Additional Lab to be Added to ISS

Apparently the International Space Station is going to get bigger. According to an article on Flight Global, NASA and the Italian Space Agency (ASI) are preparing to sign an agreement to add another laboratory to the ISS by using a modified multipurpose logistics module (Raffaello) during the final Space Shuttle mission. It will be attached in September 2010 during Endeavour’s STS-133 mission. The idea had originally been rejected, but earlier this year ISS program manager Michael Suffredini said using an MPLM for an additional module was being reconsidered.

The Italian-designed and built – but NASA owned – logistics module will be able to bring up extra spare parts and science and equipment racks. The module has 16 equipment racks for its 9,400kg (20,600lb) of cargo that could be used for experiments.

The Italian Space Agency (ASI) will pay €22 million ($31.3 million) to upgrade the module, such as micrometeroid protection. In return the agency is guaranteed a seat on NASA’s next crew transport system and six ISS mission opportunities for its Italian astronauts. These are three short-duration missions and three six-month expeditions.

Flight Global reported that “ASI says it can ‘confirm that we are going to sign an agreement. One module will became a permanent element of the ISS. It will be an ASI activity with national funds co-ordinated with ESA as the main European partner of the ISS programme.'”

The crew for the final mission may have to be cut from seven to five in order to accommodate the added weight of the module.

Source: Flight Global

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  1. You know, I’m starting to like those tin cans.

    Btw, if ISS geometry and power requirements aren’t as fixed as I thought, perhaps they can add a Bigelow unit as a test later? That would lead into the already ongoing parallel tourist business side…

  2. Torbjorn Larsson-good grief, why don’t you use some class, how about a metallic 2 story
    French Provincial, 16 windows, with 4000Sq feet (sq meters) of floor space and 80k cubic feet( cu. meters) of total space attached to one end of the garbage can cylinders and will include a butler and maid and serve real gourmet food like cavier, crown roast of lamb,etc. , The price of $20M (14M EurEuro), tourist should expect the best!!!!! I’d expect people will get tired of being in a ‘can’ with no windows and lousy food!!!!!

  3. I’m liking that idea… I also like the idea of not de-orbiting the Jules Verne and recycling that, but did anyone listen? No…… dzzzzzzz.

    I say, connect the (any surplus) cargo modules and the ESA orbital x-fer modules into a useful space habitat/station, then transfer the stack to lunar orbit for manned missions…

    I think being in space alone, complete with riding in a spaceship and chilling on a spacestaion with astronaughts would be enough for any prospective tourist.

    Oh also, how often do you get to expirience 0g.

  5. Mr. Man- I’d love to be in the French Provincial
    with all the amenities for a few months to really chill out. Kicking the ‘space crew’ with all their formalitys out of the mansion will be better to chill out. I will invite the ‘space crew’ in once a month for a day, they will be required to wear formal wear lol

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