Astro Art of the Week


Here’s the fifth edition of our new feature, showcasing our readers’ prowess with image editing software. This week’s Astro Art of the Week is a conglomeration of several images created by Aaron Nako. “The blue background with vertical lines is actually a distorted and colour-adjusted picture of the Carina nebula,” Aaron wrote, “and the stars in the electricity/waves are from a picture of NGC 6384 taken from the Rancho Del Sol Observatory. The grunge darker blueish bit coming from the top right-hand corner is actually our sun. The stars were Photoshop brushes that I changed a little bit.”

Thanks for sharing your photo-editing wizardry Aaron! If you’ve got a space or astronomy image you’ve created and would like to share it, submit it to Nancy . We’re also still mulling over what to call this new feature — so if you have any suggestions, post your idea in the comments.

3 Replies to “Astro Art of the Week”

  1. Great job, Aaron. I especially liked the ‘Earth at Night’ view used in depicting an inhabited planet. And you got the lunar orientation correct to boot!

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