Impact in Latvia Creates 20-Meter Crater

A possible meteorite fall near in northern Latvia on Sunday left a crater approximately 20 meters (66 feet) in diameter and 10 meters (33 feet) deep. UPDATE: Many reports now say the impact was a fake; The Bad Astronomer says “shovel” marks were found around the perimeter of the crater; additionally, a burning impactor is highly unlikely (see video below). And here’s an article from the Associated press. , and another from Yahoo news, where a phone company in Latvia admits the “crater” was a publicity stunt.

Our earlier report:
No one was injured, as the impact occurred outside the small town of Mazsalaca, although houses were nearby. Early reports said it was not clear whether it was an asteroid or a space satellite, but later news indicated it was a meteorite strike. Another account said it might be a hoax, as a cover-up of illegal weapons tests. One report said a witness saw the object falling through the sky, leaving a burning trail behind, and said it was making a noise similar to the one of an aircraft flying at a low altitude. See a video of the crater below.

A spokesperson for the Latvian State Fire and Rescue Service said that rescuers and soldiers immediately cordoned off the territory, as they wanted to guard against any radioactive contamination if it was a satellite.

See this link for more images of the crater.

We’ll post more news about the crater as it becomes available.

Sources: RiaNovosti, ITAR-TASS

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20 Replies to “Impact in Latvia Creates 20-Meter Crater”

  1. >> what would burn in a meteorite?

    Fuel of course. Don’t you know that most of the meteorites have fuel and shovel to dig themselves inside craters?

    Land owner at least managed to sell some tickets to those who wanted to see crater 🙂

  2. IF this was a meteorite impact, what was burning? The film did not show fire outside the crater, just in the bottom. I could see the residues from explosives burning, but what would burn in a meteorite?

  3. I caught a look at the video on CNN this morning (along with a healthy amount of scepticism as to its authenticity). Whoever thought this up may have been influenced by common Hollywood portrayals of “fresh” meteorite falls (the burning object in the bottom of an impact crater reminded me of the 1952 version of “War of the Worlds”). This was the first clue that this was probably a hoax. The few known, fresh meteorite samples have been described as warm to the touch, not in flames. The daylight photos of the crater show little evidence of ejecta from the crater. HSBC makes a good point that seismological evidence (as well as infrasonic data) would be of great value in determining the authenticity of the claim. Looks like a lot of work went into this probable hoax. Btw, the mention of this object as possibly being a man made object re-entering Earth’s atmosphere doesn’t address the problems already pointed out (the burning object itself and the lack of ejecta near the “crater”). Might be interesting to see what the chemical composition of the “meteorite” turns out to be.

  4. While I agree that this is probably a hoax, some of the reasoning for this are IMO not correct.

    Small meteorites will be warm to the touch, but the temperature will go up dramatically with size – the source of heat will not be atmospheric heating, but the deformation during impact – this will create a molted blob, or a fragmented molten blob.

    Burning can occur at high temperature. Iron will burn. Carbon will burn. If you have a molten iron core, it will sure have low-level flames around it. For that matter anything that can form an oxide will do so readily at high temperatures, and most of the stuff on the asteroid has never seen Oxygen before.

    All that said – Seismic evidence and actual debris will tell the tale, this is not something that will remain mystery forever (like the moon landings, for example 🙂

  5. btw, adding to the above, the ground looks soggy. This will have dampened the ejecta. Think of the slow-mo films of a droplet hitting a liquid surface, and translate that into viscous mud – that crater is not too far fetched.

    Of course it is also not too far fetched for someone having shoveled it out, or even more likely, blasted it out. One post digger, a couple of sticks of dynamite, one hand-held camera – the video does have the same feel to it as the Michael Jackson is ALIVE video that made the rounds a few weeks ago…

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