Another Voice Against 2012 Mania

The world is not going to end in 2012. If anyone reading this has any doubt about that, you need to read each and every one of Ian O’Neill’s articles here on Universe today about every facet of the 2012 mania. And then if you still have any doubts, here’s another voice you might recognize who will tell you the same thing: Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson of the Hayden Planetarium and NOVA ScienceNow, has a few choice words for the entities out there spreading fear and disinformation (and looking to make a few bucks along the way) about everything that could possibly (not) happen in 2012.

I also recommend listening to the February 2, 2009 edition of The Planetary Society’s Planetary Radio, where David Morrison, Interim Director of the Lunar Science Institute and Planetary Radio host Mat Kaplan have a discussion (near the end of the show) about how the completely false claims of the 2012 fear mongers are needlessly scaring people. Its sobering.

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  1. 2012: The Year UT Became Obsessed With.
    (Or: The Irony Of Dispelling Myths, Urban Legends, Lies and Rumors.)

  2. I have no idea why you guys are so obsessed with 2012. I’ve seen a silly Hollyweird movie was made about it and I think it’s probably a hot topic on the Art Bell show, but other than that, nothing. Maybe you get a ton of emails on it. Ignore them. Stay with space. And lay off the stupid environmentalist wacko nonsense too – Stay With Space!

  3. I believe in God and I like science and space engineering also, but the two are not equal. I have been reading the Holy Bible for almost 40 years and I believe we are heading into the Great Tribulation when God is going to unleash His wrath upon all the sinners of mankind. Bible prophecy is very clear about this and I am not too proud to not share this here because I love Jesus my Lord and am not ashamed of Him. I think we have entered the first half of the Great Tribulation and about 21-21-2012 we will enter the second half (The Bible divides this 7 year tribulation into two 3.5 year periods).There are many scientifically minded Christians who enjoy NASA and astronomy, so please don’t cast stones at me for expressing myself on this topic, after all, I didn’t bring it up, Universe Today brought it up by mentioning 2012. The depression we are presently heading into I believe is just the beginning of the most horrible part of human history about to begin, it would be wise to stock up with basic foods for survival the worst part of the Great Tribulation won’t begin until the second half of it begins, so stock up at least 3.5 years worth of basics for you and your family. This is also a time to ask Jesus into your harts if you haven’t already and pray for God to have mercy and to protect you. God bless you. Amen

  4. Seriously – is this whole 2012 endtimes deal a big thing in the States? I have honestly not heard one single thing about it in Australia, save from UT. I would be surprised if there was more than about 5 or 6 people in the whole country who had even heard about 2012 being a significant year in the apocalyptic calender.

    Mind you, I heard recently that a mind-boggling 60% of people in America do not believe the fact of evolution. **60%** ! My God! I’d be surprised if more than about 1% of Australians held such preposterous views! What is with your school system?!

  5. Does 2012 mean the whackos will all bump themselves off to meet God? We might be onto something there.


    A Lizard Illuminati Freemason Templar.

  6. jesus4mankind no one, no matter how much they read or believe in the bible knows when the end will be, only our father God knows when the end will come, trust me i believe in god and pray to him every night, and i believe he is merciful and caring, so why would he want to destroy us?

    As far as the tribulation goes, no one knows when that is to be either, you say we should know about it, but the bible does not command us to know about it.

    Besides, everyone has sinned at some point in there life, even me and you so by your logic we would be punished as well, even if we ask forgiveness we have still sinned, no one lives a perfect life.

    I will continue to pray to our lord to allow us to live on the planet he has given us, we were all put here for a reason, a purpose before we go to our true home, I know you might be anxious to go to God’s side, but you must have patience, he will take you when he is ready, the same goes for everyone else.

  7. read The Mayan Factor by Jose Arguelles. 2012 is the end of the great year, a 26,000 year cycle. This is a transition to a new age of man, and not the end of the world. The powers that be are spreading 2012 disinfo because the universe is about to turn the power pyramid upside down. The Galactic clock is about to strike midnight and sound a wake up call to mankind.

  8. The fact that credible people are even speaking out against this idiotic phenomenon lends it WAY more credence than it actually deserves.

    Calamity COULD happen at any time. *WHEN* it does happen there will be some jackass that will assume it’s an omen, a portent of impending doom.

    Worrying about it is as pointless as being distressed that you need to shave whether that worry is in the form of actual fear or irritation about the gullibility of some people and the willingness to prey on that gullibility in others.

    That being said on 12/21/2012 I am planning to go out for my annual Winter Solstice Candle Light Snowshoeing shindig where I will proceed to get thoroughly inebriated with my peeps and howl at the moon. Judgement day or not.

  9. It often baffles and depresses me how members of a species that built the pyramids, reached the Moon, split the atom and built machines that can travel to the very edge of the solar system and send back pictures can actually believe such frakking garbage! Honestly, I despair sometimes! I overheard two guys talking about this in a pet shop the other day, and they were literally throwing in EVERY “End of The World” scenario into the 2012 thing. I wanted to slap them, to be honest. Ignorance is one thing, but stoopid is another. I really think we should just stop talking about this until the day after the End Of The World is supposed to happen and then every space blogger, writer and sceptic should write “TOLD YOU SO!!!!!” on their sites.

  10. I’d like to reply to Astrofiend’s post. As in Australia there is no such myth in Germany about the “End of the World in 2012”.

    I admire your blog as a scientifical interesting website only presenting facts rather than speculations or myths. Please dont get side-tracked.

  11. Education is the enemy of religion they can not peacefully co-exist.

    Smart people built the pyramids, uneducated people run around chopping off each others heads.

    I think by the time your say 18 you probably should not believe in the tooth fairy any more.

  12. The first and only time I heard of 2012 madness was on Universe Today. Maybe I should get out more:-)

  13. In reply to jesus4mankind I’d like to say. Hey, I’m a Christian too. But you should read Matthew 24 again. Because Christ tell us here that no-one knows the hour or the day, no even him. The spirit you are following is not from God. 2012 is total bogus bollcks. Let’s face it – How come the Mayan’s were so clever to know the end date but they could not spot their own demise. Get a grip and deal with it…!!! Your enthusiasm is encouraged, but a clear mind is needed.

  14. another one to add to the endless pile of end of the world scenarios, I for one, wont even lose a wink of sleep over this one. when was the last big end of the world scenario? I forgot!!!!!

  15. lets just hope that Pakistan Does not lose to the rebels…….They have like 100 Nuclear warheads

  16. Carlos, the only thing 2012 is all about is a bunch of hucksters trying to make money off of the naive and stupid. Just like every other idiotic doomsday theory.

    I’m just wondering how many “Heaven’s Gate” incidents are going to happen in the months leading up to this insignificant date.

  17. Thank God I stopped watching The History Channel. Too Many Documentaries on the History Channel and National Geographic Channel are all about doomsday. I became a Nova Fan Again on PBS

  18. I’ve attended a few public science lectures recently, and during the question and answer session at every one, someone has brought up questions about 2012; “What can you tell us how Earth will be affected by the alignment of planets in 2012?” of “Have you heard about a Mayan prophecy about the end of the world?”

    Statistics show there are a lot of people Googling “2012.” There’s a lot of misinformation out there and if every science-based news site or blog wrote nothing about these false claims there would be nothing to combat them. So while I’m glad to hear some of you out there haven’t heard about all this nonsense, its obvious from our stats, email and comments left here that we still have a lot of work to do.

  19. To survive the events of 2012, you must donate an evening’s worth of beer money immediately to the Church of the FSM and you will be marked in a mysterious way by His Noodledy Appendage as an untouchable. For His Noodleness is Supreme above all others. and truth is in His Words.

  20. I have to agree with Peter B. I’m also a Christian and a darn conservative one, but I think you’re reading something into the Bible that isn’t there. We don’t know when the tribulation will come. Could be tomorrow, could be another million years. We’re supposed to have our hearts ready all the time.

  21. I finally got to watch the video now that I’m not at work, and I must say I gain more respect for him every time I see him.

    I can see that he’s a bit annoyed at the question, but plays along and answers it in a way that doesn’t belittle the person asking it.

  22. Hey all you bible extremists. The world willl end in 2012?

    Prove your convictions: In order to show God how faithful you are, give away all your possessions, just like Jesus said to. Can’t get simpler than that.

    If you don’t give away all your possessions then you are just flapping your gums and have no more FAITH in these predictions nor the bible than anyone else. So just go away.

  23. Joe:

    Amen dude.

    If all these believers are that dedicated, they should give all their stuff to us non-believers and then when they’re sitting around on the curbs of America on 12/22/2012 we can ask them “Who’s stupid now?”

  24. A lot of people will feel awfull stupid when they wake up at 22 december 2012 and discover that they still have to go to work.

    If you do a weeenyy bit of science eductation then you immedialtely see that it cannot be true!

    Sadly lives will be lost and families will be disrupted because people that actually believe this to be true will kill suiside themselves and others will buy a lot of anti-Nibiru stuff from snake oils sellers to discover that they have nothing left anymore when nothing happens.

  25. Astrofriend – “Seriously – is this whole 2012 endtimes deal a big thing in the States? I have honestly not heard one single thing about it in Australia, save from UT”

    Nibiru is only going to distroy the US, you and the rest of the world will be safe! 🙂

  26. The only scenario that still bothers me is the one I read a year or so ago on this blog, and no one seems to talk about, that when our solar system passes THROUGH the galactic plane in 2012 it will be bombarded by gamma radiation from the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies. Your article indicated that might pose a threat, but we will probably still be around in 2012. MOK

  27. Anyone who believes in Doomsday does not belong in public or on the Internet. They belong in an insane asylum. How is 2012 different from any other Doomsday prediction? Because an old tribe predicted it?

    I remember when psychic’s predicted the Earth would catch fire on January 1st, 2000. It scared billions and look what happened… nothing. The psychic’s claimed it was a “misunderstanding”.

    If I said the world is going to end tomorrow, would you believe me? No you would not. So why waste your memory and health worrying and stressing out about December 21st, 2012?

  28. Mike,

    You absolutely did not read such an article. The galactic plane does not represent a magic shield through which gamma rays may not pass, nor does it represent a conduit which channels a sheet of gamma rays.

  29. What end of the world? All these web sites and main-stream media are misinterpreting the ancient mayan prophecy of thier calendar. They never spoke about the END of the WORLD. It’s about a spiritual transformation,evolution,a shift at the way we see the world. The ancient mayans were visionaries,shamans,and scientists.With astronomy and math they were able to calculate when the Galactic Alighnment would happend.We do face the galactic center area on winter solstice but not the actual center (black hole).So the mayans were right,the galactic center has been getting closer to the winter solsice sun(dec.21-22,2012).The mayans said this moment in TIME was the of the world as we know it.People,civilisation,earth and the entire solar system is changing before our eyes.Thats’ what 2012 is all about ! Not the phisical end of the world.

  30. I’m very glad to see that I am not the only Christian here who enjoys Universe Today which I believe to be the finest space-news-magazine in all of cyber-space! Therefore in the name of Christian unity in the midsts of our non believing brothers and sisters I want to say with my hands raised up to heaven: Bless God and praise Him in the precious name of Jesus the Messiah! The year 2012 is a big tantalizing mystery of the Mayan calendar and also of the Great Pyramid’s time line. But Terrence McKenna, a great scientist discovered Time Wave Zero by deciphering the Chinese I-Ching and that is a real mind blower if what he says is true (YouTube: Time Wave Zero)! The bottom line is when you take all these things into account they merely buttress the Bible prophecies of the End-Times and the Book of Revelation. We don’t know when Jesus the Messiah is returning but He sure gave us enough clues that it will be in a time like we are in today. The dragon with the seven heads and 10 horns creates a global empire of 10 confederated states and its here today waiting to take over: The G-7 nations (the seven headed dragon) which are the 7 global industrial powers have supported the UN and divided the world up into 10 zones (kingdoms) that are those ten horns. Its almost here people and its coming fast! Keep coming to Universe Today for they are the finest of their kind! But also make sure your heart is right with God by having asked Jesus Christ into it! [email protected]

  31. A further note on Mike’s assertion…. The solar system is not going to be passing through the galactic plane and is indeed moving away from it. The only thing that springs to mind with regards to a sun-galactic plane alignment is the conjunction of the winter solstice sun with the galactic equator. This event, given the 1 degree width of the sun and the slow rate of precession, has been occurring with every winter solstice since 1980, the greatest alignment occurring in 1998, and will end in 2014.

  32. Barak, the Sun is not at all passing through the galactic plane, it ‘seems’ that way.

    Actually the galactic plane is a few thousands lightyears thick, and we have been passing it in the last few thousands of years.

    And something happening with passing the galactic plane is as much sense as the space shuttle dropping out of orbit crashing down when crossing the equator. Gravity of the black hole does not work like a laserbeam, but spreads around in a cmoplete sphere.

  33. Remember June 6, 2006 and 1-1-2000. The 1-1-00 Doomsday date was predicted by heavens gate back in 1995 and they all died right when Bill Clinton was starting his second term. Also June 6, 2006 Was when President Bush was in the mist of dealing with Suicide bombers in Iraq and there was a series of horror movies and Doomsday movies that were released that day.

  34. I have been checking out the Mayan calander, did you know that there are more than 23 possible Mayan end dates between 200 years ago and 500 years in the future!

    Someone just happened to pick a date that looked cool and then created some myht around it while in reality no one knows when the long count converts to our date and time..

    Also check out the planetary configuration at that date, very boring, no planet are aligned not even the moon is in an interesting position.

  35. “2012 or not, something is happening”

    Yes a lot of people looking very stupid because they have been believing this for so long and nothing happens.

    What could happen is some nut becoming president and start a Nuclear war on 21 dec 2012 because it is written in the bible, and the Mayans told it so!
    THAT is realistic, but it won’t come from the Universe and it won’t be linked by the Mayan’s or the black hole in our galaxy.

  36. Also there is one more thing The doomsday freaks will come back in 2015 and say The end of the world will happen on February 20, 2020. or the date will move to January 11, 2011. or November 11, 2011 as a scare tactic

  37. What I really want to know is this:
    Since many of these 2012 experts are very expert since they clame to now the secret that scientists are hiding, they must now at least this. The can predict with percission what will happen on Earth.

    I want to know the following, I want to do some sumulations if the Nibiu really could exist.

    1. What is the mass of Nibiru.
    2. What is the orbital period of Nibiru.
    3. How close will it get to Earth to have actually any influence on Earth.

    Before believing in this 2012 stuff, actually come up with something to be testable instead of some holistic aproach.

    That woman that has telepactic contact with Nibiru, can she not give some numbers?

  38. “What could happen is some nut becoming president and start a Nuclear war on 21 dec 2012 because it is written in the bible, and the Mayans told it so!”

    What you will see, watching news on tv, is some nut became president and start a Nuclear war on 21 dec 2012 because it is written in the bible, and the Mayans told it so.

    But if you start using your head, you could find some nut and so on could not “just happen” that simple.

  39. I agree, “became”. LOL

    If you ever want to get sucked into a sekt losing all your money! Just believe this 2012 stuff and ignore all signs that it is a hoax and you will surely be sucked dry of everything by the big Guru.

  40. “A lot of people will feel awfull stupid when they wake up at 22 december 2012 and discover that they still have to go to work.”

    Prophet’s words!
    Should i say, they will also find that if not, their money, citizenship, property etc. to that time or already bound to rfid chip in their bodies, passports, credit cards or next gen SIMs in cute phones will be simply erased by the command from sattelite.

    You don’t mind how could this picture be connected with “The End”?

    Rev. 13:16 “He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, 17so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.”

    (stay cool, i’m not christian nor anything else adept)

  41. The only real problems in this world (besides Al Gore) are the old line religions, Christians, Muslims and Jews, they have been the source of more wars, grief and atrocities than any other group of people. Do I believe that Moses, Jesus Christ and Muhammad existed? sure I do, just like I believe that Jim Jones existed all preaching the same snake oil, it is just too bad that they were not as succesful as Jim Jones in taking all their followers with them when they exited.

    When my granddaughter was in the second grade she was told (recorded and documented) by one of her classmates, a Muslim, that she had to kill my Granddaughter because she was not Muslim, it was her duty, they apparantly can’t tolerate blond, blue eyed people.

    A pox on all religions and all the nonsense their followers try to foist upon the rest of the world. My God is better, or more real, than your God and if you don’t believe me I will chop off your head, stupidity to the Max.

    I don’t understand why UT is spending one minute on this or like subjects, the administrators ought to be deleting all these flames.

  42. I’ve stated in a previous feed about this Dec21,2012 ‘end of days’ is , I will hunt for believers and buy their priced belongings and jewery for 1% of it’s true value, by the spring of 2013, I will be very rich. Some people will say what I think of doing is wrong, I said the only thing I fear about ‘this end of days’ is other future crooks will outbid me and I may have a difficult time collecting
    very much!! I’ve talked with other ‘now’ honest persons,relatives and former co-workers, we all have an idea about becoming ‘crooks’ because this is even easier than taking candy from a baby, these so called ‘believers of Dec21,2012 end-of-days’ !!! Lol

  43. Salacious B. Crumb- we should be partners in this future ‘asset increasing project’ pertaining to ‘end of days’. lol
    I believe it will be very much rewarding for both of us lol

  44. Ian’s original 2012 article is up to almost 1 million pageviews, and almost all of those came from Google. There are so many people completely freaked out of their minds that something terrible is going to happen. Why are we obsessed about it? It only takes a couple of hours to write something that helps set the record straight. And enough reason-based websites have helped to get the word out. If we can relieve the anxiety of just a handful of people, then I’m happy.

  45. I believe you Fraser, but it is truly unbieliveable, we have really dumbed down the entire population of the US with teachers that don’t grade homework and our political correctness. It is no wonder the rest of the world is passing us by, sad. Liberal thinking at it’s finest.

  46. The more the people believe in ‘end of days’,
    the more my mouth salivates knowing I can make plenty of money. I will get the ‘believers’
    jewery and fine household goods for virually nothing and promise them I will store these items as part of a ‘memorial for human sins
    and deeds done and told them I have created
    a deep cave 1 mile in diameter that will eventually be exposed to the elements for future ‘ extraterrestials’ to find perhaps in 50M
    years. Yesss indeed. Lol
    Humm, should I buy a penthouse in New York City 5th Ave or a home overlooking Malibou Beach in Southern Calif. Spring2013

  47. Hi All,
    I just came upon a page that shows how dangerous the 2012 doom-sayers are. I.e. See “Part 2 – The Previous Doomsday of 12,950 BC: what was it like?” at; (Part 1 is even more astounding.
    Amazingly, I found one of the most bizarre connection with the later article by “Cosmologists Search for Gravity Waves to Prove Inflation Theory”, “Anaconda” who is prattling on about a non-existent “plasma cosmology.” The connection is surely not unrelated.

  48. Wait China has over took the USA as the worlds richest economic power in 2008. I heard that the 2012 scare started when there were figures indicating that India will have more people than China in 2012 and India will be the world’s most populated country. I think it is the Insecurity if the USA, and Europe losing power.

  49. “1. What is the mass of Nibiru. – Less than 25MJupiter”

    Jayyyyy, I never dared to use a mass like 25 jupirer masses in my simulations.

    I think 10 times was the maximum and it disrupted the complete solar system actually slingshotted Earth never to return.

    Pavel my friend, take a program that uses gravity calculations for example AstroGrav, put in the numbers and observe yourself that something that gets so close to Earth, that weighs so heavy will distrupt all planets in the
    complete solar system. And I mean random oientation, all eleptical and some planets actually slinged out of the solar system.

    The problem is that all planets are in a near circular obit and in nearly the same plane suggesting that Nibiru could never be 25 Jupiter masses and in orbit around our Sun.
    A mass like this only 4 years away wil surely have have disrupted Earths orbit and all other planets in our solar system by now.

    “100milion km from Earth”
    You mean that is about 2/3 the distance between Earth and Sun.

  50. Salacious B. Crumb- very interesting article!!
    I am looking forward to the increased auroral
    displays from a pent-house on 5th Avenue, New York in the Spring of 2013. I am certain by then I would have sold much of the jewely I”ve got for near nothing from the believers of ‘ Dec21,2012-End of Days’ Lol

  51. Pavel Smutny, I am dying to see you simulations, please give me the orbital elements of Nibiru with your data.

    Then I can check them here too.

    This is one based on a 26.000 years orbit, but with the weight of a comet, not 25 Jupiter masses.

    Mean distance: 234.9523913
    Accentricity: 0.9958197
    Inclination: 90.3145103
    Ascending node: 88.9957069
    Arg of pericenter: 357.0039408
    Mean anomaly: 359.5708522
    Epoch: 2454705.0000

  52. I just did a 25 mass jupiter simulation this time the Nibiru is moving in the equatorial plane and Earths orbit chaged to 352 days, but Nibiru came not close to Earth.

    So if the year has changed in number of days,/year then the Mayan calender calculation is wrong.

  53. Just checked for a 25 mass Jupiter simulation, and remember these distances are pretty far from Earth.

    This time an inclination of 90 degree which I believe has the leas effect on the orbit, but to my supprise the orbital period changed to 315 days/year and is getting very near Venus now.

    It is what I say, don’t expect a planet come here passing our solar system and has no disrupting effect on it.

    In all simulations earths orbital period changed, also the orbit itself changed.
    If you calculate in Mayan calenders then you have to take into account that a Mayan year is not 365,25 days/ year but depending on the latest pass on Nibiru.

    And so far I have seen, timekeeping and astronomy observations does not show any signs of orbital change at all.

  54. “Oh wait, their doomsday was Spain, shows how much those people knew.”

    Actually, ecological disaster brought down the Mayan civilization.

  55. Sean Welton-Interesting site-unfortundately,
    the ‘mass’ media and these ultra-freak believers of ‘end-of-days’ refuses to believe
    the truth even if you hit them on the head with a baseball bat a few times(perhaps their thinking may clear up lol). These people will not change, I’m tire of it, but, I may as well take advantage of this great opportunity to make alot of money-I hope I don’t get outbid by other future crooks. lol

  56. I would love to hear any intelligent stuff about “Planet X” I read that it is a theory that explains galactic anomalies? What is it, and is it a myth, theory, or just another X-files story gone wrong? Should I ask Mulder and Scully?

  57. Dude, I love it when Neil speaks like this.

    Science is just that, science: something continuously tested and retested for accuracy!

    Here’s a fact: Doomsayers Beware You Might Not Make It With The Rest Of Us – Apparently you didnt want to!

    p.s. Someone tell Neil that he made me very happy to see this!
    p.p.s. Are all these haters talking about Eres Ceres And Sedna, cause they’re just Dwarfs Now? 😀

  58. Nibiru?….I see stupid people….Niburu indeed…what a lot of utter crap…lol


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