2012: No Comet

[/caption]According to 2012 doomsday proponents, something big is out to get us. By “something big” I mean some uncontrollable cosmic entity (i.e. Planet X, Nibiru or a “killer” solar flare), and by “us” I mean the whole of planet Earth. Pinning 2012 doomsday scenarios on the end of the ancient Mayan “Long Count” calendar appears to be growing momentum amongst authors, websites, documentaries and (my personal favourite) YouTube videos. According to them, something bad is going to happen on or around December 21st 2012. Probably the most interesting difference between the 2012 doomsday scenario and the doomsday prophecies of the past is that almost every possible (and impossible… or implausible) harbinger of doom is being suggested as a planet killer.

So, in this sixth article addressing another astronomical doomsday scenario, I will look at the theory that there is a comet currently out there in deep space, slowly making its final approach on its parabolic orbit toward Earth. But before you get worried, you’ll be glad to hear that the 2012 cometary impact theory is as watertight as a teabag; there is no object observed out there and there is certainly no evidence to suggest there could be a comet impact in 2012… and here’s why

Marketing Doomsday
In four years today (2012 21-December), the world will be coming to an end according to a few misguided individuals. Doomsayers always begin their arguments using an ancient calendar (plus a heavy dose of Bible Codes, I Ching and ancient Sumerian cuneiform scriptures) to support their new and inventive way the world may end. Alas, most doomsday theories are based on over-hyped scientific misinterpretation and outright lies. Usually there is a book to sell or website to promote. After all, there is nothing more profitable than fear.

Interestingly, I started writing for the Universe Today a year ago today, exactly five years before the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar. Don’t go reading too much into this little fact, pure coincidence, but I think it would be fitting to write the sixth in my series of 2012 articles exposing the myths surrounding this date.

You’ve probably seen the prolific ads for the “2012 Comet” across a range of websites, so I decided to delve into this particular theory to see if there is any truth behind the claims that a comet (or “comet planet”) is approaching Earth on a collision course. To cut a long story short, I can categorically say that no cometary impact is imminent. Any accusations of government cover-ups are to hide the poor science doomsayers are citing (much like the Planet X/Nibiru connection). If you want the long story, read on…

The Comet Threat

NASA's Deep Impact probe hits Comet Tempel 1 (NASA)
NASA's Deep Impact probe hits Comet Tempel 1 (NASA)
Before we look at the claims behind this doomsday scenario, we must first study Earth’s risk of actually being hit by a comet. We know we’ve been hit by comets in the past, and we will most definitely be hit by more in the future, but the coast is clear for at least a few decades from a marauding comet or asteroid. In fact, meteoroids in the form of chunks of rock are far more numerous than icy comets, and we are hit by several sizeable rocky meteoroids throughout the year (take 2008 TC3, the first predicted meteoroid atmospheric impact, for example).

Although rare, planetary impacts by comets do happen. As Shoemaker-Levy 9 showed us in 1994 when 2km-wide fragments of the comet bombarded the Jovian atmosphere, we mustn’t be complacent when considering a large impact event by comets or asteroids. The dazzling light show by Shoemaker-Levy 9 actually stimulated efforts to increase sky surveys for a possibly catastrophic impact event. Although a vast number of near-Earth objects (NEOs) have been identified, a very small number are considered to be a risk.

Fragments of Shoemaker-Levy 9 on approach to Jupiter (NASA/HST)
Fragments of Shoemaker-Levy 9 (NASA/HST)

The 270 meter-wide asteroid 99942 Apophis caused a stir in 2006 when it became the highest ranking asteroid on the Torino impact hazard scale. Apophis is now expected to glide safely past the Earth in 2029, but depending on the gravitational deflection caused by Earth in 2029, Apophis could pass through a gravitational “keyhole”, creating another impact possibility on April 13th, 2036. Still, the odds are not worth betting on; would you put money on a 1 in 45,000 chance of an Apophis 2036 impact?

There are other lumps of rock out there, but most are benign, and certainly not a threat to everyday life in 2012. However, we must be aware that asteroids are a very real future threat to humanity. As a result of this increased awareness, other NEOs have been discovered and tracked. Objects such as 2007 VK184, a 130 meter-wide asteroid may cause problems in the distant future, but the probability of impact is still extremely low. Astronomers from the Catalina Sky Survey estimate a few possible impact dates for 2007 VK184, but the odds never exceed a 0.037% chance of hitting Earth in the next 100 years. Other asteroids are currently being tracked and they may cause some concern over a century from now (although none surpass a Torino scale of Level 1, and if they do, all tend to fall back to the “normal” Level 0).

In short, the skies are clear from any imminent (certainly within the next 4 years) impact from an asteroid. Comets do not feature as a significant risk either. There is no astronomical evidence supporting otherwise.

This doesn’t stop organizations such as ex-NASA astronaut Rusty Schweickart’s B612 Foundation from planning for possible future asteroid/comet threats. While Hollywood movies would have us believe blowing a comet up with a nuclear bomb will be a very good idea, the B612 Foundation disagrees. In fact, it could be a very bad idea. The key thing to remember when reading about NEO surveys or asteroid/comet deflection techniques is that we need a lot of lead time to stand any hope of deflecting a possible catastrophic impact event. This does not indicate a concern in the near future, it is simply a prudent precaution to safeguard the distant future of our planet.

The 2012 Comet-Google Conspiracy

The evidence for a comet... or Planet X... whichever. The void in Google Sky, are they hiding something? (Google)
The evidence for a comet... or Planet X... whichever. The void in Google Sky, are they hiding something? (Google)
So, it looks like we are safe from any astronomical impact. That’s not to say we won’t be hit by a small meteoroid, large fireballs occur regularly (remember the November 21st Canada bolide, and the most recent December 6th Colorado fireball, the largest of which was possibly caused by a 10-tonne rocky meteoroid). Also, this is not to say we won’t discover more NEOs within the next four years (we could spot a threatening object tomorrow for all we know), but the point is that there is absolutely no evidence for any civilization-ending comet impact in 2012. Any claims to the contrary are completely false.

So why are we seeing ads touting the “2012 Comet” theory? As far as I can tell, it is based on one very flimsy piece of evidence. So, lets load up Google Earth to see where the problem is…

If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, you have the ability to look “up” rather than just down at the Earth’s surface. Switching the software to the night sky allows you to see the constellations and will guide you and a dazzling tour of the observable Universe. Despite this overload of information, is Google hiding something? Is the huge search-engine based company actively trying to hide observations of a comet from us?

Using Google Earth data for optical, infrared (IRAS) and microwave (WMAP) surveys (Google)
Using Google Earth data for optical, infrared (IRAS) and microwave (WMAP) surveys (Google)

Guide Google Earth to RA:5h 54m 00s, Dec: -6° 00′ 00″ and zoom in. If you don’t have Google Earth, this region can also be found in the online version of Google Sky. You’ll see an ominous rectangular void (a.k.a. the “Google Anomaly” in the images above) right next to the Orion Nebula, south of Orion’s Belt.

Note: The Constellation of Orion and therefore the “Google Anomaly” is in a very conspicuous location of the night sky, observable from northern and southern hemispheres.

This void is only apparent in the optical data; if you switch the data set to the microwave survey carried out by the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP), you’ll find the void is replaced by data. Also, infrared data covers the region pretty nicely.

Note: This infrared view of the sky was observed by the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS).

So, the theory is that Google is hiding observations of an incoming comet. But there is an added twist to the comet conspiracy theory; the comet is also referred to as a “comet planet” and therefore a Planet X candidate (but I thought Planet X was a brown dwarf candidate?). Yes, Planet X seems to be at the root of all doomsday scenarios.

I’ll try to make this as quick as possible:

1) IRAS Data

A popular image on Planet X websites. Is this Planet X, or is it simply a young galaxy? (NASA - possible source)
A popular image on Planet X websites. Is this Planet X, or is it simply a young galaxy? (NASA - possible source)
The Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) was an orbiting telescope that lasted for 10 months in 1983. It performed an infrared survey of the entire sky, churning up some fantastic observations of ultra-luminous young galaxies and intergalactic “cirrus”. However, before these objects were formally identified, the media (in particular the Washington Post) hinted heavily that some of these objects could be the fabled “Planet X” in the outskirts of our Solar System. This is one of the key theories doomsayers cite as fact that Planet X exists. Using dubious logic, several authors claim these early observations prove that Planet X is in fact the Sumerian planet “Nibiru”. Nibiru is therefore a brown dwarf. In this theory, death and destruction quickly follows, including the appearance of an alien race called the Annunaki (our alien ancestors) who want their planet back. Wonderful science fiction, with no roots in science fact.

So, is this “2012 comet” actually Planet X? If it is (disregarding the obvious fact that a comet is not a planet, let alone a brown dwarf), why is the Google Anomaly only a void patch in optical data? If Google and NASA were trying to hide evidence of a “comet” (by removing a region of optical data), surely they’d remove the IRAS data too? In any case, the IRAS data shows no object within the anomaly. Besides, why would Google leave a very obvious patch of missing optical data, when they could have just airbrushed the object from the dataset?

In conclusion, the Google Anomaly is in fact missing data, pure and simple. There’s no comet there, and simply because there is missing data does not prove the existence of anything sinister.

2) Just Look Up
Just in case you needed a little more convincing that the 2012 comet/Planet X theory was complete bunkum, think about the location of this proposed comet. The Google Anomaly is in full view for most of the planet throughout the year as it is in the constellation of Orion, right in the neighbourhood of some of the most famous, and well-studied stars and nebulae (the Horsehead Nebula and the Great Orion Nebula for example). If anyone looks at the Google Anomaly with suspicion, why not look straight up and see for yourself? Amateur astronomers have access to very advanced optics, so I think that if there was a suspect “comet planet” in the region, it would have been spotted by now (without Google’s help).

In Conclusion
The truth is that the Planet X conspiracy theory is wrong, but the 2012 comet theory is even worse. The chances of a large planet swinging through the inner solar system in 2012 has the same odds as a comet impact on that date: nil.

We cannot predict the future, and no ancient prophecy will prove the existence of a modern astronomical “end of the world” scenario. I am sure 2012 will be a significant year for spiritual and religious reasons, I’m not debating that. However, for doomsayers to use modern science to prove their inaccurate doomsday creations for personal gain is not only irresponsible, it can be very damaging.

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  1. @Ron:- Technically it wasn’t an asteroid, it was a meteoroid. It was small enough to be stopped by the atmosphere (hence the fireball), so it broke up and scattered over a wide area. We didn’t spot that one as it was so small (and the atmosphere dealt with it anyway). However, the 3-meter wide Sudan meteoroid was detected and predicted to hit the atmosphere (even that one exploded above the ground). So we’re getting better at spotting them.

    The comets/asteroids discussed here are typically “extinction events”, and these objects are pretty big and observable. The smaller pieces of rock, whilst significant, are not really a global problem…

    Cheers 🙂


  2. @Amit:- I have no problem with the Kobe University research, in fact they predict the existence of another large body, possibly a large KBO. I believe they formulated a model that predicts this body is clearing the Kuiper Belt, forming the cliff.

    I think there are many, many more KBOs, possibly more Plutoid-like dwarf planets (for sure more trans-Neptunian objects). Although these objects exist, they pose no immediate threat to the inner Solar System. I for one am sooooo excited about the possibilities of more discoveries out there. It’s a mysterious place 🙂

    I briefly went into that research here: http://www.universetoday.com/2008/06/19/2012-planet-x-is-not-nibiru/

    @Shaula:- That is so true, but it keeps us on our toes! I just wonder what the doomsayers will think up next!

    @Diakanos:- Thank you! And no problem! I can only guess at your line of work, but it sounds fascinating! 😀

    Cheers! Ian

  3. Some very good points Ian and I agree with you totally.

    Note, however, that “Spaceguard” is primarily intended to find Near Earth Asteroids (ie rocks orbiting inside Jupiters’s orbit). By accident, it and other telescope surveys systems sometimes find comets heading sunward from the outer solar system. The giant (40 kilometre) Hale-Bopp comet of 1997 is a good example. The chances of a comet collision with Earth are extremely small but it is not impossible. A collision within 4 years is even possible as there could be less than a year’s warning with some comet orbits. But I wouldn’t lose any sleep (or part with any money) over that possibility.

    More at

  4. One can profit from this. Just bet on our destruction in 2012. Bet that we will be destroyed. If we are, you will lose but if that happens, who cares?
    A more likely cause of trouble is our overpopulation.

  5. So where were the predictions of that astroid that hit Canada? I don’t recall anyone knowing about that before hand..

  6. Ian,

    What about the computer model developed by Patryk Lykawka of Kobe University in Japan and his colleague Tadashi Mukai.

    The Kuiper Belt contains many peculiar features that can’t be explained by standard solar system models. One is the highly irregular orbits of some of the belt’s members
    According to the model, Sedna and other Kuiper Belt oddities could be explained by a world 30 to 70 percent as massive as Earth orbiting between 100 AU and 200 AU from the sun.
    It explains the Kuiper Cliff as well..

    Do you have any arguments against this?

  7. I have coined my own phrase about all these doomsday and 2012 folks…

    ‘They tell you they are the prophets, but all they want are the profits.’

    I find their ‘doomsday’ theories have more holes in them than Swiss cheese.

  8. Enjoyed the article, Ian. Another conspiracy theory successfully vaporized.

    The main issue lurking behind such theories is human mortality. In my line of work, that is by far the most common problem that I (and most of my colleagues) address on a regular basis. Apparently conspiracy theories offer some kind of artificial BS in an attempt to avoid the inevitable conclusion. With another conspiracy theory stripped away, I have more potential “clients.” Thanks for the extra business!

  9. I for one will welcome our new Annunaki Overlords. 🙂
    Being able to fly a planet like a spaceship should make for some interesting study and observation.

    I read somewhere that the (same) people keep cropping up over the years feeding the doomsday cult. (last one was the world ending millenium bug)

    Incidentally you will be hard pressed to find images of Hell painted in Churches throughout the Christian world preceding the 1900’s. Why? Because the church relied on the (millenium) Armageddon (scaremongering) before that.

    When no cataclismic event occured they turned to other forms of fear mongering. (and a lot of artist got to express themselves, so its not all bad)

    Its interesting that the human Psyche is so culpable towards such beliefs.

    Sadly without proof……………

    As for goggle the only conspiracy I see them involved with is raking in the Online advertising revenues from this (quite humorous) mythology.

    But it annoys the crap out me to see it plastered all over the top of this site and others that dont actually purport this view.

    Its like subliminal advertising. Which incidentally is banned in TV advertising.


    Right at the top of this page in fact.


  10. Honestly, the Google Anomaly? Just take a look in Worldwide Telescope and look through the couple of dozen sky surveys in that to see absolutely nothing unusual about this part of space – other than it being part of Bernard’s Loop (not a planet).

  11. The Mayan calender ending in 2012 doesn’t predict the end of the world, just the end of the current era. Whatever may happen then may or may NOT even be noticed….say a significant birth or a turning point. Being an optimist, I think 2012 will not mark an end, but a beginning. Every generation believes itself to be the pinnacle of intelligence. We have just begun to scratch the surface of obtainable knowledge, so who knows what wonders lie in our future.

  12. ROFL The “Consiracy theery’, as you h@ters like to call it is not ‘vaporized’ by your so-called science! The Komet is going to destroy Eerth. All the proof you need is on the interwebs. Lissen to Art bell and Ron Paul – there all the pruf you need!!

  13. “What about the computer model developed by Patryk Lykawka of Kobe University in Japan and his colleague Tadashi Mukai.”

    As you have noted, this theoretical planet stay waaay outside the solar system!

    And it is even not related to Nibiru, it is just a theoretical planet.

  14. Of course, I see it and read it on the Internet, so it must be true! Along with so called experts who have absolutely no substantial proof. BTW, I have a Girl Scout calendar which runs out in a little more than a week…. think I have something to worry about?

    I wish there was proof of bodies in the KB which are near earth size. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything yet. If there was something this large on a collision course with Earth in the next several years, we would be able to see it by now, and definitely its affect on surroundings. Something that large and moving that fast wouldn’t be a difficult spot.
    For those who hang on the brown dwarf theory, this would definitely be seen by now… as brown dwarfs radiate quite a bit of heat.

    However, if you are really buying into this hoax (its not a theory, its a HOAX)… I will be glad to sell you doomsday insurance.

  15. Ian O’Neill, I love you. 🙂
    In an intellectual way may I add.

    Can’t wait to read the I told you so article in January 2013.

  16. I have a friend who knows Orion. She says he’s a modest guy and that he had to email Google and ask them to obscure the area south of his belt.

  17. “All the proof you need is on the interwebs. Lissen to Art bell and Ron Paul – there all the pruf you need!!”

    What has Ron paul to do with 2012?
    What has Art bell to do with 2012?

  18. Oh fer cryin’ out loud! Of all the dumb things to hit this site THIS has gotta be the stupidest I’ve read. Groups of people for years have been running to the hills over something they “claim” to have found in one religious set of writings or something.

    Can we “Please” keep this site SCIENCE-minded? IF you need to put this sort of stuff up then start another page/site for this. Sheeesh.

    *Steps off of soapbox*

  19. # Dan Tillmanns Says:

    One can profit from this. Just bet on our destruction in 2012. Bet that we will be destroyed. If we are, you will lose but if that happens, who cares?
    A more likely cause of trouble is our overpopulation.

    You must do awful at the casinos.

  20. Look up?!!

    Are you crazy? You’re just like that guy who went out to count when the scholastics argued about how many teeth are in the mouth of an ass (I only recall that it couldn’t be a multiplum of three because that’d be an offence to the Trinity).

  21. The mother of one of my school chums in the ’50’s was preparing for the end of civilization, don’t remember why. But that brought to my attention our mortality and alerted me to the doomsayers that followed, a plethera of them. Remember James Jones? And then there were that group that were going to hitch a ride on a spaceship hiding behind the moon, all they had do do was cover their face and commit suicide. And How bout Y2K? Can you imagindethe amount of money that changed hands in prep for that. And Al Gore’s score over “Global Warmeng”..
    Still waiting for the hysteria to over flow on 2012.

  22. i think the 2012 ateriod theory is a load of rubbish i have looked all over the web for the evidence to prove this profesy but all it keeps coming down to is religeon people have there belifes but if such a thing ever happens we won,t know about it cause with the technology we have got i would be near inpossible to stop a object of that size i think people need to think a little more if there was such a thing heading for us we would,nt know because it would be keeped quiet because of world wide panic which would get us know where i have always said when the time comes it comes there is nothing we can do about it nothing last forever rs

  23. Indeed. I agree with you. But there is one thing i have to ask. This isnt SCIENCE what your writing. Well it is, But who cares about this Stupid, Fake, Theory about, “OH ITS TEH MAGICAL DOOMSDAY OF THE FLYING SPAGETTI MONSTER, EVERYONE RUN!” No. The 2012 End of the World Theory is Fake. Why does everyone, Or anyone, get worried about such Flimsy ness. FOR THE LAST TIME. THE END OF THE WORLD IN 2012 IS NOT REAL, 100% Fake, And earths got a few million of years to go, Well the Human race. So yeah, Peace out 😛

  24. This article is science based, albeit round-about. It is showing the power science has to disprove these poor, misguided souls who believe every far-fetched pseudo-theory of mass destruction. although sometimes I think that exactly what this planet needs is to wipe the slate clean.

  25. How long would it take for an icy body to get a few gravity assists from other icy bodies and neptune/uranus/jupiter to make it into the inner solar system?

    It seems like for most of these ort/hills cloud comets due to their methane/ammonia composition a giant-ass laser could deflect or evaporate them just fine. You could make it like, solar powered. =D

  26. So 2012 was chosen because that’s when the Mayan calendar ends, yea?

    Well my Dallas Cowboys wall calendar ends December 31, 2008!!!


  27. Yea so I agree no comet is likely to strike us in 2012. However, I recently saw a special on the National Geographic channel talking about the magnetic poles being reversed. According to the special, this has happened about 1000 times since our planet has been around (according to studies of magnetors or whatever they are called in lava formations). They have put together models which show that the magnetic field of earth will be greatly reduced around the time of this flip of the magnetic north and magnetic south. From studies of magnetic fluctuations over the last 300 or so years, they have found that a magnetic anomaly has formed near the south pole (compasses would act the opposite in these areas). Now, they have not determined when the magnetic flip is going to happen, but these anomalies tend to become more prevalent closer to the flip.

    Around 2012 / 2013 I have also read that we will be in the midst of the approximate solar maximum of the solar cycle, which means more solar flares, and therefore more radiation in bursts from the sun. Maybe all it means is more beautiful auroras close to the poles. I have no motives financially or politically by proposing this idea, just wanted to throw it out there as an idea to ponder, not get hysterical over, nor to claim we are indeed on the brink of total devastation. Maybe someone else has more insight into this phenomenon scientifically.

  28. Look there is even no scientific relationship between 21/12/2012 and the Mayan calendar. It surprises me that most sites claim that it will end on 21 December 2012 but so little people know that there is no scientific basis that this date happens to coincide with the Mayan calendar.

    There is a 700 year potential period when the Mayan calendar ends. Look at the positions of the Moon and planets at that day. If Mayans would have been a very sloppy astronomers if that day would mean the end.

    My opinion is that someone took a date with a cool number close within our lifetime and then started to create evidence to support this believe.

    Reality is that the calendar might already have ended or we still have to wait another 500 years for it to end.

    Yes that calendar will wrap around, but no one knows WHEN that wrapping will happen in OUR time calculation.

    We have no scientific match between the Mayan and our current calendar. And I doubt that the Mayans would have predicted our calendar and mapped theirs on ours so that I end on a data like this: 21/12/2012 It is just a guess!

  29. Ok for those that still think that Google sky has some conspiracy just go out your door, take some binoculars and look for yourself that there is nothing special out there. If you still doubt the vision of your binoculars, then get a telescope to watch that part. And if you still believe that you cannot see it in visible light then go to a website like http://www.global-rent-a-scope.com and use a professional INFRARED and other wavelength filters to take snapshots yourself of that part of the sky.
    Don’t believe those conspiracy sites, just check out yourself by going outdoors and look with your own eyes!!!! If you dare, because you will feel awful stupid now that you start to realize that none of the Mayan and Nibiru is true!

    Pure snake oil to make stupid people buy books and products that makes those hoaxers rich while letting you behind with an awful stupid feeling that none of this was true and that you just believed crooks trying to get you into a religious sect or get your money.

  30. I think somebody out there doesn’t understand what proof really is when it comes to either the law or the sciences. What are they teaching kids in school these days, anyway? This is an inalienable part of the 2012 movement: lots of people who don’t know what science really is, what proof is, what legitimate theories are and aren’t, what scientific models are, and why scientists do things this way . . . and don’t care. All they know is what feels good, which is what they embrace. Question: Why does the end of the world feel so good to so many people?

  31. Look, a doomsday object doesn’t have to be even vaguely related to our solar system. Could be junk thrown off of a supernova 5 billion years ago. Stop thinking of our solar system as the centre of the universe. It’s not remarkable and most likely neither are we.

  32. One thing that gets me when it comes to these end-of-the-world/giant-conspiracy panics is that if the doomcriers are correct, then there is *nothing anyone can do to keep it from happening*. Nothing whatsoever. If, on the other hand, they are wrong, there is nothing anyone *need* do to keep it from happening. In either case, then, there’s absolutely no point in getting all excited about it and running around like chickens with their heads cut off, because it will change nothing — except, possibly, the social relationships the panickers have with their panicking brethren and the non-panicking public. Which tells you what this is *really* all about: an excuse to become a member of a movement that demands that you become EXCITED on a permanent basis about something that is at best nebulous, and in any event is impossible to verify. Getting into a long-term high-wired emotional state is just membership dues in such a group. In short, this has nothing to do with objective reality, and everything to do with subjective ande social reality.

  33. Maybe when the Mayans were making the calender, when they got to 2012, they ran out of papyrus……

  34. This ‘end of the world’ junk has been going on for hundreds, thousands of years. Was there not ‘an end to the world in 1939 or so where thousands if not 10s of thousands sold everything they had then buried themselfs in their backyard ‘hole in the ground’ after a few days, they said everything is still the same-this was in the midwest and I don’t know what ‘messiah’ told them this. The Y2K and other junk I laugh at. Every century a city destoying meteor, whether a ‘chip’ off a comet or asteroid will hit the earth, but the earth is big. However, sooner or later, perhaps if the human race is still around 5 BILLION years from now, then the earth will be destroyed when the Sun goes thru its ‘old age’ expansion and sterilize all life on earth

  35. The whole 2012 disaster idea is utter rubbish. With all the satellites and gear in place around Earth, you’d think we ought to be sure at least about the next day weather report, but even that fails many times. How in God’s name could those primitive Mayans predict a cosmic event of such magnitude and narrow it up to ONE day ? That’s just silly.

    The direction we’re headed nowadays makes me sick. Internet enables us to communicate, but it’s also a great environment for these conspiracy type of people that couldn’t have rallied so much support otherwise.

    How can they put so much faith in religion and some ancient writings is beyond me. What the hell has religion ever done for you ? Did it automagically remove your appendix when you were ill ? No, you went to a doctor for that. Did it put you on the Moon ? No, wait, science and intelligence has done that. And IT HAS done that, even though so many little minded people claim otherwise.

    EVERY progress we’ve ever made has been science-driven. People have to realize that and stop acting like Stone Age loonies who turned to mysticism whenever something boggles their tiny minds. I like to think we’re past that point in human evolution.

    And about the 5 billion years and the Sun… People, we’d be gone long before that. In only one billion years, the Sun will get too hot for life on Earth to exist. Still, it’s one BILLION years. Most don’t seem to realize the meaning of that. One billion years in the past means 935 million years before the Cretaceous, when the dinosaurs became extinct.

    We can’t possibly hope to be around in even two or three hundred years, considering the rate at which we poison this planet and the overpopulation rates. That is unless we wise up and stop waiting for some cosming event to wipe us out or some alien force to magically save us from our own impending doom.

  36. Olaf Says:
    “Look there is even no scientific relationship between 21/12/2012 and the Mayan calendar.”

    That’s not true. There are a couple of possible “correlations” to within a few days (three days, I seem to remember) of each other.
    The Maya Long Count calendar is arbitrary. 21st December 2012 is a significant date in astronomy, and for farming people: the days are beginning to get longer. So, it is the likely correct date… allowing perhaps for the 19th or the 23rd, due to the lack of refined astronomy tools.


    paul Says:
    “Correct me if i am wrong,i think the mayan calendar ended when the last mayan died.”

    According to statistics published by different researchers of such issues, there are about 6 million Maya alive today. I’m and “Indians Fan”, and I correspond with two of them. They are a proud people, proud of thousands of years of recorded history, proud of having survived the European invasion, and of having been instrumental in helping to win independence for Mexico.

    The Maya like to claim that there are a lot more than 6 million of them – up to 20 million. Apparently, in some countries (e.g. Belize), the Maya are discriminated against, and many of them hide their ethnic identity – like many Jewish people in early 20th century Europe.


    I know of no Maya lore about an End of the World prophecy which ties in with the end of the current Long Count Calendar cycle.
    I know of several inscriptions in stone, which contain instructions about what to do on certain dates AFTER the alleged end of the World.
    Most famously and extremely:
    The Maya also use another calendar, the “Calendar Round”, which repeats in cycles of 52 years.
    Chief Pacal of Palenque (26 March 603 – 31 August 683) wanted the 80th “Calendar Round Anniversary” of his accession celebrated in a BIG way, and to make sure nobody forgot, he had the date and instructions inscribed on a plaque: October 21st, 4772.
    Amazing, one of the most powerful, most influential, wealthiest men of the time, revered as a relative of a God, didn’t know the World was going to end long before then.

    (BTW: Pacal is the guy flying the “Space Craft” in the famous illustration in von Daeniken’s infamous book “Chariots Of The Gods”…)

  37. bse5150: Did you actually read the article? [bse] Bovine Spongieform Encephalopathy aka Mad Cow Disease

  38. “That’s not true. There are a couple of possible “correlations” to within a few days (three days, I seem to remember) of each other.”

    No it is not, there are at least 22 possible dates, The start is between 438,906 Julian and 774,078 Julian. 12/21/2012 is just a guess! No scientific basis at all.


    ” 21st December 2012 is a significant date in astronomy, and for farming people: the days are beginning to get longer”

    So is 21st December 2008, 21st December 2009, 21st December 2010, 21st December 2011, 21st December 2012…

  39. I tend to agree with the comment above that said that this sort of thing should be kept off Universe Today.

    But seeing as it is here, here’s my bit …

    What ffew seem to mention is the cultural imperialism inherent in this phenomenon. There is still a living Mayan Religion in central America and Mexico to this day. It can only probably be fully understood if you live with the people who practice it. But it is taken up by some people as if they understand it. Have some respect for the native people who practice the Mayan Religion.

  40. Yael Dragwyla Says:
    December 23rd, 2008 at 12:08 am

    Question: Why does the end of the world feel so good to so many people?
    Reply to Yael:
    I would guess that it comes from the desire to be special. Believing that the “End is nigh” and that they will be here for it gives them that feeling – nevermind that they could be hit by a bus tomorrow. Or it could be more of a lack of understanding about modern science and technology. Don’t forget that there are a number of people out there that didn’t get the same education in science that we did. To give an anology, how many people on here remember how older people couldn’t set the time on their VCRs or how some older people thought “those new fangled computers are ruining peoples ability to add and subtract” when they were were installed in stores? Those of us who grew up with the science and technology naturally adjusted to it while older people had a harder time grasping it’s true potential or how to use it. Technology and science are changing at an ever increasing rate and anyone who hasn’t keep up with it may not understand why “Nibiru” can’t possibly exist and get here by 2012 to destroy the world.

  41. Tomkaten,

    I’m sick of people like you belittling those who have faith in religion. You make religion out to be something of a farce that doesn’t warrant belief along with your other point (that I agree with) that some people “use” religious rhetoric or mythology to advance some sort of conspiracy theory. However, you go way too far. People who have faith are by no means “little minded” people. Perhaps a little-minded person is one who makes such a blanket statement about all people of faith.

    Speaking of faith, I believe SCIENCE also includes a bit of faith as well. We have FAITH that SCIENTIFIC theories are correct, but there is no absolute guaranty that they are. For instance, look at Newton’s theory of gravity. It was “wrong.” Then along came Einstein, revolutionizing the theory. But some now say he may be “wrong” too, advancing more intricate theories of “everything.” Although SCIENCE may be PRACTICAL in its application (getting us to the moon, helping feed millions through agricultural advances), it does by no means impose a monopoly upon us regarding faith.

    To make a long point short, to belittle an entire class of people who look to religion for enlightenment to make a point is rude and little-minded in itself. Although such people may make easier targets than others in the scientific community, I assure you religious people are anything BUT “little-minded.”

  42. ” We have FAITH that SCIENTIFIC theories are correct, but there is no absolute guaranty that they are.”

    You mean we ASSUME that theories are correct untill we discover that we have a better model.

    Newton’s gravity is not wrong, the model is still used for our solar exploration, but it is too limited for near-light-speed or very strong gravity situations.

  43. another fantastic article! my problem with the planet x idea is that if the thing is as big as jupiter and BRIGHT RED and is hurdling throught space couldent any dolt with a telescope on ther porch (like me) be able to spot it?

    also i think you should do an article about this “galactic alighnment” load.

  44. “To make a long point short, to belittle an entire class of people who look to religion for enlightenment to make a point is rude and little-minded in itself. Although such people may make easier targets than others in the scientific community, I assure you religious people are anything BUT “little-minded.”

    Chris, I think I see the point you are trying to make here but I have some issues with it. I lived in the US for 2 years and as an athiest I was very challenged to fit in and make friends with other people and felt pressured to hide my lack of ‘beief’. In the vast majority of media forms, it is the other way around when it comes to bashing or alienating people’s position on these matters.

    As far as looking to religion for enlightenment, the key factor attracting people to religion as far as I could tell was the social factor, which any socialologist will tell you is a predominant driver in hominids like us. I really whonder how many people would still be’religous’ if it was done in secrecy by themselves.


  45. “my problem with the planet x idea is that if the thing is as big as jupiter and BRIGHT RED and is hurdling throught space couldent any dolt with a telescope on ther porch (like me) be able to spot it?”

    You would see it with your naked eye by now if it wants to be here on time. It would be the distance of Saturn now.

  46. “also i think you should do an article about this “galactic alighnment” load.”

    Just take anny astronomy program and see for yourself that this Galactic alignment happens every year. Nothing new. It shifts slightly every year but has been there for the last couple of hunderd years on the 21th and will be there too in the next 100 year.

  47. Chris…

    Please read again what I said. “Did it put you on the Moon ? No, wait, science and intelligence has done that. And IT HAS done that, even though so many little minded people claim otherwise.” I was referring to the conspiracy loonies who’re denying that one of us ever walked on a celestial body other then Earth. And they are loonies with too much time on their hands, trust me on that one.

    You have every right to be annoyed by my comments, just as I have every right to express them. You probably live in a nice community, where science has its place and religion is pretty straightforward.

    Well, try going to a third-world country and living in a village there for a week or so, and then come back and tell me that we’re all living in the 21 century. I’m sick of that ignorance as well.

    I’m sorry to have ever mentioned the world “religion”, but the facts remain… Science does everything to provide all the little things we take for granted, while religion sends people knocking on your door at Christmas time, begging for money.

    I didn’t come here to express my opinions hoping to find a sympathetic crowd and bash religion. If you express your opinions on a scientific site, you’re accused of looking for fellow bashers. If you do that on a religion-oriented site, you’re a troll from the get-go.

    I’m as sick of these conspiracies as you are of my comments, trust me 🙂

  48. The Mayan Calendar is not the only calendar pointing to this date. Many ancient calendars around the world point to this same period including the Chinese(I Ching) and the Egyptians. Many believe the event is a geomagnetic reversal. We know that the earths magnetic field has reversed its orientation tens of thousands of times in the past at a rate of about 11,500 to 12,000 years.
    The present strong deterioration we are currently exprienceing corresponds to a 10–15% decline over the last 150 years and has accelerated in the past several years. Geomagnetic intensity has declined almost continuously from a maximum 35% above the modern value achieved approximately 2000 years ago. When it becomes too weak it will cause the dipole field to temporarily collapse. Some belive the South Atlantic Anomaly and the fact that Earth’s magnetic north pole is drifting from northern Canada towards Siberia at a rate of 10km per year(at the beginning of the 20th century, up to 40km per year in 2003) are examples of this weakening.
    In ancient times religion and science were one in the same. Above are what we call Science Facts but we may all be praying when we find out what our ancestors where trying to tell us. Or it could just be that these ancient scientist calculated the “precession of the equinoxes” which takes 25,800 years to complete one cycle and 2012 is the end/beginning of the next cycle(seeing how the date is an equinox).

  49. ~~~~~~~~~~
    tomkaten Says:
    December 23rd, 2008 at 2:22 am
    With all the satellites and gear in place around Earth, you’d think we ought to be sure at least about the next day weather report, but even that fails many times.

    I feel like the only person who understands meteorologists. I’m probably the only person outside of meteorology who understands that what the weather is predicted to do is not 100% guaranteed. Take some time out of your life to read how weather patterns change, how winds can change direction with little notice. Alot of the weather that we get around the world can be changed by a few degrees of change, in either temperature, wind direction and/or speed. The people who stand on the soap box proclaiming that weather people are morons really need to get a grip and watch doppler radar for all you need to know if you don’t want to listen to the meteorologists. To call them a joke is a joke.

  50. In response to Jessica,

    Do yourself a favour and go learn the scientific method, that may be harsh but just.

  51. without getting into all the conspiracy theories, I don’t see anything in the article that downplays the possibility of a comet. Unless technology has changed comets are next to imposible to detect until they create a tail. By that time they are within the orbits of jupiter which gives us no time to detect. Am I mistacken?

  52. DJ Barney, you nailed it!!! You say:

    “What few seem to mention is the cultural imperialism inherent in this phenomenon. There is still a living Mayan Religion in central America and Mexico to this day. It can only probably be fully understood if you live with the people who practice it.”

    I’m an “Indians Fan”, and I am corresponding with two Maya… and they’d get very browned off if I’d want to talk to them about 2012 Doomsday prophecies. There don’t seem to be any of those in their spiritual tradition.
    The first time they heard about Planet X, Nibiru, & Co. threatening Earth was on the Internet, at about the same time as I did.

    The most serious concern of their “Day Keepers” is:
    Should they continue the Long Count day numbering for the new cycle…
    …should they start a new count all together.

    Either way would have deep-reaching cultural implications, which I won’t even try to understand…

    “cultural imperialism” – I hadn’t heard this term, I’ll be using it a fair bit, I reckon.

    Did you see my earlier post in this thread?

    (btw, I find your Web page really cool…)

  53. I tend to agree that a magnetic pole reversal is 10,000 times more likely than a comet, planet x or brown dwarf crossing our path in 2012. Maybe if it doesn’t happen in 2012, it’ll happen sometime soon there-after. For all we know it may be regulating itself into alignment with the Earth’s true axis. Serious question here, do we actually have any knowlege of the last pole reversal? I remember seeing the pole reversal theory on a documentary on History Channel, but don’t recall if it mentioned a relatively recent reversal.

  54. Reversal of the Poles:

    With a year of computing on Pittsburgh’s CRAY C90, 2,000 hours of processing, Glatzmaier and collaborator Paul Roberts of UCLA took a big step toward some answers. Their numerical model of the electromagnetic, fluid dynamical processes of Earth’s interior reproduced key features of the magnetic field over more than 40,000 years of simulated time. To top it off, the computer-generated field reversed itself.


    At about 36,000 years into the simulation the magnetic field reversed its dipole polarity over a period of only 1200 years.

    So the answer is: The reversal is not intstant and takes about 1200 years! So no relationship with the Mayan calender at all!

  55. The earth’s magnetic poles have shifted and reversed many times, thanks to it’s own internal dynamics. No help needed from anything external. Nobody wants to talk about what happened before the last ice age? Read a book dude!

  56. “There is information embargo of mainstream science about last pole shift 11,5 thousands years ago.”

    Please specify what you mean.
    The last complete pole shift was 700,000 ago, not 11,500.

    What do you mean with pole shift?

  57. every couple of years, a ‘prophet’ says the world will end-and the gullibles who believes the garbage have NO answer why the world didn’t end then when questioned by the non=believers a day or 2 after day zero!!!!!!
    People who believe Nostradamus don’t point to the 99% failure rate of his predictions or the ‘end of the earth or peoples that did not happened!!! That so call 1% ‘sucess’ rate like WW1,WW2 could have been predicted by anyone who could have taken the time to publish such a book .On the summer of 2012, I will be searching for ‘believers’ of the end of the Earth who will sell all their fine household goods, jewelry and give them 1% of their true value unless they give it away!!! By the spring of 2013, I will be very rich, while the ‘believers’ will try to search for the reason why the end did not happened and be dead broke!!! I posted earlier and said all life on Earth will be finished due to ‘old age’ expansion of the Sun which is a normal thing for a type G star like the Sun, and thank Tomkaten for saying the Sun will heat up so much in 1 BILLION years give or take a few hundred MILLION years that the human race will be finished. It is difficult for people to realize a MILLION years is a long time, but a BILLION years is 1000 times longer!!! I don’t know what shape the human race will be in 1000 years, again, this is 1000 SMALLER than a MILLION years!! Unless the human race can take care of its own problems and try to take care of Earths resources, the human race 1000 years from now could retrograde back to nomadic hunters,with just 5% of the present population left.;it does not require a ‘prophet’ to predict this.!!!!! So called ‘rogue’ comets or asteroids do not follow human timetables nor cares about it, it is just following simple laws of physics -it is true every 100 years or so, the Earth will be hit by a city destoying ‘chip’ off a comet or asteroid, perhaps every 100,000 years the Earth will be hit by a small comet or asteroid destroying and killing everything in an area as big as Texas or the Nations of France or Ukraine, but remember, the Earth is big!!! Again,, these ‘rogue’ comets or asteroids do NOT follow human timetabales !!!!

  58. Couldn’t agree more Robby. Same thing with everyone crunching numbers wondering why the Sun hasn’t switched into it’s next phase. It’s going to when it damn well wants to. Our time tables and phase limits were set most likely on 100 years of study give or take a few years. What we’ve studied in that amount of time could have been the active time – it could have been the weak time. Who really knows? The Sun is a giant ball of hydrogen undergoing enormous amounts of nuclear fusion – can you really put a time table on something that chaotic? Seriously, think about it folks. We have only scratched the surface of understanding how the cosmos and even our own Solar System works.

  59. this article sucks, plain and simple. it’s written as if the intended reader is in kindergarten.

    don’t waste the readers’ time debunking the stupid stuff, planet nibiru, etc., but give some real scientific analysis into the true dangers of NEO’s already out there, and the very real likelihood that more can be discovered at any time. no mention of asteroids from the direction of the sun, etc.

    hence why i don’t subscribe to this rag masking as true scientific analysis.

  60. The mention of NEO or asteroids or comets with near zero albedo from the direction of the sun, is well known by Astronomers and has been addressed to major world governments to launch satellites in various positions of the earth-moon L4-L5 orbits so it would be possible to clear up the issue of being ‘ blind sided or asteroids or comets from the direction of the sun’ problem. These sateillites will eventually be launched and postioned into the L4-L5 areas . Back to the theme of this feed, I stand by my position that comets or asteroids do not follow human timetables and for the followers who believe ‘doomsday’, I say fine, because I will
    profit from their fears and be very rich by the spring of 2013.

  61. When 2012 is over and people are sill alive on earth the Doomsday freaks will use February 20, 2020 as the next date for doomsday.

  62. Yes it is sad for those that believe this. They will be ripped of again and again..

    I am wondering how many people are now actually do stupid stuff and lose money on croocks because they believe in a few years all is gone and those crooks plays the game along.

  63. Pavel. It seems your calculations are the only ones that predict ‘something’ coming into the inner solar system. Certainly no scientist has predicted this. What do you have that they don’t? I think you should share this info.

  64. For every location you point out that has flooded there are tens of thousands of coastal areas, ports etc that HAVEN’T been flooded. Deary, deary me.

  65. Can you please provide us a link to that “results of Los Alamos cosmic ray survay results” so we can see what it has to do with tidal effects?

  66. The belief in the 2012 Doomsday prophecy is just clear evidence of the decline of western civilization.

  67. You’re right on the money Marcellus. Any mad-eyed story, any half-arsed theory and the lunatics seize and run with it never caring to use scientific reasoning to examine it. If it clicks with their mad view of the world and portends doom and gloom they are SO happy.

  68. I whish that those 2012 proponents actually did some research and come up with a theory that really could be true! And not some theory that gets debunked by just checking it outside their own little world of conspiracies and youtube videos.

    Just look at the dark path of Google, how stupid theory can that be, because it justs gets debunkend by taking your binoculars and go out and watch it yourself.

    Or the Nibiru only visible at the south pole, just check a planetary program and discover that this only could be true if a object hovers about 100 km above the pole.

    The same for crossing the galactic equator, it will take 30.000 years before the black hole out there discovers that we are crossing that galacti plane…

  69. Glad you posted this article. I hope you finish your other article bc I tried to explain why most of those crappy books that talk about 2012 are false. I even use the Mayan calendar and explain it, but people don’t believe me bc I don’t write articles or have written a book.

  70. It would be interesting to have an article of how the Mayan calender are tried to be mapped to our own calendar en why there are at least 22 possible dates spanning between 200 years ago and 500 years in the future that the calender could have ended.

  71. Can any body tell me where to look in the night sky to find the so call . “planet X”



  72. Well I did do some research to see if a planet X could be true and where would it be now and so far if a planet X is coming and be here on the right time, it should be right now around this location:

    Ra(J2000) 17h 58.757m
    Dec(J2000) -50°5.390′

    Distance to the sun is now 12.99AU
    That is just a wee bit further than the average distance of saturn: 9.582 017 20 AU

    The only problem is that no planets in our solar system shows any sign of gravitational shifts of that planet X, and the other problem is that nothing is seen at that location.

  73. ¿Google Sky anomaly?
    Well Google is not the only one and not the best, just use:

    and put 5h 54m 00s, -6° 00′ 00″ and you get this frame of space whit a good optical resolution, and there is no Nibiru there. 🙂

  74. Seriously folks,

    If a comet was going to strike the Earth you actually think the Government Leaders will tell us?

    Especially if there was no way to stop it. Let’s say there is one out there. And they feel reasonably sure they can’t stop it. Let’s also say its about 5 years out.

    They would never ever tell us until the elite people of the world are safe and the peons like us are left to fend for ourselves.

  75. “In conclusion, the Google Anomaly is in fact missing data, pure and simple. There’s no comet there, and simply because there is missing data does not prove the existence of anything sinister.”

    Well…it’s seems to me that if there was NOT anything to hide or cover up…why erase that particular area?? How the hell do YOU know if there is anything in that area or not if the data from that area is missing?? Sounds like somebody needs to do IN-DEPTH research before they open their mouths and publish the crap that comes out.

  76. I am a science nut, that being said, I have watched tons of these shows stating end of time, comet impacts, mega volcano, galactic alignments, black holes, ect. Life is a gamble, live with it. As for comets, its fact that we could not see it till its really close, like near the outer planets anyway. The only one that I would be worried about would be a Gamma ray burst which you couldn’t see coming anyway. And even if anything would happen, where in the hell do you think you are going to go???? So unless TWA has flights to Mars in the next 3 years, you are toast or so rich that you can afford some top secret spaceship to get you off the planet until everything settles. Stick to spending time how to cure the common cold.

  77. We were warned, but no one would listen!

    This is how the world will end, starting with December 21st, 2012. We will pass through “Transition;” a 26,000 year cycle which will cause our Sun to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic. This will be a colossal global convergence, resulting in total environmental destruction, social chaos, starvation, war and massive catastrophic changes to our planet. In the beginning, the Earth will undergo a sudden magnetic field shift, reversing the polarity of Earth. This shock will cause a chain reaction of cataclysmic events; beginning with huge tsunami’s washing many miles inland, as the mantle plates suddenly adjust to this enormous magnetic change. Then thousands of earthquakes around the planet will cause hundreds of volcanoes and calderas to erupt simultaneously, belching clouds of poisonous gas into the atmosphere, causing total darkness around the globe. This darkness and the resulting winter will last for decades, killing all life on this planet. Nothing will survive and nothing can prevent these events from occurring. Our Earth is doomed! Had we been wise enough to colonized the solar system sooner, we may have survived this terrible event, but we have been sidetracked by lesser Earthly problems and there shall be no second chance for humans.

    Dooms Day-12/21/2012
    I-Ching Chart/Calendar
    Mayan Calendar
    Merlin’s Prophesy
    Edgar Cayce
    Book of Revelations Prophesy

  78. Ian O’neill,
    I found this article to be very intriguing It answer a lot of questions for me and told me not to be worried it gave me “hope” although I still can’t get past thinking something bad is going to happen

  79. Everything I have just read is extremely interesting and many points sound logical.What I disagree with and made me also laugh a lot is the theory about the Byble codes in which the word “Comet 2012” is supposed to have been found.Please!!!!!!!In that time people (including the ones who wrote the Byble) didn’t even know what a comet was(at least they could have talked about a star,surely not a comet).Additionally the earth was supposed to be flat or something else but the current astrological awareness didn’t exist at all.

  80. I really hope the Earth is destroyed on said date.Then all arguments will cease and we’ll all realise there’s no such thing as death…..

  81. My impression is that most objects that do fly near and hit the earth are small in size, and could not create the damage predicted. Several things are hot and have a tail, like a comet:

    ICBM missle,

    solar flare (next peak -solar cycle 24 is 2012)

    What is predicted will make the waters bitter, and undrinkable…so what would that be?

  82. panishment god loves us i dont know about you so he is not willing to kill us all at once but to take us one by one, we believe in him next time try to talk about something got to do with god???

  83. Good article, Ian. I don’t believe in that 2012 dommsday bunk. But isn’t it possible for an asteroid to get bumped out of orbit in the Keiper Belt or a comet from the Oort cloud to come from the other side of the sun and collide with the earth? Just wondering.

  84. if something is gonna hit us something is gonna hit there is no 1 and 1million chance for any thing

  85. much much appreciateble. The Most satisfactory point is that v must take our telescopes out and look in the Orion’s constellation if v r not satisfied.

  86. ” But isn’t it possible for an asteroid to get bumped out of orbit in the Keiper Belt or a comet from the Oort cloud to come from the other side of the sun and collide with the earth?”

    Yes that could happen, but first of all any big enough object that can do real harm on Earth will be visible years before it hits the Earth?

    Also you should try a gravity simulator and you will soon discover that it is damned nearly impossible to make an object hit Earth even if you want to on purpose.

    Objects will fly in some kind of orbit, but this orbit is clearly defined by the laws of physics so in order to Hit Earth it must be in a very precise orbit with a very precise speed. An error of 0.0001% means it misses Earth! Unless the object has some kind of rocket strapped to it for course correction.

  87. Also an object can not suddenly appear from the back of the Sun and crash into Earth without notice.

    In order to have an object coming from the Oort cloud collide with Earth then it probably has a speed of about 40k/s, Earth has about 30 km/s to orbit the Sun.

    The effect of gravity is not only strength but also duration, a slow moving object will more likely gets attracted to Earth than a fast moving. So we have here again, either it is so fast that it has no chance of getting attracted by Earth or it is so slow that we see it coming years in advance. And then we have rotated multiple times around the sun.

    2012 is only valid if you just believe it blindly but once you actually check your facts with calculations and a program like Starry night, you soon discover it is all bullshit! And I mean ALL of the 2012 stuff!

  88. Oh I forgot one think about an object coming from the Oort cloud to hit us. Again you should use such a gravity simulator and actually try to have an object changing orbit using the mass of an other object.

    It is very very hard to change an orbit coming from the Oort cloud that actually comes near Earth. It is even hard to get it close enough to come near Pluto.

  89. Oops correction, with near Pluto and near Earth mean within, coming close enough to the sun that it actually crosses the orbit of Pluto and the orbit of the Earth.

    An object distrurbed on the Oort cloud or anywhere in the solar system will orbit the sun. So it has to cross Earths orbit or get very near Earths orbit to actually have some effect.

  90. Instead of Chuck Norris kicking the Earth into the sun (or even the Earth’s ‘head’) maybe we could launch him into space to intecept any approaching masses to kick them into the sun…go Chuck!!!

  91. Im 15 years old am im so afraid of this nibiru thing what will really happen could you tell me

  92. Yes we will all die and it will suck but its life and thats how it works. To live is to Die

  93. You people are ridiculous. He plainly states that there is not going to be anything. As he also said, with the amount of amateur astronomers, we would have heard something about it already. Even if there is something out there and is going to hit earth in the year 2012, it will have to be moving at great speeds to not be able to spot it yet. I mean come on, we are able to see galaxies many light years away but we can not see an asteroid? Yes i understand there is a huge size difference in the two but even so, the meteor, comet, planet x, whatever it is, would have to be moving at great speeds near the speed of light so we wouldn’t be able to even see it before it hit. And for something to cause something at that size to move that fast, we would have been able to see the cause of this. This would be like an explosion or something. If earth’s expiration date is in 2012, it will almost have to be something inside out own solar system. There is obviously no way around whatever is going to happen so how about we start worrying about the problems we have on earth now and stop forecasting the end of the earth.

  94. I agree with ZombuieMartin, Just because some one discovered some “Code” doesnt mean the world is gonna end. And just because the Mayan Calender ended on 2012 doesn’t mean anything either, its just where it stops, there’s NOTHING more to it.

    So stop worrying 🙂

  95. I am reading and watching how people react to the smallest bit of information and as i can see this is more to do with profits than any thing else because if i said i was Dr. Jhon Black with a doctorate in astronomy and said there is a planet with a life form as complex as alge and it has been discoverd on mars how would you know, you dont know and you probaly wouldnt understand even if i (as a specialist in astromomy and new life) explained it all you would do would be like cool new life form or you would start woring about stupid possbilitys then some guy with a hipifany would be all like they will come and take over us so bomb mars and so on…………. and thats where we are now thinking about some idea or misinterpretation on the false ideas of some guy on acid. also girls are most active and want to have sex in the morning than at any other time ….. do YOU Belive me i could be some random guy on acid you can make sentances that make sence or so guy with a doctorate. Dont fuss over the inevitable live life have kids be young.

  96. umm the mayans couldn’t event stuff so I don’t think they can predict the end of the world

  97. The calender in my telephone ends in the year 2069.
    I’M TELLING YOU… If we’re not dead by 2012 something horrible is going to happen 31st of December year 2069 :(.

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