Podcast: Electromagnetism


Our series on the basic forces of the cosmos continues! Last week we discussed gravity, and this we’ll handle electromagnetism. Electricity and magnetism are just two aspects of the same force, and you can’t talk about astronomy without understanding these two keys aspects of physics.

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Electromagnetism show notes.

3 Replies to “Podcast: Electromagnetism”

  1. Another great Astronomy Cast Ep! Thanks Pam and Frasier. You guys should do a question and answer show for a particular country. Only take question from the residence of that country. Have a different country each question show. You could start with Australia because it starts with the letter A, just an unbiased suggestion lol.

    Duran (Australia)

  2. The podcast gives several examples of “moving charges” producing magnetic fields in an astrophysical context, but not one example of an electric current or an electric field, a primary characteristic of astrophysical plasmas.

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