Star Formation is Active in the Galactic Suburbs

Astronomers have always assumed that the most active star formation was happening in the largest galaxy clusters, since they have the most activity. But a comprehensive new map of the Universe shows that it’s the galaxy clusters in the outskirts which are the most active with new star formation.

This new comprehensive survey extends out, mapping galaxy clusters between 6 and 9 billion light-years away. This included hundreds of clusters, and the massive superclusters, connected by webs of galaxies. They have even found the largest supercluster ever seen, which was present when the Universe was half its current age.

The big surprise was how many of the outlying galaxies, not in the heart of the superclusters, are actually the most active with star formation. Many of these galaxies are producing more than 100 new suns per year, with actively feeding central black holes.

Original Source: UC Davis News Release