Planet Earth Wallpaper

Article written: 23 Aug , 2009
Updated: 24 Dec , 2015

It’s time to redecorate your desktop with an image of the planet you live on. Here’s are a group of Planet Earth wallpapers you can use to set up as your computer background. Just click the image and you’ll see a much larger version that you can make your wallpaper. Just right-click on the full image and there should be an option to set it as your desktop.


This wallpaper shows the International Space Station above the earth. This image was captured by the Space Shuttle during mission STS-118. You can see the Planet Earth down below.

Planet Earth seen from Messenger. Image credit: NASA

Planet Earth seen from Messenger. Image credit: NASA

This Planet Earth wallpaper was captured by NASA’s Messenger spacecraft during a flyby of Earth. It’s now visiting Mercury, helping to take incredible pictures of the planet’s surface.



Here’s a classic wallpaper of Planet Earth captured from lunar orbit. The photograph is entitled “Earthrise”, and it was captured by astronaut William Anders during an orbit of the Moon during the Apollo 8 mission.

Planet Earth wallpaper

This Earth wallpaper was captured by the Space Shuttle Discovery during mission STS-96. It shows how 3-dimensional the Earth’s atmosphere looks from orbit.

Earth lights at night.

This wallpaper shows the entire planet Earth at night. You can see how the populated areas are bright while the poorer regions of the planet are darker.

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