Answer Now Posted for This Week’s WITU Challenge

Longing to know the answer to this week’s Where In the Universe Challenge? Long no more: find the answer back on the original post. And check back next week for another WITU Challenge!

2 Replies to “Answer Now Posted for This Week’s WITU Challenge”

  1. Is there a reason we can’t have the answer in this post telling us the answer is available? This just causes me to skip over them half the time, and only click through if I was really curious.

    While I’m complaining (sorry! I really do love the blog, honest!), the ads at the top are a little out of hand. With my laptop’s resolution, the only part of the actual blog post that even shows on my screen when the page first loads is the date, title & byline. The entire post contents are hidden off screen until I page down.

  2. ttrygve-
    The answer to your first question is rather complicated– when we first started WITU, we gave the answer right away, and we got so many complaints/suggestions that we should wait and give the answer later so that people had time to guess. So, that’s why we give the answer later. We wanted to give the answer on the same post so that people happening by each individual challenge later on (you’d be surprised how often our different articles are read months/years after they are written!) would have the answer and not have to go searching for it on another post. And the reason we have the “The answer now available” post is to remind people to go look for the answer, because after a day or so, some people forget about the challenge, and so again, we got complaints/suggestions that there needs to be a reminder. The reminder posts like this one get deleted after a week or so, so we don’t have all these little reminders confusing everyone. So that is why WITU is set up like it is. We give you the direct link — we’re not asking you to go on a big treasure hunt, so it’s not that hard.

    As for your other complaint, Universe Today couldn’t be here if we didn’t have ads. Its simple economics. This is our job. But — and we have said this frequently in the past — if you don’t like the ads, if you use Firefox, there is an ad blocker setting, and you won’t see the ads.

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