Take a Personal Tour of the ISS

Enjoy a personal video tour of the International Space Station with Expedition 18 Commander Mike Fincke. The station is big — it really is getting to be a big place — so the tour is in four parts. But its worth the time to watch the entire series to see all the modules, the crew quarters, and all the different devices and racks on board. Fincke does a great job giving the “straight skinny,” as he says, and shows all the nooks and crannies of the ISS. He warns that you’ll see a station in the middle of being renovated, so there’s a little clutter, but its fun to see a kind of “day in the life” on board the ISS. Fincke even lets you fly along with him through the Kibo lab, and opens the window shutter (which is very cool!) so you can see the beautiful view of Earth from space. I thought it was fun to see that when the astronauts exercise, they watch movies, just as I like to do. Teachers, this video tour would be a great way to show your students what living on board the ISS is really like. Enjoy — its great! This was recoreded in HD, so click on the option to watch in High Quality (the red arrow on the bottom right of the screen). Here’s part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

13 Replies to “Take a Personal Tour of the ISS”

  1. Cool, I want one. I’d want more growing things around me though, and a big chunk of recreational space where I could experiment with microgravity.
    It’s amazing to see though, makes it seem much more real somehow.

  2. hmm…. where did hundreds of billions of dollars go? towards groundbreaking research in spaceflight & human habitation of space, overall I’d say. just a stepping stone toward being a multi-planet species….

  3. What is that little shuttle up on the wall behind the astronauts near the Gagarin photo?

    Is that a new ERussian space shuttle design? What is it doing there?

  4. Really enjoyed this video! These people are so brave. And the views are breathtaking! Thank you for doing this!

  5. Cracking video, many thanks to Mike Fink.

    It’s a bit like how I imagined it, but I must say that I expected to see a few more gleaming control panels and computer screens rather than old matresses, sleeping bags and smelly socks, but hey, what the heck.

    Go ISS!

  6. Fascinating to see the evolution – the Yank/Euro/Jap modules seem very 2001:SO compared to the ‘legacy’ Russian modules – but the Russian modules seem the most inhabited. Is there now an evolved standard that the newer modules are constructed to? Apart from looking better, which is the ‘nicest’ to live in? Huge thanks to Mike!

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