Astro Art of the Week #8: Space Shuttle Sketches

This week’s Astro Art was submitted by Assi Süer, a 20 year-old amateur astronomer and astrophysics student from Sweden. She has been sketching and painting since she was young. Since space shuttle Discovery is now docked at the International Space Station for the STS-128 mission, Assi’s sketches seemed fitting for this week, especially since her fellow Swede, Christer Fugelsang, is on board. “He has inspired me, and many more, to never give up,” Assi said. “Even a Swede can become an astronaut, but only if we work hard for it. It is, of course, nothing wrong with Swedes, but it’s hard for us because we’re such a small part of the European Space Agency.”

“‘Failure is not an option’ is my favorite quote,” Assi said, “because failure definitely isn’t an option for me, if I’m going to one day work for ESA, which is my dream. So I’m going to do everything to not fail.”

Below is another of her sketches of space shuttles.

Assi shared that she would one day like to sketch and design Mars landers. You’ve got a great talent, Assi! Go for it!

Hear Assi on the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast from August 22 talking about astronomy for beginners.

Shuttle sketches. Credit:  Assi Suer
Shuttle sketches. Credit: Assi Suer