Antarctica Pictures

Antarctica is one of the most remote places on Earth, and extremely difficult to visit. But there are many spacecraft constantly watching the southern continent, studying its climate and geography. Here are some amazing Antarctica pictures from space.

Here’s a picture of the entire continent of Antarctica seen from space. It was captured piece by piece by several spacecraft, and then stitched together into this amazing mosaic image.

Regional View Of Victoria Land, Antartica

This is a close up view of Victoria Land, in Antarctica. It’s a region of the continent that’s bounded by the Ross Sea, and it was discovered by James Clark Ross.

Close Up View Of Don Juan Pond, Antartica

This is a photo of Don Juan Pond, a tiny, extremely salty lake in Antarctica. It has a greater salinity than the Dead Sea or Lake Assal. It’s estimated to be about 30 times saltier than the ocean. It’s the only lake in Antarctica that never freezes.

Bellingshausen Sea, Antarctica

This is an image of the Bellingshausen Sea in Antarctica. It’s hard to see which parts of this image are over the ocean, and which parts are over the land.

Larsen Ice Shelf, Antartica

This photograph shows the break up of the Larsen Ice Shelf in 2001.

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