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At NASA’s press conference last week about methane on Mars, NASA’s lead scientist for the Mars Program Michael Meyers said straight out, “These findings are not evidence for life, but evidence for active processes on Mars.” But seemingly, not everyone in the media took the high road in reporting about the methane news, with some claiming NASA had found life on Mars.

If you missed the news conference, or didn’t read the Universe Today article on the methane news, or would like further information straight from the scientists who have been working on the methane detection on Mars for several years, NASA has put together some videos, where you can get the news straight from the scientists. The first one is with Dr. Michael Mumma of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Take a look:

And there’s more:

If you click on the little video screens on the bottom after the first video is over, you can watch a series of videos from the press conference where the methane plumes news was discussed. Sometimes its best to hear it from the scientists first-hand.

If you want to read some of the more “titillating” versions of the methane news, Phil Plait has written an article about the Mars Methane Media Mess created by some over-zealous journalists (that includes a nice compliment on our article — thanks Phil!) and Dave Mosher at Discovery Space has a post about the Mars Methane Bomb on Earth.

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  1. Well, look at it this way. It will keep UT in business writing more articles that set the conspiracy wing nuts straight…

  2. That is awesome to hear! Even if it is not a result of life (as the red planet is one harsh place to live) future colonists could harvest (what little) methane there is for fuel.

  3. I think the methane is from herds of the Little Bigfoots eating all of those high fiber wooden planks that are just lying around everywhere with the inevitable gaseous output.

  4. Either way, a geological process requires warm LIQUID water right?

    So the way I see it, these “hotspots” should be the next focus of any science mission to mars. I doubt there is life anywhere on mars if it isn’t in one of these spots where actual liquid water exists.

  5. …But I thought they’ve been telling us that Mars is volcanically dead. If there isn’t any tectonic, or volcanic activity on Mars, doesn’t that sort of preclude the second explanation?

  6. In a semi-related note,

    I’ve been looking at a lot of the HiRise images of Nili Fossae. Can anyone explain how the crazy looking terrain there was formed? The picture in this article for example. The terrain in that area looks unlike anywhere else on mars.

  7. It seems that the areas are somewhat small pointing to a volcanic cause. But saying that, heat and water there should be life anyway.
    I believe one of the orbiters scanned the night time surface for warm spots and I don’t believe any where found. I think that was Mars Global Surveyor.

  8. Why has NASA attempted to cover up its plans to transport several tons of Beano to Mars?

  9. methane on mars? what else could it be other than biologic or geologic? it’s not as if it’s a moon like titan.

  10. … some videos … Take a look:

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    And there’s more:

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    Is something wrong with my browser here?

  11. yes that´s very good I think,because there is a life on the planet Mars..maybe…very small…but it is..There could be some kinde of life milions and milions years ago ..on the planet Mars..maybe.. what do you think about it?

  12. Thanks! I guess I found them on YouTube. They were labeled “Mars – An Active Planet”, 1/2 and 2/2.

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