Astro Art of the Week: Dragon Vs. Eagle

Here’s the fourth installment of our new feature, showcasing our readers’ prowess with image editing software. This week’s Astro Art of the Week is a showdown of cosmic proportions: “Dragon Versus Eagle” was submitted by Wienie van der Oord from Negev Desert in Israel.

The image of the Eagle Nebula was taken by Wienie’s friend, Kfir Simon, with a DSI 3 pro, HAlpha filter and a Canon with 200mm lens. You can see more of Kfir’s astrophotography here. . Thanks Wienie and Kfir!

Also, we’re still contemplating a good title for this feature. We’ve tried “Astro ‘Shop of the Week,” (as in ‘Photoshop’) and now “Astro Art of the Week.” If you have any suggestions for a good title, post it in the comment section. Thanks!

6 Replies to “Astro Art of the Week: Dragon Vs. Eagle”

  1. I’ll mention the suggestion I made in the last thread: “Battlestar Photoshoptica” =)

  2. Let’s combine with “Where in the Universe?” I say the dragon came from World of Warcraft! hehehe. I like “Astro Images”

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