Why Are There So Many Celestron Reviews?

I’ve had a couple of readers write me, wondering what was going on with all the Celestron telescope reviews. Are we sponsored by Celestron, or something? Nope. Let me just make this clear. We don’t get any money from any of the telescope manufacturers, or any kind of sponsorship at all. If and when we do, I’ll let you know.

So far, Celestron, Vixen and Sky Watcher are the only telescope manufacturers willing to send out a telescope for us to review, and then willing to pay for the return shipping to take it back off our hands again. If I have to pay to receive a telescope, or ship it back, we can’t afford to review it on Universe Today.

I know that really sets the bar pretty low. Universe Today received almost 2 million visitors last month, with 50,000 people subscribed to the RSS feed and daily email newsletter. Many of them are very interested in owning a telescope and would love to read about all the telescopes on the market. But I’m honestly exhausted trying to justify this to the manufacturers.

But so we’re clear, we’re not paid to give Celestron good reviews. If Tammy comes across as kind of enthusiastic in her reviews, well… that’s Tammy; she’s an enthusiastic force of nature. The manufacturers pay to ship the telescopes to and from our reviewers (well, Tammy), and then I pay Tammy for her reviews. If the telescope companies advertise on Universe Today, through Google, or through direct advertising, it doesn’t influence what Tammy has to say about them.

And if you’re a telescope manufacturer who wants to join this elite club of companies getting reviews on Universe Today, you just need to pay for the shipping. And if you want to advertise on Universe Today, just drop me an email.

P.S. I picked up a Celestron First Scope for the, uh, kids, and I really like it. Thanks to Tammy for the review, and thanks to the IYA for helping get it built.

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  1. Thanks for the reviews! I am planning to use the new Celestron newtonian shown above as the finder scope for the 12 1/2″ Newt. I am building…

  2. Hi Fraser, I don’t know if this can help with the manufacturers but
    Universe Today’s review of the Celestron OMNI 150 XLT prompted me to get one just a couple of days ago, along with a FirstScope (for the kids, you got it!)!
    Thanks for the reviews and feel free to quote me 🙂
    Waiting for delivery now. Crossing out fingers for clear skies over christmas 🙂


  3. I have to give props to Celestron..When i researched telescopes for myself in April 08′,I found celestron sells the biggest bang for the buck!..Next i found Celestron has it’s own website:http://www.celestronlife.com/…its great for any help you need or idea’s..Then they also have a Image sight:http://www.celestronimages.com/index.php….I know meade,orion,vixien an other’s sell telescopes..but i bet you can’t find all the information you’ll need to operate it from them like celestron offers…This belows my celestron image page:http://www.celestronimages.com/member.php?action=showprofile&user_id=2306…if you start and the end of it,you can see how much one can improve in just a year!!!(i’m in Orlando,FL,Light pollutions Real Bad!! ) Enjoy!!

  4. I don’t get why (some) people moan so much.

    Tammy has always been clear and open about why she reviews the equipment she does: It’s what she can get her hands on.

    The whiners are welcome to set up a fund to pay for shipping other ‘scopes back and forth.

  5. i own 2 meade telescopes, 3 celestron telescopes, 2 orion telescopes, 1 intes, 1 televue, and a stellarvue. these are the ones working and being used. there’s whole host of others that are still around that i’ve donated to the observatory!

  6. As soon as I can afford a nice telescope I will buy one, but with out a review from you or others on this site, I wouldn’t even think about buying one blind. I need one that is pretty much dummy proof and reasonably priced. So THANK YOU for the reviews!
    The 50 year old one I have was given to me and only makes me want a REAL one, but when you see what the nice ones cost… It can ruin the wallet in times like these. Tough to justify the cost of that kind of toy with all the other bills.

  7. Celestron’s generous loaner program for Tammy’s reviews has sold another telescope. I too bought the Celestron Omni XLT 150 after reading her stellar review. It due here on Dec22nd. I can’t wait!

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