Astro Art of the Week: Music and the Heavens


This week’s featured Astro Art was created by Universe Today reader Bhavya Mittal. Bhavya calls it “Music combines the soul and the heavens,” and explains the image: “On the bottom left is the most dangerous black hole identified till now. On the top right is the Crab Nebula, and below it, as you can see, is our dear Solar System. This image shows that when you are totally engrossed in music,you really get the feel of the Universe. At least I have felt it!”

I’m feeling it too! Great image, Bhavya. Again, this new feature allows readers to share images they have created via digital editing software and other media. If you’ve got a space or astronomy-related image you’ve created and would like to share it, submit it to Nancy . And we still haven’t found nirvana yet for what to call this new feature — so if you have any suggestions, post your idea in the comments.

5 Replies to “Astro Art of the Week: Music and the Heavens”

  1. Excellent thought. You have with the help of your art created a great combination of science & spirituality.

  2. The choice of a cello is interesting. I myself might have tried something with say, Led Zeplin & maybe eta corina…. lol

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