on the tube? Sure makes me want to get a good metal detector and poke around a bit?

    As far as that show goes.. Its oTay…but could be better? The show at least has info. detailing the implications of searching for known falls…

    Me? Still looking for a meteor with fossils in it! HO!

  2. Me? Am a sci-fi fan/reader (Obvious) and just finished reading ‘The Heart Of The Comet’, by David Brin and Gregory Benford, (Bantam books – 1986). The book itself is about a futuristic journey to Halley’s Comet, taking place in 2061. It’s, overall, a real STRETCH to go there… and includes the implications of finding organics, even lifeforms on a cometary body. A ‘slow’ read, but has some interesting conjectures anyway…

  3. “Stock photo of a meteor trail.”

    Sure makes a nice illustration, but it’s no (real) photo. It would be interesting (& loud) to see the real thing, though. 🙂

  4. Must be the revenge of Apophis. ESA is planning a future mission to send a spacecraft named “Hidalgo” to impact Apophis.

  5. PhysOrg is reporting that this was a reentering piece of a Russian satellite :

    “We think it was the space wreckage of a Russian satellite that was catalogued by the Department of Defense of the United States and which we knew could pass over Mexican territory,” said Fernando de la Peno, an engineer who is also a chief proponent of establishing a Mexican space agency.”

    “De la Pena said the space debris was likely the Cosmos 2421 reconnaissance satellite launched by the Russian Navy in June 2006 that malfunctioned and broke apart into 15 pieces two years later.”

    Man, Russia is having a streak of bad luck lately with its satellites and missiles(Bulava). 🙂

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