Discovery Discovers Ian O’Neill

You might have heard through the celestial grape vine that Universe Today correspondent Ian O’Neill has been tagged to lead the space news team over at the Discovery Channel’s space blog network. So if you’re wondering why there aren’t many O’Neill articles over here, or at his own website, that’s because he writing (and editing) his big heart over at Space Disco. The previous producer, Dave Mosher has moved on to manage the web development for a non-profit foundation.

A big thanks to Ian for all his dedicated work on Universe Today and I really hope everything goes well with his work over at the Discovery Channel.

Ian has promised he’ll still be contributing the occasional article for Universe Today. And if he’s too busy for that, we’ll still be linking to his coverage when we can.

So congrats Ian!

7 Replies to “Discovery Discovers Ian O’Neill”

  1. Congratulations, Ian. I have to say, your 2012 articles have REALLY helped at least one person. Here’s to continued success and inspiration.

  2. I had been wondering that actually.

    Congrats mate – you’ve done well. Hopefully you can keep popping in from time to time with a few articles… I’ll be checking out your new articles as well over at space disco – if they hoped you’d bring some of your readership over with you when they took you on – they were right! There’s always room in my life for more publication of science…

  3. Congrats and best of luck, Ian! Hopefully we can look forward to coverage of the latest news from the Discovery Channel Telescope, as well as all the interesting topics you have written about here at UT.

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