Earth Hour 2009 – Where Will You Be When The Lights Go Out?

With less than six weeks to go, more than 500 cities around the world have officially agreed to go dark in support of global action on climate change. On March 28, 2009 at 8:30 p.m., local time, World Wildlife Fund is asking individuals, businesses, governments and organizations around the world to turn off their lights for one hour — Earth Hour — to make a global statement of concern about climate change and to demonstrate their commitment to finding solutions. Step inside and find out how you can become a part of this historic event…

Wherever you happen to be in the world on March 28th at 8:30 p.m., you’re likely to find a city or community somewhere nearby that is making plans to turn out the lights for Earth Hour – a global goal of 1,000 cities! WWF’s initiative aims to increase awareness about climate change and demonstrate that people from all over the world care about the issue. “Climate change and what we do about it is going to transform the world much more rapidly than people realize.” say Richard Moss, Vice President and Managing Director for Climate Change. “It’s my goal to get us moving to a world we will want, not one we’ll regret leaving for our children and grandchildren.”

Before you start knocking “Earth Hour” as something that just won’t make a difference, take just a moment of your time and watch this, please…

And now, here are some highlights of what’s going on around Earth Hour 2009 as we count down the days…

NASHVILLE: Earth Hour launched in Music City with a musical press conference that included live performances by Nashville superstars pledging to turn out against climate change.

THE STARS AND STRIPES ARE ALIGNING: Houston, TX; Santa Rosa, CA; St Louis, MO; Sarasota, FL; Minneapolis, MN; and Valdosta, GA signed up to be part of Earth Hour 2009. They join Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New York City and San Francisco.

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER ARCHBISHOP DESMOND TUTU ANNOUNCES HIS SUPPORT: “Climate change is the greatest human induced crisis facing the world today. It is totally indiscriminate of race, culture and religion. It affects every human being on the planet. Earth Hour is an opportunity for every man, woman and child from all corners of the globe to come together with a united voice and make a loud and powerful statement on the issue of climate change.”

BACK TO MY OLD SCHOOL: The University of Miami became the first American campus to officially sign up to turn off, but was quickly joined by Michigan State, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, University of Virginia, Belmont, Columbia, Ohio University, Howard University, Georgia Tech, Northwestern, Spellman, University of Missouri, St. Louis and Vanderbilt.

I GOT THE POWER: 10,000 college students from across the nation will converge on Washington DC on February 27–March 2 for Power Shift ’09, asking for “bold, comprehensive and immediate federal climate action.” Earth Hour Project Director Meg Pearce and Campus Organizer Sophie Latham will be there holding a special session on how to be part of Earth Hour 2009, the largest global climate event in history.

CITY OF LIGHTS TO TURN LIGHTS OFF IN SUPPORT OF WWF’S EARTH HOUR 2009: Paris—known as the City of Lights—will lead a list of 28 cities and towns across France that have committed to join the world in making a visual vote for decisive action on climate change by turning off their lights for one hour during Earth Hour 2009 on March 28th.

LAS VEGAS FLICKS THE SWITCH FOR EARTH HOUR 2009: Officials from World Wildlife Fund joined Clark County, Nevada Commissioner Lawrence Weekly, City of Las Vegas Mayor Oscar B. Goodman and City of Henderson Mayor James B. Gibson at the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign to officially kick off the Las Vegas Valley’s participation in Earth Hour–a global event calling for action on climate change.

For now? Be sure to visit the Earth Hour website, where you can sign up to show your support and find all kinds of wonderful tools and ideas on how to motivate your community, school, family and friends to pledge just one hour of their time to darkness and become part of this global event.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar…Earth Hour is March 28, 2009, at 8:30 pm. Be there with us when the lights go out…

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  1. Why the big halabaloo! What can decrease the use of electrictiy is to use much more useful outside lighting that brightens the ground instead of the sky! There is so much light pollution from lights brigntening up the sky-what, in the core areas of the metro areas, are they lightening up the hi-rise buildings because they think spiderman is going to climb the hi-rise to burglarize an office/condo? In places like Flagstaff, Arizona and other cities in Arizona, there is a law to have all outdoor light shielded to point downwards. If people thinks they will be scared to go outdoors because it may be dark, they have another thing to think about,-the glare from these inefficient bright lights causes glare, the thugs will be ‘hiding’ in front of you because of the glare!!! Get rid of these unneeded lights from companies and buildings that advertises their products,it would be nice not to have to see visual ads
    24 hours a day! What would be the savings
    in the USA, much! The most incredible waste
    is Las Vegas,geeeazzzz, they can still light up their places to be visible from the ground without having to light up everything!!
    Why doesn’t this so-called EarthGroup call for fixing up light pollution, is it because their headquarters demands an brilliant lighted
    ad that brightens their organization Logo!?

  2. Climate change?? LMAO What happened to Global Warming? For that matter, what happened to Global Cooling?

    Global Rain? Global Sunshine?

  3. Sorry Tammi, I am a very concern proponent for getting rid of light pollution. Most of the people in the US lives in light polluted metro areas and many do not know what a true night sky looks like. When I was in Flagstaff, I was impressed as the streets were lit great and the Milky Way was visible from downtown!!
    This should not be a one day affair but something that will have a true decrease in the use of electricity, get rid of light pollution is the easiest and very efficent and still safe=perhaps more safe..

  4. don’t be sorry, robbi… just turn the lights off for one hour…

    and look for the next installment about project GLOBE which will help address exactly the issues you were talking about!

    and mike? try global caring… and collective change. 😉

    “It has to start somewhere…
    It has to start sometime….
    What better place than here?
    What better time than now?
    All h3ll cant stop us now…

    Lights out!

    Guerrilla radio…”

  5. You nailed it, Tammy.
    Those of us who mock the strategic shift from “global warming” to “climate change” just don’t care about the world.

  6. Tammi, I will do my part for that hour, and also turn off all ‘puters.
    I will look forward to the next installment about project GLOBE, great.
    Please excuse my reaction, sometimes I have middle-aged PMS problems. lol
    Take care

  7. Mike Jackson: Don’t laugh too hard. What you’re laughing about is the World we’re leaving our children and all coming generations. And if it’s human caused, nature or both doesn’t matter. It’s very real and very troubling and very much*here*, now.

    69 degrees in Indiana, in Feb? I’m 62 years old, and remember snow in April! Things are a lot different weather-wise than when I was a kid.

  8. “It’s very real and very troubling and very much*here*, now. ”

    What is “it” that is here now? Global cooling, as you are old enough to remember, or global warming? Or is it any change in climate that troubles you?

  9. funny that… i’m old enough to remember weird weather even when i was young. changes in our climate isn’t so much what bothers me because i’m well aware we simply haven’t had the scientific knowledge to study our weather patterns long enough to be that cock-sure about everything…

    what does bother me is the militant attitude that we can’t do anything about it. if we don’t make a stand, who is going to? if we don’t protest, who will? if we can’t discuss what could very much be a global environmental issue as open minded citizens of the world of all ages and cultures without fear of reprisal from a handful of individuals who would rather squash free-thinking than encourage it…

    then i think we need a group of harley riders to give an attitude adjustment out – free of charge.

    tiros 1 – our first weather satellite – launched in 1960. dude… that’s only roughly 50 years of relatively solid weather science and even then, the biggest advances have only happened within the last 10 years. what did we have before? a thermometer, wind vane, anemometer, barometer and a rain gauge. now there’s some hi-tech for you! how about before then? try recollection. written history… the farmer’s almanac.

    what is here and now are people of all ages that are open minded enough to actually conceive of the possibility that what we’re doing could be hazardous to our planet’s health. we had to smoke a lot of cigarettes to get there, mikey… and burn a lot of fossil fuel. but somewhere along the line we figured out we’re not going to last forever – and maybe, just maybe, the earth might not, too.

    or is it just any free-thinking from anyone over the age of 50 that listens to “rage against the machine” that bothers you?


    come on, robbi… we old techno-geeks can run our laptops on battery power during “earth hour”. your place or mine? i know! “indiana wants me… lord, i can’t go back there…”

  10. ” open minded citizens of the world of all ages and cultures without fear of reprisal from a handful of individuals who would rather squash free-thinking than encourage it…”

    I have to say Tammy that I often enjoy your posts and the fact that you respond to commenters, as I often have questions about various science fields. But the above remark by you (considering the recent history of the climate change/global warming alarmists’ anti-dissent campaign) is the remark of a shamelessly dishonest propagandist.

    Is that the party line now, Tammy? Are the scientists who called for Global Warming DENIALISTS (run, kids, run) to be decertified by their professional organizations now the victims?

    Was it people like me who shamelessly stole a term that describes those who deny the Holocaust to use to describe scientific dissenters?


  11. “Climate change” has always been, and the reason it is being called climate change now instead of global warming is because of the scientific fact that the world has actually been cooling over the last several is hard to understand how people can be so gullible and ignorant of the truth.There are many studies that prove this,but one very good source for scientific evidence is the “Global Warming Primer”

  12. just freethinking –

    What’s the correct climate for the planet?

    Doesn’t “collective change” imply groupthink and control, not “freethinking”?

    What exactly is accomplished by turning off my lights?

  13. You are spot on Mike Jackson.


    “if we can’t discuss what could very much be a global environmental issue as open minded citizens of the world of all ages and cultures without fear of reprisal from a handful of individuals who would rather squash free-thinking than encourage it…

    then i think we need a group of harley riders to give an attitude adjustment out – free of charge.”

    I think this says it all about the attitude you and most other climate change alarmists have towards “free-thinking” and “open debate.” Maybe it’s just me, but I always thought free-thinking and open debate was an offer for all points of view to present their evidence and objectively draw conclusions, not to mandate that something is happening, accuse any who disagree of “squashing” the very things they are trying to participate in, and then suggest that they should be violently beaten since they won’t conform to your opinion.

    With all due respect, Tammy, your bullying attitude belies your false talk of free-thinking and open debate and is offensive.

    Misguided and inappropriate jesting aside, if you don’t truly want to have a debate on something then don’t hide behind calls for them.

  14. Enough quibbling everyone!!!

    Just turn your flippin lights off for 1 hour and you might actually realise you can survive perfectly well without them, and it might then become a money saving, planet saving habit!

    Personally I plan on not just turing my lights off, but my entire power supply at the main breaker. As a computer loving, home theatre loving, night club loving typical Aussie bloke, the thought of sitting in candlelight for an hour reading a book sounds quite novel and interesting!

  15. March 28, 8:30pm local time? Care to give reference? it’s daytime here when its night time there. 12hr difference from east coast without DST

  16. M Jackson: The *here* that is *now* is the *warming*. When I was about 10 years old, I think, we had 10+ inches of snow in April and a few years later, there was even snow flurries in *May* during 500 mile race weekend. I remember “real” and distinct seasons. Despite the fact this Winter we had heavy snow, some ice and several below zero days in Indiana, it stll does not compare with the Winters of the ’50’s -’60’s when temps of 15 to 25*below* were far more common.

    Last year, in late Feb early March my Pear trees were putting out *buds*, for god’s sake! And the temps actually were in the 70’s. Maybe 4 years ago our grass didn’t even bother to quit growing, it just kind of laid down but remained green. This year due to the more intense cold, the grass has gone dormant, like it should.

    Deny it all you want, laugh all you want. It is your children and especially grandchildren,who will live with the results, and they won’t be laughing.

    And I’ll tell you a little secret- based on a lifetime of interest in weather science – I think it’s already too late to do anything about it that wouldn’t wreck civilization in the process. I think it’s already gone to far.

    Answer one question, seriously, for me. Do you *really* think you can pump how many X-billions of tons of crap into the atmosphere and it *does nothing*? Seriously? Nothing? Where do you suppose it goes? Does it just disappear like magic?

  17. Jibber Jabber, I bet most of you have never spent more than a few days without electricity.

    Try a few months, or even years and add no running water or no toilet. Just because some parts of the world have spent the last few generations bathing in electricity, you think its wonderful to turn your lights off for an hour, yippee, well done to you.

    There is no global warming, climate change or giant taking peanuts,

    unless of course you provide me with convincing evidence that says otherwise.

  18. “Do you *really* think you can pump how many X-billions of tons of crap into the atmosphere and it *does nothing*? ”

    No, of course not. But hey, it’s better than than those evil nuclear power plants that “you” warned us about. In fact, we stopped building them altogether for what?, thirty years. Better to burn coal and oil and accept awards for such enviromental vision.

    “It is your children and especially grandchildren,who will live with the results, and they won’t be laughing.”

    Reminds me of DDT. Better that tens of millions of Black and Brown people should suffer and die from malaria than the coming DDT mass extinctions that were heading our way!! Heck, Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood fame would be so pleased with the reduction of those “incidental pollutants” infecting our global DNA. Isn’t it just so warm and fuzzy to REALLY CARE about the children, regardless of how it actually plays out.

    To be fair, Farcall, I think you actually do care. (And I mean that.) I think that because you actually admit that there could be a terrible price to pay for the alarmism.

  19. heheheheee… don’t you just love pieces that spark controversy?

    as a writer, i love the clever use of words to see what type of response they will draw from people based on their moods or their own opinions. said mr. aristotle:

    “That which is perceived is perceived in the manner the perceiver perceives it.”

    next time a harley rider offers to give you an “attitude adjustement” you just might want to take them up on an afternoon ride and some fresh air and sunshine… 😉

    just remember that as that particular phrase drew up a mental image for you that you perceived in one way, when it could very well mean another – so can other phrases you find here as well. for me, the whole point behind the article wasn’t to argue about the validity of any of it… but simply to make our readers aware of the time and date (which is March 28th at 8:30 p.m locally – no time conversions needed) so you can choose whether or not to participate in a demonstration that people from all over the world care about the issue.

    turn ’em out even if you don’t agree… at least you’ve shown you have an opinion one way or another!

  20. “just remember that as that particular phrase drew up a mental image for you that you perceived in one way, when it could very well mean another”


    No shame.

  21. Mikey J – your cynical biased one-sided know-it-all consume-everything-and-stuff-the-planet-cos-there’s-plenty-more-planets-around attitude leaves only one lasting impression on my mind – u desperately need to get yourself laid!

  22. As usual, the debate here on “global whatever” is ONLY in the comments section. I have followed this site for over 5 years and do not recall one posting – ever – about this subject that was the least bit skeptical about the alarmism. This is not science, the very basis of which is SKEPTICISM – this is dogma, religion.

    NASA’s James Hansen is even saying publicly that some people who disagree with him should be EXECUTED. This is madness. There is no perspective here, just fanaticism. And Hansen was a leading proponent of the “global cooling” alarmism of just a few decades ago. So much for the strength of his convictions.

    Do you know where Greenland got its name? Because the Vikings discovered it many hundreds of years ago when it was in fact – GREEN. The “climate” was much warmer back then than now – too many Norwegian SUV’s and dirty coal plants in the 1300’s I suppose.

    And let’s suppose (only for the sake of argument) that the climate is getting warmer. Will there be 100 foot walls of water crashing down on New Orleans and Holland? Nooooo, not exactly….the sea level is expected to increase by 23 inches by the end of the century, according to the IPCC. Even if it happens, this is plenty of time for the populations of low-lying areas to gradually shift towards where?

    Just imagine how awful it will be if the Canadian Yukon, Alaska, the Siberian tundras, and yes, even Greenland, become the breadbaskets of the earth. I would venture to bet that the resources of metals, oil, and gas currently buried under sheets of ice would dwarf the now known reserves of the entire world. Gosh, what a horrible fate for humanity awaits.

    Many times in the past, the earth has been far warmer than it is projected to get by the computer models, and with CO2 levels many multiples of what they are now. Guess what – life on this planet thrived in every one of those periods.

    It is far more dangerous to the human race if we ever go into another ice age. There will be nowhere to grow food then, rather than just a shift in where the arable land is.

    And what will Algore be saying in fifty years, if, by trashing our economies because of his alarmism in order to make things cooler, we have instead hastened the march of the glaciers. Will he care, a man who has shamelessly used this farce to make himself very, very rich? No conflict of interest there, folks.

  23. Ha, “climate change”. I remember just a few short months ago, ” global warming” was the all the rage until word got out that global temps have been cooling since 1998. So the greenies had to get a new phrase to refer to their religion, hence “climate change”.

    As for where I’ll be at o’dark thirty, I’ll be sitting here in my comfy dwelling with the lights on.

  24. Not that I like lights very much but I totaly agree with Skeeter and geokstr.

    Great post geokstr.

  25. I’ll prolly forget.

    I’ll just settle for using flourescent lighting (still on the same bulbs I put up in 2005 when I moved in) and turning off the light as I leave a room.

  26. M Jackson: Yes, and I thank you, I do care. I also know that those who deny change in our planets climate are like those who deny evolution – they will continue denying because the idea of change conflicts with their static world view. No amount of evidence will change their minds, and as Bertrand Russell said, …”A contrary authority can always be found.”

    These are the ones the change must come upon before they will accept. Yes, the Global sea level rise should be gradual enough to give time for *civilizations* to move – but only if all changes are *gradual*. The over all trend towards warmth already has some geologist concerned that massive sections of the Greenland ice cap could let go *all at once*. That would create a change, instantly, of catastrophic proportions. All myths and distortions to the contrary, across the last 50 or so years even Antarctica has shown a warming trend – and just watch, today, as the last great ice sheets are breaking away from its coast.

    As far as nuclear power plants go, it may surprise you to know I favor them, but with reservations about where they should be used. I favor Solar Power far more. And no, global warming is *not* my religion. I have no religion – that also has fallen by the wayside of a life grown long, and becoming more painful, it seems by the day. I refuse to blame a god, or credit a devil, for willfull human ignorance.

    I think we are at the point where – no matter what we do-or if we do nothing at all – it will be wrong.

    I simply told you what I have noticed myself of weather changes just in my lifetime, and yes, I see a trend.

    For those of you who have not, or perhaps need to re-read it, read Rachel Carson’s classic “Silent Spring”. the book that started the “Green” revolution. Remember the choices that were faced with DDT and other such chemicals as we learned their impact on the enviroment, wildlife, and our own genetic structure.

    Note what Albert Schweitzer said: “Man has lost the capacity to foresee and to forestall. He will end by destroying the Earth.”

    I fear he is right. I wait now for the coming of late spring and early Summer. Each year the Hummingbirds return to our feeders – but last year, for the first time, they didn’t. Not one. Maybe they will this year…

  27. ” I also know that those who deny change in our planets climate are like those who deny evolution – they will continue denying because the idea of change conflicts with their static world view. ”

    Really, Farcall, do you honestly think that? The (once) “settled science” environmentalists are mocked for shifting from global warming to climate change as the scientific mandate for draconian measures. Do you really not get that? Do you actually read that as denying that climate changes ever occur, instead of the mocking observation that the Chicken Littles have adopted the mundane regularities of our environment as proof of the need to panic?


    As for Rachel Carson, I could spit that you speak in a positive tone of what she brought about. If you meant to hurt, it worked. No other comment on that as I don’t want to add to the name calling that Tammy (or is it Tampacks?, yuk yuk) and her bud tried to start.

  28. Obviously all these climate change denying people haven’t left the confides of their own home. Ever.

    Global Warming was demonized, its now called climate change

    Climate change is being demonized.. it will be called something else.

    Its the same concepts that Reagan used to demonize liberals

    Just makes me laugh at our stupid our species is. So stupid enough that some people really think living means destroying everything we have for short term financial gain.

    Go ahead, pretend the environment isn’t impacted by humans. Pretend that nuclear power is our only option, pretend that environmental changes won’t impact you.

  29. Mike Jackson Says:
    February 21st, 2009 at 2:52 pm

    “No other comment on that as I don’t want to add to the name calling that Tammy (or is it Tampacks?, yuk yuk) and her bud tried to start.”

    That was a clever line Mike – no really. Well done – you can go and high-five yourself all night over that one.

    One thing I think is great – all the commenters whose tags never appear at the end of any articles except those discussing climate change. Tends to vividly illustrate the point that there’s a great deal of opinion involved here but not much substance. I doubt whether many commenters in here, despite their claims otherwise, would have even read one scientific paper on the subject, let alone be in a position to judge the veracity of scientists’ claims concerning climate change.

  30. Yes, I really do think that. “Mundane Regularities”? What is that? The melting of the Artic Ice Cap is decades ahead of *predicted* Global Warming trends and that’s “mundane”? Climate change is more accurate than Global Warming because there will be periods where there will actually be cooling. The *trend* is towards warming.
    Do you understand the word “trend” ?

    You exactly show what I was talking about in Climate Change vs Evolution deniers. You simply refuse to see.

    And what is this strange, strange reaction when I asked you if you had simply *read a book*? Totally out of all proportion to the question. You could spit? Name calling? Upset because I spoke in a positive tone about what she did?

    My god! You sound like I praised an ax murderer. Do you realize, at the time Carson wrote her book, we were litle more than lab rats for a chemical industry with almost no regulation? Do you realize *our own government* was planning to use low yield *nuclear weapons* to dredge harbors and blast out canals? Nuclear weapons! Does that sink in?

    Because of her research into the dangers of these chemicals and the almost lunatic idea of the *commerical* use of nuclear weapons, all of that came to a stop.

    What kind of reaction do you call yours? I think there’s an unspoken truth here, a hidden reality. Did you ever work in the chemical industry? Did your parents or grandparents? I wonder from whence comes your unreasoning hate of a woman who, at great personal risk, stopped an assault on the enviroment and the American people of unprecedented dangers.

    Nuclear weapons! Ask yourself, if you have *one ounce* of objectivity left, what kind of world we would live in today *if they had gone ahead with that*? What kind of World?

    And I don’t need her book to remind me of all this. I remember reading it in the papers at the time.I was *there* when it was happening.

  31. Well said Farcell. You articulate your views far more eloquently than I could have done.

    But is there really any point in presenting a reasonable and well constructed argument to those whos opinions come not from facts or rational thinking, but political bigotry, paranoia and selffishness?

  32. Byron and UKDavid: Thanks to both of you for your support. UKDavid: “But is there really any point in presenting a reasonable and well constructed argument to those whos opinions come not from facts or rational thinking, but political bigotry, paranoia and selffishness?”

    ..No, I suppose not. But I get really tired of hearing the laughter from those whom don’t realize we befoul our own nest. Honest to heaven, if you have lived long enough and *can’t* tell the difference in the weather yourself, it’s because you’re blind.

    It also ticks me off that behind this denialist junk I here the likes of Ann Coulter – the Queen of Disinformation -who has called Global Warming the Religion of Liberals.

    What gets me the most about *that* is I *know* someone who knows Ann Coulter, and he tells me she is nothing but a chain jerker and admits it, and excuses it on the grounds of, “Well, I’m making money, aren’t I”?

    And then I read that only 18% of graduating Seniors in this country have any real proficiency in science and I start to despair.

    And then I hear people talking about “reason”, “facts” and “skepticisim” and use these words as a mask for everything *opposite* those qualities

    And I despair again.

  33. “Upset because I spoke in a positive tone about what she did?”

    Yeah. But you know how we denialists are. We just can’t see past the tens of millions of victims, both dead and alive, of her discredited “science”. You’re a special case, though, among those who try to explain her disasterous campaign. Most of them describe the horrendous suffering among minorities from malaria as a big OOPS and then go on to forgive her as having meant well. (Wrong…but she had a good heart!) You think she should be considered a hero for what she accomplished. What a humanitarian!

    So much for you really caring about people, I guess. Just certain folks, eh?

    “That was a clever line Mike – no really.”

    Yeah, isn’t it silly when people do that? I thought so too, but nobody noticed when Tammy and her bud did it to me. But I knew I would get one of the slower readers to perk up and take notice if I turned it around on her. (Good schoolyard stuff, Tampacks!)

  34. yeah. i’m readin’… but i guess i just don’t feel like a chest bumping match on the school yard. i don’t really follow along on the forums a whole lot because of where it leads – like here.

    i’m really sorry that some of you have so mistakenly blown out of proportion anything i’ve tried to say. i should take a lesson from the other UT writers and simply stay out once i’ve dropped in an article. i felt like mike’s first words were a little harsh, so i tried to be a mediator and failed miserably by standing up for someone i don’t even know… and it’s pretty obvious they can take care of themselves. then – when i try to have a bit of fun with your head by seeing if you’d flat out react to a stereotypical image of a harley-rider (which you did) and other innuendo… it went even further. now you’re trying to bait me out again… and ya’ know what? i really don’t care what you think of me or my opinions on earth hour. call me what ya’ want… i’ve been called a lot worse and it was probably true. 😉

    i thoroughly intended to participate in “earth hour” and to promote it as a part of a public program at the observatory… not because i care about any political viewpoint, but because i’m an old hippie that grasps at any straw to stand around with a candle and sing “all we are saying… is give peace a chance.”

    if what i do inspires one cubscout to make a change… or turns one girlscout into the physicist who’ll find the answers… then that one hour was worth all the ridicule i took and i figure that you’re the only ones out there trying to “pull my string” anyhow… 😉

    “Imagine no possessions…
    I wonder if you can?
    No need for greed or hunger…
    A brotherhood of man.
    Imagine all the people….
    Sharing all the world.

    You may say that I’m a dreamer…
    But I’m not the only one.
    I hope someday you’ll join us…
    And the world will live as one.”

  35. I’ve stated many times the Sun is 98% of the cause of our climate and the Earth is 2%, while humans are about .015%- it is true humans are filthy and the use of hydrocarbons should be less as time pass so the stars can be seen better.I said before the Earth will not allow such ‘pesky lifeforms’ like humans to attempt to modify the climate, the Earth will try to keep itself in a ‘balanced’ state, should this so-called ‘global warming’ is indeed occuring, and should so much glaciers is melting in the Arctic and Greenland, so much fresh water will flood into the heart of the ‘Global oceanic conveyor belt’ or what is also known as the Thermohaline circulation’. The North Atlantic is the heart of the converyor belt and is the cause of the climate of Western Europe to be much warmer than the average for so high latitudes as that area is warmed by the North Atlantic Drift, caused by the heavier Gulf Stream waters sinkiing in the North Atlantic. Should so much fresh lighter water flood into the area of the northern Gulf Stream , the North Atlantic Drift will stop and the warmer water will instead drift more toward Portugal or Gibraltor. Guess what will happen in places like Norway, Sweden,and other areas, they will start cooling!! A new ice age will form and spread thruout the Arctic,NW Europe, and into upper North America. In North America, should the Glaciers advance south, the population of Canada is not too high and can migrate into the US and further south. In Europe, that is another story, high populations and dense!! I doubt Norwegian will revert to Vikings and become warlike tribes-with armies using motorcycles with thug riders with hugh beer bellies looking like they have triples and spare tires around their waste and wearing Viking helmets with the horns terrorizing southern countries lol, but there will be migrations southward and this can cause wars killing hundreds of millions by direct actions, famine, diseases.
    It is true at this time there are areas warming up but this is not all over the Earth.
    I was born and raised in San Francisco but left for Oregon for about 13 years before returning 27 years ago to Sacramento. I have a brother who lives in Pacifica CA, south of San Francisco, they lived there since 1973- they noted the climate since about 1978 when they moved to a large home on a hill 600 feet high overlooking the Pacific and the lower areas .This area is noted for foggy or high cool/cold overcast during the summers, they noted freqent foggy periods during most days in the Summer until about 1982 when the great El Nino event of 1982-1983 gave great rains, but from 1982-1998, of which there was another great El Nino event occuring 1997-1998- they noted most days in Summer they can see the Pacific ocean in Summer, and the average temperature was about 72 days 56 nights, in the 1970s’ the average during the summers was 60 high 53 nights because of the frequent fogs or overcast days for days or weeks. Since about 1999 to current the average went back to about 60 days 53 nights as most summer days are again usually foggy or high overcast.. They know someone who lived in Pacifica since 1959 and keep records of the weather of Pacifica but did not join the ‘offiical weather observers’ that NOAA uses for ‘volunteer weather data observers’- this ‘unoffical weather observer is only 3 blocks away from where my brother lives but kept great records of data weather of Pacifica, California.
    Here are a few things of interest, during the era of 1982-1998, Hawaii was hit by a Eastern Pacific Hurricane in 1982 -IWA, in 1992 it was hit by Hurricane Iniki, there was also Super Hurricane Linda 185mph but hit no-one and Hurricane John lasting 31 days , terrorized Hawaii but kept 400 south as a Cat 5 hurricane= there was very many hurricanes in the Eastern Pacific 1982-1998, many powerful. BTW, when the 2005 Hurricane season in the Atlantic was a record especially with great hurricanes, Katrina killing 2000, the NW Pacific and the Eastern Pacific had near record low tropical storms.
    In 2005, the ‘global warmer advocates’ says
    the Atlantic Hurricanes was caused by global warming, but no mention was made about the Pacific Ocean near record low occurance.
    Generally, there are 3 times more tropical storms in the NW Pacific than the Atlantic while the generally not newsworthy Eastern Pacific developing west of Central America or Mexicao is 2 times more active than the Atlantic. Since about 1999 the Eastern Pacific tropical storms generally were not powerful and usually heads west to die.
    I have reservations of ‘global warming’ being ‘global’
    I will still do my part on the hour of lights out
    but will use my lappy lol

  36. ScienceDaily 3 August 2004. 22 February 2009 .

    And, again, the misinformation masterpiece about the Sun being the source of all our problems. Should I even bother to point out in 2004 the Max Planck Institute, after a lengthly study of the question concluded the Global Warming of the last 20 to 30 years far outstripped *anything* the Sun could possibility have done? 98% of the problem ?is pure, and discredited, fantasy. But what would they know about it, right? It’s not a political position but a scientific position they are taking.

    The entire article is at the site listed above.

    M Jackson: For your concern, I will give *you* the humanitarian award for the day. But I notice you have answered almost nothing I’ve asked. How many deaths and what destruction of the environment would have come about if we *had* continued to carpet bomb everything with DDT and other chemicals, including in those 3rd World contries you’re concerned with?…where, without even the slight restraints *we* had in place, the crapet bombing would have been, most likely, far worse?

    And what about all those nuke dreged harbors and canals? No coments on that? OH! And I forgot! You ever hear of Project Orion? A really *great idea* that would have launched nuclear powered rockets from the ground! But not just *any* nuclear powered rockets – nooo. These would be lofted from the ground by ejecting nuclear bombs from their rear ends and the *blast* would send the ship skyward. Then another, nuke, another blast, and again and again and again…but I’ll bet you’ve got the idea by now.

    Man, wouldn’t *that* have created a “no fly zone”! Florida would have loved it, wouldn’t they? How much death and destruction would all of those nukes have caused?

    Nothing humans ever do will be perfect, I know that. But don’t you dare preach to me about deaths that did happen, and ignore what *would* have turned into a Global Nightmare with far more deaths had we continued the way the chemical companies and our own government wanted us to.

  37. Fascall, I like to see what the satetiltes findings on less salinity on the north Atlantic
    Ocean- if the Global Oceanic Conveyor Belt stops, the biggest losers will be Western Europe as there is a large population there and the latitudes of most countries are north of the lower US 48 states. I don’t know if the melting has ‘gone over the edge’ as far as
    decreased salinity of the North Atlantic is concerned, but a mass migration of a few hundred million people over a period of 50-100 years sounds very dangerous. I do want the use of hydrocarbons to decrease because of decreasing visiblity of the night sky and filthy air, but, we must not forget what entity really runs the show, the Sun.
    We must also not forget Mama Earth is not going to let some pesky ‘humans’ do what they want to do at will, Mama Earth will shake off the ‘fleas’ and decides to close an ‘engine’ off (Global Oceanic Conveyor Belt) and chill out!!! We’ve done alot of damage to the surface and groundwaters,and we have to clean these things up and will take decades and trillons of dollars.

  38. addendum-I should have stated the latitudes
    of many countries in Europe are north of the lower US 48 states, many people in the US
    don’t realize how far north most European countries are as many areas in Europe are over a thousand miles closer to the NorthPole
    and has a warmer climate than a large area of the US ,especially the winters.

  39. “These would be lofted from the ground by ejecting nuclear bombs from their rear ends and the *blast* would send the ship skyward.”

    That’s the nail in your coffin. You are a scary guy. Obviously there is no tragedy, no humanitarian disaster, no effectively racial genocide that you couldn’t justify because of what might happen if we didn’t, no matter how far fetched the “threat”.

    Unbelievable. It doesn’t even matter to you that Silent Spring has been widely discredited, even among environmentalists, while they still credit it with starting the Enviro movement.


  40. Mike Jackson-This Farcall, another one who forgot what entity runs our climate-Papa Sun.
    Someone who did not check the climatology charts for Indiana how the climate was since 1900 and saw the 1930s’ was nasty.!! I told these people who said this and that about the weather XXyears ago was, did you see the data and where did you really live!? I had an ex-coworker who complains the weather in California was stormier in the 50’s-60s’, I showed him charts and he shutup when he found out the 1990s was the stormiest Decade in California!! This fool couldn’t believe the Sun was 93M miles from Earth and couldn’t believe the Sun controls our weather!., I said, what, you think some priest raise his hands and said let there be light and heat!?!? He shutup and another old dog who was forced to retire or be fired as he couldn’t learn any tricks in System Network Processing. Anytime someone gives me some BS the Sun is of no concern, I just say, take away the Sun-this shows them how self-centered they are and want to be part of a UN empire building organization calling for more funds, more funds equals power, power equals more funds equals more power, etc. These people don’t look at the big picture and see what other things can happen, and Mama Earth will make sure some ‘pesky’ lifeforms will be put back in their place by doing something unexpected-what is worst, getting warmer or going into an Ice Age!?!?
    I admit humans should wean away from hydrocarbons as it does make the night sky more hazier and the visiblitiy can be quite poor on temperature inversion days but I’ve indicated on ealier feeds things like fuel cells and natural gas to run vehicles are decades away and the problem to set up an infrastructure, -solar power,geeezzz, takes up alot of land to power a big metro area. Nuclear power, yes but NIMBY, there is no such thing as an emtpy area!!! Wind power, NIMBY and they are noisey , go to Altamont Pass, Near Tracy, California and see what they look like and they are falling apart!!!
    Hydroelectric, don’t dam up the rivers as the environmentalist say and will block all attempts. As long as these so-called environmentalist has their gas-guzzling large SUV and has their way and does not affect their lifestyle, they say we should not have this or that because it is bad.!!! California is nearing 40M people and although it has been raining, it is not yet enough, sooner or later, there will have to be
    desalination plants built. Petroleum will continue to be the choice of consumers for the rest of the century,like it or not!!!!

  41. M Jackson: I think you really, *really* missed the point of my last post. I was hardly defending the Project Orion concept. It was the insane idea of the century. The spaceship described actually could work, but would only be – fairly – safe in deep space, not taking off from the Cape.

    Try reading it again.

  42. Hi Tammy, sometimes I can be somewhat
    staright, perhaps harsh to the point on things, but, should someone say something about the climate about so and so place, they had better be informed I read and research much in climatology and have about 1000 favorites in weather alone, I study climatology,especially the past events about why early cultures in the Americas why empire started and then ended and find out why-climate is the most important factor, especially the Anasazi and other past cultures-today where the Anasazi location is in semi-arid New Mexico amazed me as the climate was much more moist during the periods of settlement there and happened about 700 to 1150 and about the height of the Vikings and fall of their influence.of why very little was known of NW Europe during the ice age then the breakup-how wars and other world events, climate was perhaps the most important factor-how Washington crossed the Delaware during the ‘little ice age’ in 1776 where today the Delaware river does not really freeze up. There is so much I study and research about many things concerning past climate events around the world and how the people are the way they are today, Studying about the weather and climatology is a very close 2nd behind Astronomy in my ‘puter hobby activities, and read up much on what NOAA has to say and about so and so month or event, to many people,reading the NOAA reports would be considered very boring to most people,especailly the charts and data but to me is very interesting and use simple climate simulations. I have about 500GB of data on Weather alone on my HD, not including the backups=this is why I have about 7TB internal and 4TB external HD space, as I double the backups besides a ton of multi media and other ‘puter activities.
    I seen through NOAA the average temperatures in the far Northern clims have risen, yet for places like Vardo, Norway at 70 degrees N latitude, no change-FYI Jan is 27F -2.5C high and 19F -7.2C is warmer than Portland, Maine

  43. “Mama Earth will make sure some ‘pesky’ lifeforms will be put back in their place by doing something unexpected-what is worst, getting warmer or going into an Ice Age!?” I like that – so are you Wiccan? Or a supporter of GAIA? Do you think the Earth is conscious, that is, self aware?

    Of course the Sun controls the Earth’s weather. And if there were no Sun, there would be a frozen ball with no weather. Why state the obivious?

    So you show somebody some stats, you say, and it shuts them up. You show others the same thing, and man, they clam up, too – you say – bowing to your stats.

    Well, big whoop. I can pay the same game, and probably started playing it before you were born. See *all* these people – even older than me! – tell me the weather is changing, flowers and grass and trees blooming and growing out of season. I’ve noticed it myself – can you imagine that? And I just looked, for the third year in a row my Pear Trees are putting out *buds* in Feb, something they have *never* done before recently.

    See, I’m *not* talking about *stats*, I’m talking about what I see the weather, and life doing. We just came back from vacation in the Smoky Mountains where I – as I always do – took occasion to talk to the Park Rangers.

    The Smoky Mountains are dying. Between the invasion of foreign bugs and diseases – *and a high increase of air pollution* – their words, not mine – they expect to have to replant virtually *every tree on the Mountains* in the next 25 to 30 years.

    Due to our current economy and budget cuts, many Rangers will be losing their jobs in less than 30 days.

    As one lady Ranger told me, “There is plenty of work to do, but there won’t be enough people to do it.”

    Sorry Robbi. I don’t think Mother Earth can react fast enough to save itself, even it it could *will* to do so, which is a cool fantasy but not reality.

  44. sorry I did not finish= Portland ME 32F 0C days, 12F -11.1C nights, although Vardo is over 1500miles North of Portland ME.
    Vardo,Norway is much warmer in winter and summer than Barrow, Alaska but Barrow is an icebound ‘port’. There are ‘heat islands’ in most cities and in the US, any downtown official NOAA site has moved their instuments to the more open areas of the city
    in about the same wind open conditions to reflect that core area .Although daytime temperatures did not rise in the central city, it was nighttime lows that was getting quite high, ruining the true temperature trend. This is really the case in Phoenix,even the Airpost, before the 1980s’ the July daytime temperatures was 105, lows 75, today it is 104 days, 82 nights, I know Phoenix(Scottsdale) because my Sons and Grandkids live there. In the 1990s’ there was some resistance from some fringe tree huggers not to move the weather instruments, but it is well known to all that the core area of the city is a ”heat island’, it is the outlying areas that is more important .In Sacramento where I live, the 80s’ had heat waves that was really bad because it stayed no lower than 75 for a few days at a time.The 90s’ , except for 1991 when Mt Pinotubo erupted in the Philippines and was cooler than normal, the summers were trying at times.. This decade a few summers were below normal, but July 2006 a great heat wave happened, it killed about 50-100 people living in non-air conditioned flop houses, it was 111 day 84 night, about 101 at Midnight and the humidity was higher than normal and the heat wave crossed the country.A great heat wave hit Europe in August 2003, places like Paris usually 76F 23.9C days 55F 12.8 night was about 101F 38.3C days 85F 29.4C night for a weeks or so killed 10s of thousands as the areas had the humidity coming up from the Mediterrean Sea, very unusual!!!.
    Since 2003 Europe pretty much returned to normal summer and winters.
    When someone does not believe when I said the Sun is 98% that drives our climate with 2% the Earth itself and humans .015, but the humans are filthy and pollutes the air, I will say to that person ‘what will you have when you take the Sun away!?? Thats’ enough to shut up all except the inmates commited to an asylum for the criminally insane! I like to see our Earth cleaned up, the ground damage is bad and ruined our possible use of wells, cleaning up something that is visible and dangerous will take decades and cost a few trillion dollars but has to be done.
    Done try to say humans are the main cause of ‘global warming’ it is true again the most coldest Northern areas have warmed up, but as far as the coast of California is concerned, it reverted back to the cool/cold conditions normal before 1982-1998 warm conditions during the summers.Global warming is not truly ‘global’.. Back to NOAA, I read reports, again boring to most, that the meilting of glaciers in the Arctic and Greenland has not been enough to affect the ‘global oceanic covayer belt’ or the Thermohaline circulation’

    Sorry Farcell, you flunked again, because I was not finished. I can see outside, perhaps your personal body circulation has been affectedf but records speaks for itself

  45. Farcell, the Earth may already past the point of no return and go into a ice-age.
    I can see really well, and know how much
    the air was cleaned up in LA due to the smog
    that turned the city unhealthy.
    I have reservations on TRUE global warming and don’t want to spend money on things that will not make a difference. If you think the Earth can’t change it’s climate fast, how about a super volcanic eruption?!?!
    Sorry, Farcell, I guess you got brainwashed
    and think humans are more powerful than the

  46. Farcell, first you were mad saying the Sun does nothing to global warming, now you say of course it is our weather. You are strange
    and like Mike Jackson said ‘scary to yourself’
    It would do you better to do some research before you say what is important. The Great Smoky Mountains gets all the junk from the west, acid rain has been known for many years—, you taught me NOTHING.
    However, you refuse to get out of your self-centered shell. Fine with me, I got more important things to do than talk with a senile
    young person like you.

  47. Farcell, you gave your age away on the first page of the feed. To bad you are already getting senile.,

  48. Farcell
    ‘And, again, the misinformation masterpiece about the Sun being the source of all our problems. ‘
    ‘Of course the Sun controls the Earth’s weather’
    You didn’t know the
    Make up your mind !!!!!! LMAO, what a loser!!!

  49. Farcell, where R U, when I multi-task on 3 ‘puters at the same time, lol, your statements when I had hit enter by mistake and you only read half the post when I wasn’t finished makes it even more funny to me when your will read the rest of what was suppose to be one long post.Lol
    I stand by my conclusions.
    Give me your age.
    As they say, you can’t BS a BS, and con an
    old con lol

  50. Farcell
    ‘ Jackson: The *here* that is *now* is the *warming*. When I was about 10 years old, I think, we had 10+ inches of snow in April and a few years later, there was even snow flurries in *May* during 500 mile race weekend. I remember “real” and distinct seasons. Despite the fact this Winter we had heavy snow, some ice and several below zero days in Indiana, it stll does not compare with the Winters of the ’50’s -’60’s when temps of 15 to 25*below* were far more common.’
    Farcell, it appears you longed for the ‘good old day’ There was a winter of 63 that was cold-the winter of the 50’s was above average, there was no notable storms in the 50’s. In fact, for the all-year decade as a whole, the 50s’ decade was about the warmest. The coldest winters and snowiest was 1977,1978, these were the winters that ‘chicken little’ said we are going into an ‘ice age’. Interesting that in 1989 there was a 1/4 inch snow in May 1989.,Snow in April 3 inches in 1956,1961 , very few Aprils in 1950s’ and 1960s’ had even more than a trace, in the 1970s,1980s/1990s 1-2 inches most years in April, Dispite the fact the average minimum temperatures was higher since about 1980 due to ‘heat islands’, the average winter, summer, annual was slightly lower than the 1950s’. In 1936 the July average was 92 days 72 night or 82 average.
    Nothing approched that since.It reached 107 in July 1934. I’ve checked Kansas, Chicago,
    to see the trend for errors, pretty much the same. Did it occur that you walked alot in the 50s’ and 60s’ and had junk heaters and other problems with autos in those days.
    You are exactly the same type like an ex-coworker who though about the winters in California and said they were bad in the 1950s’1960s;, well, I lived thru the 50s’ and 60s’ also, and the stormiest was the 1990s’.
    Today, you have efficent heating and cooling in autos. It would do you good if you go out and walk more during the winter days instead of getting in your climate control car saying how bad it was in the 50s-60s’=excercising will help prevent you getting a heart attack at a relatively young age.
    Quick thinking about the ‘good old days’ , it may have been good if you were white, but to many others, those were the bad days.!!!!!
    We live in 2009 and start thinking for yourself instead of being brainwashed or weak-minded. Open your mind up.

  51. ROBBI: My age? I make no secret of my age. If you’re not too busy multi-tasking on 3 “puters”, I will let you do the math yourself since you like ‘stats so much. I was 10 years old in 1956. Can you subtract?

    You have been an education, I will say that. At first I though you and Jackson must have comprehension problems. But no, it’s much worse than that. It is a fundamental dishonesty problem. Like someone facing an IRS audit you throw all the figures at them, all the paper work, in an effort to overwhelm and hide the truth.

    Doesn’t work with me, Flash. You give yourself away as: A follower of Human Events
    and either a far Right, and basically dishonest wing nut, or a so-called Ronnie Raygun Democrat. Your whole argument, as others have observed, is politically motivated. it’s also very *selective* of it’s “facts” and you are a lemming in the Rush Limbaugh – Anne Coulter disinformation campaign.

    You gave yourself away when you first asked me something like – what would happen if there was no Sun? I said the Earth would be a frozen ice ball, which it would. Then you start crowing how I don’t understand the Suns effect on the Earth’s weather.

    This is a form of “mental judo” Neocons love to play where they change the obivious meaning of a question into something else in an effort to shore up their remarkably dishonest answers.

    So, Human Events. Hummmm. Lets take a look at their “Ten Most Harmful Books Of The 19th and 20th Centuries”

    1) The Communist Manifesto.

    2)Mein Kampf

    3)Quotations From Cairman Mao

    4)Kinsey Report.- My, that speaks volumes.

    5) Democracy And Education by John Dewey

    6)Das Kapital – Marx. I can only imagine how *that* must rock your pathetic world view.

    7) Feminine Mystique…I know, women were far happier and more fulfilled when home, barefoot and pregnant, right?

    8)The course of Positive Philosophy.

    9) Beyond Good And Evil

    10)General Theory of Employment, Interest And Money by Keynes.

    Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring may be said to have gotten an Honorable Mention, and many felt Darwins “Origin Of Species” should have made the list, too.

    I would ask you how many of these books you have actually read youself, but I would no longer trust your answer. You, by your question to me cited earlier, have already shown honesty is not your strong suit.

    I have read numbers 1, 2, 3 – Mao had a really nifity idea that the United States, the Soviet Union, and China should combine forces to take over the entire planet and than divide it between ourselves …”And then there will be peace”. End Quote. Instead, the Neocons felt we should take it over ourselves.
    I’ve also read 4, 6, – I understand what prompted Marx to write that, which I doubt you do, part of 7, and all of 9. Also I’ve read, I think, everything Darwin has written.

    Whuch goes right back to something I said earlier. Global Warming Deniers and Evolution deniers are the birds of a feather that flock together and they do it the same way.

    Both like to throw out *odds* and *figures* and *stats* to prove, or disprove thier favorite thing to hate. Truth has nothing to do with it, only political ideology. And like Darwin’s Finches, I have your feathers, ol’ buddy and I know your species of dodo.

    And, since you love NOAA stats so much, here’s one for you. This January was the 7th warmest on record since records started being kept in the 1880’s. Ocean temps were the 8th warmest since record keeping started. Imagine that! Even after I said it was one of the coldest Januarys we’ve had in a while. Now stop multitasking for a while and try to comprend this.

    1) their talking about *trends* not what it has done at this or that location across time.

    2)NOAA is one of the leaders of Global Warming research and their conclusions are *Humans* are the leading cause of it for the last few decades

    3)They have a really massive report about it on their site under “Research” . Sorry I don’t remember the title, but perhaps you could “multitask” over that way and look for it yourself. And they seem really concerned about the sea levels and the rate of sea rise.

    Enough of this! Since I have seen your deliberate attempts to distort the truth I take a pass on any further comments to you. I am not governed by political idealogy but by truth, and the truth is, as NOAA says, humans are a major cause of Global Warming across the last few decades.

    Ignore it all you want. Sling your stats all you want and snow people who can’t see through what you’re doing.

    I still have problems believing a person who *seems* intelligent and reasonable would go to such lengths to deny actual science in favor of vomiting political philosophy, but you have proven me wrong.

    You should read every one of those 10 “evil” books. They might blast the bedrock of your mind, and let a litle light in. “Dangerous” ideas do that.

    As Thomas Huxley said: Life is too short for the slaying of the already slain.

    Rest in Peace.

  52. For someone who should know better, you sure are stupid.. What ocean are you talking about, the Arctic!!! I read none of those books as you must like those ideology of commi or nazi. I don’t have to distort truth, besides, I have brothers who are older than you and told me their findings. Accusing me of being a Ronald Reagon democrat, ?!?!?! I guess you must love Leonid Brezhnev.
    You must not have read my ealier feeds about many climatologist and scientiist working for NOAA as they produced their professional papers describing ‘Global Warming’ is a natural occuring thing-well, the militant ‘Global Warming’ militants made so much heat on NOAA and with possible harm that NOAA was forced to fire these people and no-one at NOAA would dare say anything about ‘Global Warming’ as they need their jobs. I said on earlier feeds the Earths climate was warmer during the times of the Vikings, what caused this, did they use HYDROCARBON boats? What caused the little ice age about 1600-1800-mostly the Sun, however, you don’t want to listen to someone who is not on any side but just
    saying the facts-however, if you want me to get to the side of the opponents of ‘Global Warming’ it will be awful bad for you!!!!!
    What ‘SELECTIVE’ readings you want to read about climate makes me laugh.
    I guess you are jealous as I retired at 55yo and now make more money than retiring as a Network Administrator, Security Unit, Hardware and Software- I made sound investments and a good retirement system while you must still work because you did not know how to save!!! Your accusation of calling me a Ronald Reagen Democrat, or I
    listen to this pompous Rush Limbaugh is so far from the truth I have to say, U MUST BE PRETTY STUPID-such accusions can get you into legal trouble!!!!! I have far more important things to do then trying to bash you over the head with a baseball bat to get into your head you have a one track mind-perhaps you need a couple bashes on the head to start thinking rashonally but I may accidently kill you so I will get back to other more important things

  53. wow… there’s some pretty profound stuff going on in here.

    for those who think that turning off the lights for an hour is as pointless as a candlelight vigil – or as insignificant to a global effort as spitting into the wind – take a look at these pages. if just reporting that “earth hour” is coming up and giving you the time, date and option to participate can cause this type of response from so many highly educated people – image what what happens when hundreds of thousands of people around the world show their support by actually turning off their lights for an hour?

  54. Farcell- I used to be a ‘middle of the road environmentalist’ but got out when their ideology was getting to the point of militancy.
    As long as they have the large gas-guzzling SUV and nothing will hamper their pampered lifestyle-they will try to deny the common populous ideas and production of items to better humankind.
    I am for cleaning up our land of tainted products dumped years ago caused many
    areas unsuitable for habitation or production of foodstuff, this will take decades and cost a few trillion dollars but has to be done. To get funds from this very important issue to an area where the Earth can in 12 hours undo what humans will waste trillions trying to lower the ‘high CO2’ shows me you still don’t respect what’s under your feet. Do you think you live in an Earthquake proof area? Think again, Earth will do what it will do to get itself into balance and doesn’t care about pesky humans or their religions.Perhaps a 9.5 earthquake willl hit the upper midwest only once every 1000 or so years but when?
    A study has been found if all human activity stops using petroleum, coal, autotravel,airtravel , anything using fossil fuels, for 150 days, the Earth will get back to what it was before the industrial revolution.
    However, very few will be fortunate enough to
    have a 150day supply of food or water, there will be no electricity except for the fortunate ones getting their power from hydropower….-we are now an urban Earth, most peoples lives in hugh metro areas, how is the food going to get to the people who requires the food for 150 days.- this is not a good idea because of the logistics-something to think about.

  55. Hi Tammi, I am having fun, I will turn off all lights for that 1 hour, thank you for the Globe feed, I will participate with the studies of
    getting humankind to stop wasting energy with poor lighting, causing light pollution on Earth Take care

  56. Farcell, if I were you, I would be very careful about posting your websites, if you read what I retired as, I can be awfully dangerous as a hacker and know a network of hackers!!!
    It will not take me long to locate you and you ISP and I use GPS to zero in on you, and will have an image where you live and will post it on the net!!!!!!!! -however, I am not of that mindset!! I will leave you alone!!!!!
    If you can tell me what caused the Earth warming during the Viking age and what caused the cooling during the ‘little ice age’ from 1600-1800, I will make this my last post on this feed, however, should you try to attempt to give me some BS about this and that again, well,…………………………………..

  57. Farcall- I lied-California is now nearing 40M
    people and with it comes the issue of water
    and power. So far, central California and the mountains has 3years 95% of the people uses up 10% of Californias’ 158k Sq Mi of land and the population will grow to 50 million by 2025.
    Desaltination plants are expensive water and people in Southern California needs the water!!!!! California is now approching the populations of many European Countries but the European Countries generally has about the most dependable rains on Earth and rivals the dependable precipitation of NE US.
    I been throught Indiana, I had a class in Indianapolis for a siminar/class for a new Database we installed in our Dept. The population in Indiana has not really rose since the fall of the rust belt !!! So , you don’t know what problems we have here!!
    If they decide to continue building Auburn Dam and some militant environmentalist trys to stop it by having a human chain, they will be shot!!!
    We need the water- WAKE UP!!!!!

  58. addendum it should have read has 3 years of below average precipitation. There was 6 years of relative drought from 1987-1992 then the rains started and California had the wettest decade of all times,dispite the early 90s being quite dry. In the 1970s the Auburn Dam project was stopped by environmentalist and the reservoir will be 4.2M acre feet of water. California only had 21M in 1970 so it was not that important althought the worst drought known hit the entire far west 1976-1977 and was difficult.
    Now, with 3 years of drought, there is now
    pressure to continue building Auburn Dam about 50 miles E of Sacramento, even the environmentalist has reconsidered!!!!! 95%…………….

  59. I will NOT join this “earth hour”.

    My personal reasons, brief and succinct:
    I got an education in mathematics and physics.
    I have read a lot about weather, climate, etc., including hard core scientific literature, and I am able to understand it.
    I have come to the conclusion, that there are risks, and _something_ has to be done.
    With too many statements of the IPCC, the WWF and their allies, a lot of fanatics and lunatics among them, i do _not_ agree.
    Turning off the lights for one hour is not appropriate to achieve anything, it is nonsense.

    And: The official earth hour video, Nashville musicians, Desmond Tutu, 10,000 college students, etc., etc. — come on, don’t mess around with me.

  60. Alex Jones-I’ve read alot of historic weather and historic climatology and into astronomy.
    I agree with your statements about the IPCC,WWF and their allies-somehow, they got hold of NOAA and forced them not to make independent papers about their findings. The Earths weather will do what it will do, and the Sun will do will it will do to affect Earths climates. To spend trillions of Dollars on something the Earth can easliy undo is beyond reason.

  61. Iam Gabby and I will do my best to help the planet by turing off my lights on Earth Hour day think about the planet

  62. I will be watching movies on my NEW BIG screen TV during Earth Hour and consume gobs and gobs of electricity. Oh yeah, microwave popcorn all day long.

  63. This has GOT to be the biggest waste of time and energy in recent memory. It’s a poltical blackhole of leftism and idealism that has not only failed, but failed miserably, leaving it for pragmatists to pick up the pieces and to make the genuine changes that were needed.
    Education is a good step but it has to be backed with LEGITIMATE SCIENCE and a real-world appreciation for the challenges necessary to make those changes possible; not ‘feel good’ moments that have little practical value.
    The Environmental movement, and the science behind climate change and global warming, is very uncertain (despite what Al “I invented the Internet” Gore says) and it is questionable whether or not fossil fuels alone are truly responsible for the changes we’ve seen in the last 20 years. Sure, it’s become ‘gospel truth’ among many, but then so was fears of impending “Nuclear Armageddon” was 25 years ago. That never happened but not because of some nutjobs in the Alberta wildnerness trying to stop Cruise Missle testing, but because sustaining the Cold War and communism, economically, proved impractical in the long run.
    History doesn’t turn on idealism, it turns on pragmatism and real-world approaches to real-world problems. That, and not ‘Earth Hour'(s) or ‘Earth Days’ or, heck, ‘Earth Years’ will be our salvation, not turning off your power. Infact, I think such events actually trivialize the need to conserve energy and fossil fuels, as well as the environment by turning real world needs into events only suitable for bleeding-heart liberals and other assorted lunatics.
    Still, if you want to live in the dark for an hour, go ahead. I’m keeping the lights on as always and doing my part to help the planet by recycling, driving less, and mowing the lawn…once the snow and ice melts of course.
    Talk about an ‘inconvenient truth’ eh? (;->).

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