Space Shuttle Launch Scrubbed for Wednesday Morning

NASA officially scrubbed the second attempt for launching the STS-128 mission. “The last half an hour or so, a problem cropped up with a fill-and-drain valve in the bottom part of the shuttle, the aft part of the shuttle, related to the liquid hydrogen,” said NASA TV launch commentator Allard Beutel. “This particular valve … gave indications it did not close when it was commanded to.”

No word yet on what might be needed to replace the valve or restore it to normal operation. NASA is currently targeting the next launch attempt for Friday at 4:22 GMT (12:22 am ET) pending a review analysis on the valve issue.

NASA only has until August 30 to launch Discovery or the flight will be delayed to mid October because of upcoming Japanese and Russian space station missions and a conflict with the Air Force Eastern Range. We’ll keep you posted.

2 Replies to “Space Shuttle Launch Scrubbed for Wednesday Morning”

  1. Let’s hope the shuttle launches prior to the end of month deadline as our shuttle trips will soon come to an end.

  2. Shuttles are a disgrace for the human race.Let us not deceive ourselves.Obsolete and of weak construction.They are lucky if they manage to get it off the ground.

    We should stop with all the space launches untill we develop something descent which will not fall appart before even taking off”.

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