Get Your Own Personal UFO

I’m always amazed at what you can find on You Tube. Type “UFO” in the search panel, and you get all sorts of wacky stuff. But this one is really quite cool. It’s called the X-Jet and was created by the US Air Force. It is kind of like your own personal flying Segway. For everyone who has wondered where the flying cars are, here’s your answer.

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know that they could make relatively stable and long time jet packs. But here they are, they were initially called WASPs and flies for 30 min. I guess the 30 s min rocket packs fooled me into thinking jet fans wouldn’t work well either.

    Btw, the link on US military jet pack history mentions that jet packs, or generally small aircraft, have wind problems. But it doesn’t mention modern, inherently stable helipacs like the GEN H-4 one seater. It also flies for 30 min, and I’ll bet as long as the weathers fine it’s the way to go!

    The price is in the car class too…

  2. Boy, just think of all the ways you can get hurt using one of those things (no matter how easy it is to drive/fly).

    Crash landing too, running out of fuel in mid-air, mid-air collisions, flying too low, running into wires or all kinds, and on and on.

    They would have to have the mother of all intelligent safety systems before we see them commercially available to the likes of you and me.

  3. Actually, that’s a IFO, not a UFO. After all, it’s *identified*, right? 😉

    Anyway, while watching the video I kept wondering what would happen if the skids got stuck in a branch… 😉

  4. I want one! Though I agree with will not be commercial any time soon. By the time it is that available the fuel to run it will be too expensive.

  5. That’s the 7th coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

    Rest assured though, I’d pack a parachute, and fly high enough to be able to use it if the engine stalled.

    Better yet, some one should put 4 of these minijet engines on a car. Maybe then we could have a Spinner (like in Blade Runner).

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