List of Stars

Most stars have scientific names, but some have common names that have been passed down through history. Some astronomers use the scientific name, while others use the common name. Here’s a list of the brightest stars in the sky:

  1. Sirius
  2. Canopus
  3. Arcturus
  4. Alpha Centauri A
  5. Vega
  6. Rigel
  7. Procyon
  8. Achernar
  9. Betelgeuse
  10. Hadar (Agena)
  11. Capella A
  12. Altair
  13. Aldebaran
  14. Capella B
  15. Spica
  16. Antares
  17. Pollux
  18. Fomalhaut
  19. Deneb
  20. Mimosa

Of course, this is just a tiny list of stars. There are some enormous lists of stars out there. One of the most comprehensive is the SIMBAD database. This is an online database that contains 4.3 million objects. NASA has an even larger database of extragalactic objects that contains 163 million objects.

Here’s a good list of all the named stars in alphabetical order.

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