Thunderstorm Pictures

Here are some thunderstorm pictures. You can make any of these into your computer desktop wallpaper. Just click on an image to enlarge it, and then right-click and choose “Set as Desktop Background”.

Here’s a photo of thunderstorms above the Gulf Coast near Galveston Bay. These thunderstorms build in the morning out over the ocean and then move inland as the day warms up. This photo was taken from the space shuttle during mission STS-40.

Killer Storms in the southern Plains and the Southeast

This is a photo of some severe thunderstorms that formed in May, 2003. There were several very large tornadoes generated during this period that struck the midwest. This picture was taken by the space shuttle.

Global Lightning Accumulation

This is a world wide map of lightning. This shows the places in the world where lightning is mostly likely to happen. This is the total lightning accumulation over the course of a year.

Monsoonal Thunderstorms, Bangladesh and India

Here’s an image of the Himalaya mountains seen from the space shuttle. You can see huge monsoon thunderstorms above Bangladesh and India. This is some of the regions that receive the most rainfall in the entire world.

Severe Storm over the Red Sea

This is a satellite photo of a severe storm that struck the Red Sea in 2006. It was so severe that it caused an Egyptian ferry to sink, carrying 1,300 people.

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