Listen in on Communications for Today’s Space Shuttle Launch

Just a reminder of this evening’s launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour. And this time, NASA is trying something new. During the countdown you can listen in to live audio of communications between launch controllers and the shuttle, something that is not normally done. NASA Television will provide a continuous “clean video feed” on its Media Channel of space shuttle Endeavour in the hours before its 7:55 p.m. EST liftoff today, Nov. 14. This means there won’t be the regular commentary, just the communications audio, beginning at 2:30 pm EST on the Media Channel. If you have satellite television, check your channel listings. To watch online, go here, and choose the Media Channel. And if you’d rather listen to the regular commentary, just go to the regular Public NASA TV channel. Or watch SpaceVidCast on UStream, if you prefer where you can text chat with other viewers…

The “clean feed” will include live audio of communications between launch controllers and the shuttle but not the commentary airing on NASA TV’s Public Channel. NASA TV commentary will air on both channels beginning approximately nine minutes before the scheduled launch time at the conclusion of what is known as the T minus 9 minute hold in the launch countdown.

During the shuttle’s 15-day STS-126 mission to the International Space Station, the crew will deliver supplies and equipment necessary to double the station crew size from three to six members and conduct four spacewalks.

4 Replies to “Listen in on Communications for Today’s Space Shuttle Launch”

  1. Go Endeavour, I’ll be looking for you from Tampa, FL tonight, weather permitting. Good luck and Godspeed.

  2. Looks like HDNet will also be broadcasting the launch live tonight as well. Looking forward to seeing it in 1080i def.

  3. My God that was a beautiful launch.

    I hope someones got a high rez image of the plasma shroud that formed around Endeavour during tank separation.

  4. If I may be a pretentious snob for just a minute…

    While HDNet does always look amazing, NASA shoots in 720p/60 (in my opinion the best HD format out there) so HDNet is actually scaling the picture down (540p then field dupe to 1080i then reduce frame rate from 60 to 30). If you want the REAL HD feed, C-Band satellite direct from NASA is the only way to go 🙂 Then again, you have to be super dedicated to put a 8′ dish in your back yard!!!

    While not as nice as NASA HD or even HDNet, we do have the HD version available online at which was taken from the C-Band satellite but then stepped on for Flash.

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