Nancy Comes Out of the Closet on 365 Days of Astronomy

For Universe Today readers who know me only as a journalist, there’s something I’ve never revealed until today. But I tell all on today’s 365 Days of Astronomy podcast. The truth is, I’m a closet musician and songwriter. But while most musicians write songs about love, or love gone wrong, or that kinda stuff, being the space geek that I am, I write songs about things like, well, satellites, spacecraft and space missions. Today’s podcast is about the International Space Station, and I share a song I wrote after I saw the ISS for the first time in the night sky.

The first time I saw the ISS was back in December of 2000, just after the first set of large solar arrays were brought to the station. At that point, the ISS was then big enough and bright enough that I could finally see it in the light polluted skies over Minneapolis, where I lived at the time. But of course we had a couple of weeks of typical Minnesota winter cloudy weather, so I had to wait what seemed like an eternity until I could finally see it. But I’ll never forget how awe-inspiring it was to see that bright light moving quickly across the sky, knowing the Expedition 1 crew was on board that point of light.

So anyway, check out today’s 365 Days of Astronomy podcast. A friend of mine, Mike Spainhour, and I threw this recording together in about an hour, but I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Nancy said;
    “The truth is, Iā€™m a closet musician and songwriter.”

    Ah! Then you are really an astronomer at heart! “aThe Music of the Spheres” is a common trait among those who view the skies and understand the whole mechanism its parts, and its real detailed complexities.
    Frankly, in my experience, knowing this does not surprise me at all. Such is the legacy of those who can see beyond the smallness of our little world. Music just seems to me a very good means of expressing it!

    Play on !

  2. I didn’t know there was somthing called “closer musician”.

    You learn something new every day, don’t ye šŸ™‚

  3. Oh Nancy!! You have a very beautiful voice!! Another dimension to your personality!! Great work!!

  4. Nancy I could not get the podcast to download- I will try again later- neat written lyrics

    Feenixx- I thought that you would be singing- well maybe you were- neat music- how did you do that- great job, sounds very professional!

  5. Layman – I don’t sing, I’d sound like the Grim Reaper in the shower…
    I work in the movies trade, and I used my soundtracking software, with software instruments and a MIDI controller…. meaning it’s all “fake”, really, very much _unlike_ Nancy’s offering, which is very real and close-up and personal.

    It’s just amazing – so many people I know who are into some kind of science, professionally or as a serious hobby, also make some kind of Art or Music or both. It would me interesting to see a survey on the subject.

  6. Nancy- great voice- great song!

    Feenixx – I think that you are correct concerning the artistic side of scientists as well as scientist wannabe’s- Intelligent people are just that way, they can conceptualize in ways that others may not. Nancy sings, you compose, I write articles as a hobby and from what have I read on this site there are some extremely gifted and obviously very creative writers. I bet that there are also some painters here too.

  7. Thanks everyone for the kind words! I have to admit, I was a little nervous about this, and you’ve all made me feel much better! Thanks again,

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