Surviving 2012: Ian O’Neill on Discovery Channel Sunday Night

Our very own resident expert on 2012, Dr. Ian O’Neill will be on a special Discovery Channel show, premiering Sunday evening. I just saw a promo piece on the Discovery Channel, and it looks really great. On TV, they called it Surviving 2012, however online it is titled Apocalypse 2012. On his blog, Astroengine, Ian says that science is the focus on this show, (unlike the idiotic Nostradamus nonsense on another channel). As you probably know, Ian is now the producer over at Discovery Space, (and doing a bang-up job!) but he still posts on UT now and then. His series of articles on 2012 are outstanding, and are some of our most popular articles, so I can’t wait to see him debunk the nonsense on television. The Discovery Channel in my area (US Central Time) says 8 pm, but check your own local listing. And if you miss it Sunday night, check for repeat showings later in the week. Go Ian!

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  1. So apparently I don’t need to build an ark and stock up on breeding pairs farm animals to survive past 2012.

    …but if your so smart, tell me what the hell I’m supposed to do with all this wood?

  2. Heh!

    Put cat flick DVDs on them and let them burn?! [Burn, baby, burn!]

    Seriously, I didn’t know that movies could trigger my gag reflex. And now I wish I didn’t knew…

  3. Debunking nonsence,..Ian is giving his reasons, proofs for non existence of Nibiru, for not importance of acceleration of global changes in 2012,…but it is monologue without serious opponent. I have lot of proofs, reasons for existence of Nibiru/Planet X. If you want to have serious debate, discussions about this topic, so you must have serious opponent with real knowledge of this problematic. There is real scientific discussion only in such conditions!
    there are only some people (on this Earth) who have enough wisdom, knowledge about Nibiru,..I am one of them,….
    Pavel Smutny

  4. i was thinking that it might happen that some idiots wold try to make 2012 happen ..

    i mean , make something like a terrorist attack , or cyber attack ,or many other things , just so that 2012 wold happen…

  5. Watched it last night, pretty much came down to that the world could end just as easily today as it could in 2012. Though, I doubt anything planet changing will be happening anytime soon. I’ll still avoid big cities that day because of all the nutcakes I’m sure will be out and about.

  6. 2012 is not a hoax. Roland Emmerich’s 2012 movie trailer pretty much depicts what is to happen. The Maya were not the only ones who knew about 2012 as most of the ancient world did from 3,000 BC up till the 1800s when the knowledge was lost. Washington DC was laid out to reflect 2012 as a reminder to visitors Monuments carved in stone were left world wide to warn our generation of 2012. Christ taught it. Read my non-fiction 2012 trilogy, The Ark of Millions of Years, the most comprehensive 2012 books in the world based on scientific, historical, biblical, and Mayan facts. Available at Barnes & Noble bookstores and online bookstores. I am a Mayan expert and am the first person to fully understand why the Maya end their long count calendar on Dec. 21, 2012. Many cycles of time end on that date for good reason. A cataclysm will happen but not caused from planet X, a pole reversal, comet or meteorite collison, rather from something entirely unexpected and something that has never been discussed in forums etc. The cause is found only in my trilogy. Truly you have to read the books as it is impossible to write in a few words what it took me to write in three books about the coming 2012 cataclysm. 2012 is complex; only one-third of the worlds population will survive and it is the end of the world, the original creation in this universe…..have to read the books to understand. Read and prepare while you can for the time is short. I write under the pen of E. J. Clark
    Thanks…….E. J. Clark author

  7. Wellll we could do with a few billion fewer people on this old rock. Think of all the carbon emissions we would save.

  8. i think that 22 december 2012 will sure be a funny day… when all the idiots that think this crap is true , will be faced with : NORMALITY !!

    so can’t wait to see yet a nother stupid old end of the times profecy be debunked by : TIME

  9. Well there’s no more guarantee of something bad not happening than there is of everything bad happening at once, really. So if anyone so much as sneezes it can be interpreted as the fulfillment of prophecy.
    If not they’ll just say Nostradamus or the Mayan king was off a day or a year and roll the doom clock back.
    Someone’s bound to guess it right eventually.

    No boom today, maybe no boom tomorrow, but sooner or later… BOOM!!

  10. How to survive December 21st, 2012:

    Take the day off from work… sleep in a bit. Once you get up, stay in the house, and watch the world go stupid from the convinience of your television and computer.

    If you’re supersticious, make sure you have a black comb in your left pocket. This will protect you.

    What ever you do, don’t leave your house. Doing so will increase your chances of death. Either by the idiots doing their last minute Christmas shopping, or someone else freaking out because they are watching the sky like Chicken Little.

  11. Do I really have to buy and read all three books to survive 2012? Is their a ‘Cliff Note’ version?

  12. So far I noticed 3 groups of people that promote 2012 as to be true.

    * The nutcases to get media attention.
    * The ones that want to sell books and offer shelter for 50.000 euro’s. Pure marketting to get your money from easy victims.
    * The religious sects trying to get more new soles preferably with money.

    I have been studying this a year now and so far there is no scientific evidence except for the typical wordplay, technobable and brainswashing techniques to convince you. Most of these so called experts fail in basic they science knowledge miserably when you actually check it.

  13. What these 2012 activists do is this: The find 2 none-related things and then cerate a story to hook them up. These stories sounds very plausible and logically so people do not ask additional questions like “could this actually be true”?

    For examples:
    The so called crossing imaginary of the equator. Which happens every year.
    The so called crossing om the real galactic disk, which is 5 parsecs away and we will cross and will take 25 847 years from now at current speeds.
    The black hole that would suck us and violate the speed of light by sucking us across 26.000 lightyears in a few hours and no evidences that other stars gets sucked in.
    The magical solar flare that would happen even though Earth has been in that position on that date every year for the last 100 years.

    And for every debunked idea they invent 2 new ones…

    Only 2 real facts exist on the 2012.
    * People believe that 21 december 2012 is te end of the Mayan calender.
    * People believe that something will happen but no one knows what.

    Note the word ‘believe’, zero scientific facts.

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