Orbiting Toolbag Will Enter Atmosphere Aug. 3

The most famous toolbag in the world (and space) will soon be no more. The ISS Toolbag will enter Earth’s atmosphere and completely burn up. Current estimates say the toolbag should become a fireball on August 3 around 1316 Universal Time. It should be visible over the Pacific Ocean west of Mexico (12.7° N, 257.1° E). Astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper dropped the backpack-sized kit on Nov. 18, 2008, while she was working outside the International Space Station. Since then the toolbag has circled Earth over 4,000 times, and has even been visible from the ground. Keep track of the toolbag at Heaven’s Above or on SpaceWeather.com’s Satellite Tracker.

4 Replies to “Orbiting Toolbag Will Enter Atmosphere Aug. 3”

  1. I’ve been waiting for it to re-enter the atmosphere this whole time… Finnally I can move on in my life…

  2. But that toolbag has my flathead screwdriver, hypersonic pliers, ionic diffusion rasp, laser-assisted monkey wrench, magnifying glass, molcular hyperwave pincer, #12 asteroid paint chipper, thermo fusion chisel, ultra-plasmic vacuum awl, bits of fluff, my towel, and the thing my aunt gave me that I don’t know what it is though it says “Made in Ibiza”!!!!!

    (100 points if you actually played that game. 1000 if you beat it!)

  3. If I recall correctly, wasn’t that the “Oh, Crud” heard ’round the world? =D

  4. I lost my toolbag once too.

    …I mean, I found it in the back of the truck later and it wasn’t destroyed in the fiery inferno of an unplanned reentry or anything.
    Aside from the international incident being followed by millions of astronomers around the world and all, I can totally sympathize with her.

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