Reporting From the NorthEast Astronomy Forum

So what’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys? Try acres of telescopes and hundreds of amateur astronomers. If you’re not familiar with NEAF then let me introduce you into some of the fun that’s been going on for almost two decades at Rockland College in Suffern, New York.

dsc03103When NEAF first began, it was a small affair sponsored by the Rockland Astronomy Club and held in a cozy corner of the college campus. As each successive year passed, the event expanded and grew more popular – drawing ever larger crowds from further distances and encompassing every aspect of astronomy. Today, some 18 years later, the NorthEast Astronomy Fourm’s speaker, vendor and guest list reads like a virtual “who’s who”… Yet, unlike other social events, a gathering of astronomers is, well… a gathering of astronomers. If you’re not wearing your favorite battered space t-shirt and willing to talk about telescopes, imaging techniques, eyepieces, tripods, supernovae and the latest recipe for calamari in chocolate sauce then you just might be in the wrong place.

dsc03117If you want to know what’s new on the market? Then take a walk around. There’s what seems like endless acres of the latest technology and the best representatives of each company willing to take the time to talk to you about their products. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking or cooking – the point is getting what’s available to the public to be seen, tested, talked about, and drooled on. There are telescopes here that none of us will ever be able to afford – but that’s part of the beauty of NEAF. At least these magnificent instruments are here for us to see, and more than a fair share of equipment we can’t usually find readily available offered at prices that are darn hard to refuse. And if you’re feeling lucky? The vendors who come here are hugely generous and give away thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of merchandise to the guests in door prizes.

dsc03114But, NEAF is a whole lot more than just a sales floor. Two days prior to the event is the NorthEast Astro-Imaging Conference, where some of the finest minds share their talents and their secrets with all who are willing to listen. During the weekend, guests can enjoy planetarium programs, amateur telescope making workshops, or engage in fine array of guest speakers. Why not step outside and enjoy the sunshine while you’re here, too? Because the courtyard is always filled with a huge array of solar telescopes where you’ll have the opportunity to see our nearest star through every aperture and wavelength you can imagine.

dsc03111Is it all about astronomy? Yeah. It is. The astronomy family. And nothing makes the astronomy family more happy than to see a smiling face. It can be the smiling face of the fellow you’ve seen at every star party and astronomy event for the last 15 years and never did catch his name – or it might be the smiling face of a child who has a plastic bag filled with tiny treaures accumlated through the day. And sometimes the smiling face you see?

Is your own at the end of a day at NEAF.

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  1. Hi, Tammy
    I’m very glad to have met you.
    This seems to be the easiest way to get my main email address to you. . .
    — Paul

  2. it’s the “man behind the curtain”… good morning!

    it was my great pleasure to have met you as well and i look forward to working with you in the future. i know i found it terribly difficult to sleep for trying to process all that i had learned in a day and thinking of all that i should have asked. (ah, we frail humans… if only we never had to rest and regenerate. think of all we could learn in a short span!)

    i thank you so much for all of your most kind time and attention – and patience with all my questions. what a grand experience!

  3. Good stuff Tammy. If anyone is interested further in this amateur astronomical mecca, check out the ‘Cloudy Nights’ website for a great look at NEAF. They always outdo themselves with huge review pieces including looks at new products and all the major sellers.

  4. hi, astrofiend!

    i will agreed, “cloudy nights” does an outstanding job of covering NEAF. tom t. is a wonderful person and it would be darn hard to compete with that kind of coverage! i do hope readers interested in the event checked out their incredible hard work.

    my mission at NEAF was just a little bit different, because you know i can’t read another person’s reviews or stories for fear what they say might somehow get stuck in my head – and what goes in here has to be original. i might not be the fastest gun in the east… but i promise ya’ the trip wasn’t wasted.


  5. Hi Tammy – Never meant to imply your work was somehow substandard! Simply complementary – I can’t get enough of this stuff!

    Hope you had fun – I’m seethingly jealous of anyone who gets to spend time there!

  6. LOL! no offense taken, my friend!

    it was my great honor to be allowed to spend time behind a lot of doors that would ordinarily be closed to most and to know the future will bring sensitive insights to both iconic names and products. i’m sure you’ll enjoy these “inside” looks!

    fun? oh, heavens yes! see those two characters over there in the corner holding a cup of coffee talking a mile a minute? that’s me and jp metsavanio… i kept wanting to cross my eyes when i looked at him. or i’d blush like crazy when someone would recognize me…

    right up until i figured out it was because i walked away and forgot my camera on their table.


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