New Year’s Eve Blue Moon Eclipse from Cornwall


Happy New Year! Thanks to Nathanial Burton-Bradford for sharing his photo of the New Year’s Eve Blue Moon Eclipse. “Very hazy high level clouds over Cornwall so not very clear, unfortunately,” Nathanial wrote this morning. But beautifully breathtaking nonetheless!

Onward to 2010!

4 Replies to “New Year’s Eve Blue Moon Eclipse from Cornwall”

  1. Hi Nancy,

    Nearly fell out of my chair at Nathanial’s image, My bit of Cornwall was too cloudy to switch on cameras.

    Nat please advise.

    Brian – Roseland Observatory.

  2. Oh that’s a wonderful capture Mr BB!

    We had overcast skies in London.

    At one point, approaching midnight, I looked up and saw fleeting, thinning cloud cover, and a ten-second glimpse of the Moon. And that was it.

    Your capture is lovely…with a New Year’s added bonus of the eclipsed part too. :clap:

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. ….and of course…I want to say ‘thank you’ Nancy…and wish you a Happy New Year too…

  4. I havent got the equipment to photograph like this but when i looked at the moon it was amazingly clear, no clouds and just a nice big moon hanging there! If london was clouded over i guess i was lucky. Im in Leicestershire.

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