Google Founders Buy Fighter Jet… to Help NASA

[/caption]A company owned by Google’s founders has just bought a 1982 light attack Dornier Alpha Jet. H211 LLC owns several aircraft that are frequently used by Google Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin and in an “unusual” agreement signed last year, H211 managed to get the rights to operate from an airstrip ten minutes away from Google HQ near the south end of San Francisco Bay, California. This isn’t any ordinary airstrip, it is Moffett Field, owned by the NASA Ames Research Center…

Not just anyone can land their private jet at Moffett Field. Located right next to Silicon Valley, it has had a lot of interest from the hi-tech billionaires to get permission to fly in and out of there. But there’s a problem, Moffett Field isn’t an ordinary airstrip, it is owned by NASA. NASA is a government department and with that comes certain rules. Unless the aircraft has a direct relationship with the NASA research being carried out, or a military flight, you’ll have to find somewhere else to land. So whether you’re Bill Gates or Queen Elizabeth — unless you need to land in an emergency — you cannot use the airstrip, unless you’re carrying out NASA business.

But, in an agreement that was described as a “win-win” situation for NASA, on July 31st, 2007 Ken Ambrose, Vice President of H211, signed a lease contract to park four aircraft at Moffett Field. These passenger aircraft included a Boeing 757, Boeing 767 and two Gulfstream Vs, regularly used by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to conduct business for H211 and Google (although both companies are separate entities). So how did they do this?

In exchange for use of the NASA site, H211 agreed that NASA could use its aircraft for scientific research (thereby helping NASA out with certain experiments in the fields of atmospheric chemistry, ozone depletion and wildfire monitoring), plus the cool sum of $1.3 million/year in rent.

But there was a problem, in order for NASA to use the fleet of four aircraft, it has to modify them. Each modification would require new certifications from the Federal Aviation Administration as the aircraft are passenger planes. This has been the main stumbling block, possibly causing Page and Brin to lose their aircraft parking spot.

So, H211 has bought a military aircraft to get around the FAA problem and still deliver on its promise for NASA to use its aircraft. The 26 year-old German-built light attack Dornier Alpha Jet can be modified by NASA, so it is currently being made ready for civilian use in Seattle before experiments can be carried out.

The Alpha Jet they are bringing on board is considered an experimental aircraft, so we don’t have the same issues as with a passenger plane,” said Steve Zornetzer, associate director of the NASA Ames Research Center.

The Google executives flights account for less than 1% of the annual air traffic at Moffett Field. 88 flights out of approximately 19,000 of the last year’s flights were for Google business.

Or alternatively, Google is planning a (very) hostile takeover of Microsoft

Sources: NY Times, SF Chronicle

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  1. It must be the ignorance of my partent language then. Oh yes, and my inept proof reading. Take this laptop away from me before I do any more damage!


    Corrections are now made, are you my English Literature teacher coming to haunt me?

  2. Google is truly the wackiest multi-billion dollar corporation out there. They have so much experimental stuff with no guarantee for return on their original investments. I like it.

  3. Where did they bring these aircraft ? One error (bRought instead of bought ) can be excused, but when this error is repeated it must be ignorance of your partent language or inept proofreading, in either case this is inexcusable. Your comments could help to clarify this state of affairs

  4. HA!

    Let me get this straight – Ian writes a story with hundreds of words and messes up a couple. Not to mention that he writes these articles on a regular basis and doesn’t tend to stuff up very often. Allan writes a total of about fifty words and stuffs up twice – one in a pedantic rant about spelling mistakes in the original article and then again in an apology for stuffing up in the original pedantic rant! And all of this written in an auto-spell checking comment box!!

    Nice one Allan – may I suggest that you at least change your user name if you post again… People may not take comments posted under ‘Allan’ too seriously for a while…

    P.S – You’ve made my day. That was great…

  5. To help NASA…do you really believe that? If they really wanted to help NASA, why not just give a few million dollars to NASA, or perhaps their usual tactic of donating a million in AdWords credits. I am not impressed–though I wish I had my own fighter jet.

  6. I am an elderly Australian with a great love of things American,particularly Google….GO GOOGLE and good onya.

  7. papa ese avion es argentino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fue fabricado y diseñado en argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    que grandes…saludos

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  10. To that I say, “Ride on, time is money and who wants to fly in those stinky commercial planes anyway!”

  11. The mayor of New York said that “New York would act exactly the same as Israel”, when speaking about the Gaza situation. I didnot know that NYC had a strong military and weapons.
    Are these Google guys friends with the Mayor?

  12. They could be ready for the internet Big Bang!!!
    and this is a Contengency plan for that.

    it’s about time for the internet to fall once at least to correct what need to be corrected and demolish what’s needed and so on, also to acquire and monopoly banks……..etc……
    so, my little advice to all human “think about it Defensively and seriously to protect your self and the love ones.
    i’m sorry, i have to think this way but the USA not in any shape at all thus they will do whatever it takes to get out of this sequence under any price even if it will start the 3rd WW i hope not.
    and by the way did we forget lots of things? yes
    too bad the history doesn’t !!!. check the history… you will figure it in and out…
    i hope i’m wrong…..

  13. mayor of New York said that “New York would act exactly the same as Israel”, when speaking about the Gaza situation. I didnot know that NYC had a strong military and weapons.
    Are these Google g

  14. here is little structure to the events, apart from a brief hello from the organisers and a few words from the sponsors (approximately 5 minutes.) The events are dedicated to networking socially, doing business and enjoying yourself at the same time.

  15. So, H211 has bought a military aircraft to get around the FAA problem and still deliver on its promise for NASA to use its aircraft. The 26 year-old German-built light attack Dornier Alpha Jet can be modified by NASA, so it is currently being made ready for civilian use in Seattle before experiments can be carried out.

  16. Such men have too much money. What a total waste, but doubtless other men think this is a good idea. Big Boys’ toys. They must lack in other areas…

  17. Wot nonsense…more money than sense, as always. Why not give dough to charity? But then again, that’s not show-off enough! Poor little men..

  18. If you wish just send me one mail.
    So that i can be sure that you have receive my mail.

  19. And what crap do these other billionaires do while half the world livess below a poverty line and a quarter starve i wonder , hmm bugger all i geuss cos its always left to the working class who donate more to charities than anyone else …..

  20. Wow, I flew over 100 hours in this sort of aircraft.
    When I went through pilot training in 1988, no one in the US knew anything about “The AlphaJet”.

  21. Plenty of stuff in the boneyard of the USA to
    fly. They would look a little more typical to
    NASA civilians and retired military.
    Something in a nice F-14 or Crusader.
    Perhaps a Phantom USAF style with a back
    seat stick.
    More economical could be an F/16 trainer
    from Houston TX reserve squadron now
    waiting for a Predator.
    Dollars stay in the USA that way.
    Google is a happening place but now immune to layoffs.
    FLAT is the new UP in corporate life.
    This sounds more like UP CHUCK !

  22. This only Tells me one thing,

    if i was in his shoes, and if i had any insight to the worlds events, in the near future,

    or in the future period,

    i would buy myself a jet as well, ,

    in the case that the USA gets bombed by a nuke or something along those lines,

    i’d hop on Motorbike , go to my Jet, and off i go ,

  23. This device can travel for 1,750 miles at 620mph.
    Potentially being removed for civilian service:

    27 mm Mauser BK-27 cannon
    Matra rocket pods with 18× SNEB 68 mm rockets
    CRV7 rocket pods with 19× 70 mm rockets
    AIM-9 Sidewinders
    Matra Magic IIs
    AGM-65 Maverick
    Hunting BL755 cluster bombs

  24. The headline is misleading. The Alpha is no “fighter” jet. It is a light attack aircraft and nothing more.

    It couldn’t dogfight its way out of a wet paper bag.

  25. Even though there always seemed to be no way to make something happen, smart and wealthy people always find a way to struck a deal.

  26. Yes this sounds very good. A true patriot with sharp business acumen can do this. Cheers

  27. Brin and Page are the same two who two years ago spoke of wanting their company to go all green. They’re big supporters of Al Gore’s global warming crusade, but these morons still fly around in private jets. Clearly, these nitwits haven’t yet realized that flying first class commercial will add far less to their own personal carbon footprint. Who do they think they are, Al Gore?

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