Where In The Universe #51

Article written: 15 Apr , 2009
Updated: 24 Dec , 2015

It’s Wednesday, so that means its time for another “Where In The Universe” challenge to test your visual knowledge of the cosmos. See if you can name where in the Universe this image is from, and give yourself extra points if you can name the spacecraft responsible for the image. Make your guess and post a comment, but please no links to the answer. Check back sometime on Thursday to find the answer and see how you did.

UPDATE: The answer has now been posted below. Don’t peek at the answer until you make your guess!

This is Waw An Namus, (or also called Uau En Namus) which is a volcano in south-central Libya. It was photographed from the Space Shuttle on mission STS-52. I love the description of this landform on the referring webpage from Oregon State:

“A low caldera about 4 km in diameter is surrounded by a 5 – 10 km wide dark black deposit of ash that stands out starkly against the yellowish desert. The few people who have visited have been struck by its beauty: The Italian geologist Angelo Pesce wrote that as seen from the rim, one is “overwhelmed by a scene of rare beauty….Inside, the only thing one wishes is to be alone and wander in admiration from one end to the other.” But Pesce also complains about the “veritable cloud of mosquitoes, which not having many occasions to feed on fresh blood warmly welcome visitors to their desert realm. The Arabic word Namus means mosquito.”

Not sure I’d want to take a stroll through the clouds of mosquitoes!

This image was actually suggested by our publisher, Fraser Cain. We were hoping people would think it might be Io, which a few of you guessed. If anyone else has any suggestions for a Where In The Universe Challenge, email me at nancyatkinson04 at yahoo.com

Check back next week for another WITU Challenge!

16 Responses

  1. Kevin says

    Just by the coloration I would say it is Io

  2. ioresult says

    It’s there:
    24.91N, 17.76E (input that in google maps, satellite view and zoom out a bit)

    It’s in Libya, but I don’t have a clue of what it is or what took it.

  3. ioresult says

    ah, Ha! The name of the place is Waw an Namus according to maps.live.com.

  4. Anders Nygaard says

    Wau-en-Namus Volcano in Southern Libya. Awesome picture

  5. tommy says

    Wau an Namus volcano remnant, Libyan Sahara Desert

  6. tommy says

    Also: shot from space shuttle

  7. ioresult says

    Ok, more info trickling from the intertoobs: taken during shuttle mission STS-52 on october 1992.

  8. Jorge says

    Hm…. another good one.

    This looks like something that would come from Io, but I don’t feel comfortable with the resolution; I don’t think we have such high-resolution images of Io, even from Galileo. So I’m just going to say Earth, a desertic area somewhere, and guess the ISS is the culprit. Or the shuttle.

  9. Sci-Fi Si says

    humm, well it’s a volcano for sure. I’m going with Earth and taken by the ISS.

  10. Dan Tillmanns says

    Nok Civilization 500 BC Directly to Iron Age.
    Photo from Shuttle.

  11. Dan Tillmanns says

    Your site is not working

  12. pantzov says

    damn, you guys are good.
    i have yet to see one of these in recent times that you people were unable to solve.

  13. IBY says

    Eeeerr… Io with Galileo? If not, I guess Earth… somewhere, by say… ISS.

  14. Vino says

    I would think it is an Volcano on Earth!! But have no idea where or the satellite!!

  15. Jane says

    Oh, this was from my refrigerator that time the Thanksgiving soup got shoved into the back and it was spring before anyone looked inside…

    Libya looks the right color.

  16. Tom says

    I’d say Io, but then a lot of earth comments, so I’m not really sure!

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