Watch Satellite Data In Action

Ever wonder about all the different data that satellites are collecting as they orbit Earth? This video is a sample of Bella Gaia, a 45-minute movie is meant to be watched in an immersive theater, such as a fulldome planetarium. This clip is an audio visual “Living Atlas” journey of our world, showing the beauty and fragility of planet Earth as seen through satellite data. Created by director and violist Kenji Williams, the The movie is based on the stunning orbital imagery created by SCISS’ Uniview software and NASA, and shows data ranging from oil consumption and air traffic, over Earth’s magnetosphere and polar sub storms to time-lapse images of the Arctic ice melt. It’s a new way to look at Earth, and hopefully will instill some of the awe that the first “Earthrise” images brought. Look for the full version coming soon to an immersive theater near you. More info on Bella Gaia.

8 Replies to “Watch Satellite Data In Action”

  1. Very nice – but they need to do a bit of proof-reading on the captions – the quote at the beginning is by Ulf Merbold (with an “M”), not Berbold!

  2. I recognized a remix of See the Sun by Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourk- a haunting piece from the Ali soundtrack- on the audio track here.

  3. I’ve used satallite pics in my Earth Science and fundimental Astronomy & Geology courses since they first became available in the late 60’s. They are not only simply beautiful, but they grab the attention of the students and are an excellent learning tool. I’ve got an extensive “collection”.

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