Flying Saucers? The Fun Is For Real…

On a recent trip to Canada in the great province of Ontario, I found a quiet corner on Lundy’s Lane. I had been enjoying the scenic beauty of Niagara Falls and to break away for the tourist aspect seemed like a welcome respite. How could someone who lives, eats and breathes space 24/7 pass up an opportunity to visit a place like this? The answer was… I couldn’t.

flying_saucer_richard_weissFor any one old enough to remember and still too young to resist, the retro-styling and drive-in atmosphere of this super clean diner was enough to make you smile the moment you stopped in the parking lot. Glittering multi-colored lights and a welcoming glow was all I needed to take a chance. Once inside I was transported back to all of my childhood fantasies, and despite having a well stocked refreshment area – all you really wanted was a cold soda or a milk shake. Why spoil the fun?

menu0001When the menu came, my grin got even wider. There’s nothing that delights me more than a sense of humor… and to combine it with good food makes the experience even more extraordinary. Needless to say, I didn’t just stop by this place on a whim. I’d researched my restaurants in advance and every sample around the family table proved to be just as tasty and well prepared as the reviews promised. The “Jupiter Burgers” were absolutely among the finest I’ve ever eaten and the clam chowder didn’t come out of can, my friends. Even though the hour was late, I had a delightful time talking to the “natives” who were patient with my questions and seemed to enjoy the company as much as we enjoyed theirs!

Right down to the little stuffed aliens…

So what’s a less than serious piece about finding a flying saucer restaurant doing in a serious astronomical webpage like Universe Today? It’s to remind you to take a chance on what you love. If you love astronomy and having dinner in a restaurant shaped like a flying saucer looks like fun? Do it! You may end up in some remote corner of Iowa having the worst cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted… Or you might end up in a quiet corner of Niagara Falls surrounded by your laughing family enjoying diner food at it’s best.

Because the fun is what’s for real…

Thanks to Richard Weiss for the additional image!

11 Replies to “Flying Saucers? The Fun Is For Real…”

  1. Were the knives and forks flying as well as the saucers?

    As long as the burgers were good value for money, and the prices weren’t astronomical you’re alright!

  2. I generally am not a nit-picker, but having lived in Canada for several years, I just wanted to point out Ontario is *NOT* a “state” in Canada.

    Canada consists of ten provinces & three territories:

    Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon Territory

    My $0.02 for the day.

  3. I agree… It’s a great state.. but we like to think of them as provinces up here… EH?

  4. What the heck is the difference between a province and a state anyway?? Name only?? Or does it have to do with government type??

  5. no wonder they all smiled so much! they must have had a great time with my US ignorance… 😉

    my mistake is duly noted and changed… and the two cents is worth three here!

    bless your northern hearts for being patient with me. remember me for being the tourist who picked up the other tourists’ trash, went out of my way to be respectful and was deeply impressed by how wonderfully friendly the people were and how clean everything was!

  6. … Only living close-by, 18-miles SE of Bflo., NY, we will CERTAINLY visit the “Out of THIS World” eatery!?!

  7. Discovered this place going on 30 years ago and have been dozens of times. Really a great place to eat when you are at the Falls. Some personal favorites are their jumbo chili dogs, and the caesar salad is perhaps the best I have had, anywhere!

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