Crescent Earth as Seen by Comet Chasing Spacecraft

Article written: 12 Nov , 2009
Updated: 24 Dec , 2015

Title this one “Rich Blue Crescent” (as opposed to Pale Blue Dot.) This spectacular image of our home planet was captured by the OSIRIS instrument on ESA’s Rosetta comet chaser today (November 12) at 12:28 GMT from about 633,000 km as the spacecraft approached Earth for the third and final swingby. Closest approach is due at 07:45 GMT, on November 13. You can follow Rosetta’s progress at ESA’s Rosetta site and the Rosetta Blog.

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7 Responses

  1. Jon Hanford says

    Awesome image of our ‘pale blue dot’. The Rosetta site mentions that this is one of a series of images that will be released as a 24 hour time-lapse movie of it’s flyby. Should be equally jaw dropping.

  2. Hon. Salacious B. Crumb says

    Neat looking place.
    Pity about the present occupants, though…
    Treat it like dump…

  3. damian says

    Nice looking place, which I could afford a bit of it.

  4. microverses says

    Wow, a million wows.

  5. William928 says

    Awe inspiring photo. My wallpaper for this week! (at least)

  6. Spoodle58 says

    Same here William928

    It took a while to get those Mercury images of my desktop.

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