IYA Live Telescope Today – Messier 10

We certainly hope you had the opportunity to keep an eye on our remote telescope! Despite the weather changes in the southern hemisphere causing a little rain delay, we’ve been looking forward to a clear night and firing the telescope back up. I know it’s certainly fascinating to watch and don’t be disappointed if you log on and get an error message. (That just means the scope is not operating at the moment or you need to refresh.) If you didn’t get a chance to watch the IYA telescope “live” on Galactic TV today, don’t worry. We took a video capture for you. Step inside to enjoy today’s view of Messier Object 10. We do it all for you…

The following information is a direct quotation from Wikipedia:

M10 Globular Cluster: Constellation – OPHIUCHUS

Messier 10 or M10 (also designated NGC 6254) is a globular cluster in the constellation of Ophiuchus.

The object was discovered by Charles Messier on May 29, 1764, who cataloged it as number 10 in his list. He described it as a “nebula without stars”, but later study revealed it as a globular cluster of thousands of stars.

M10 has an apparent diameter of some 20 arcminutes, about two-thirds of the apparent diameter of the Moon. Viewed through medium-sized telescopes it appears about half that size (8′ to 9′), as its bright core is only 35 light-years across. M10 has a spatial diameter of 83 light-years and is estimated to be 14,300 light-years away from Earth.

Four variable stars have been discovered in this cluster.

As always, you can visit the remote telescope by clicking on the IYA “LIVE Remote Cam” Logo to your right. We’ll be broadcasting whenever skies are clear and dark in Central Victoria! Enjoy…

Factual information is copied from: Wikipedia. Thank you so much!