Astrosphere for May 29, 2007

Time for another turn around the astrosphere.

I know I went on and on yesterday about how I’m not able to attend the International Space Development Conference. Well, I’m going to continue living vicariously through the attendees.

And the busiest of the bunch is Space Prizes. Here are a torrent of posts, including: X-Prize Cup details, Armadillo Aerospace, and an Automotive X-Prize (100 mpg cars anyone?).

One of my favourite sites is The Space Review. Each week they’ve got a handful of really interesting articles and opinion pieces about space exploration. Here’s an example from this week’s issue, how the CIA was monitoring the Soviet manned lunar program by Dwayne Day.

And finally, here’s a nice picture of the M57, the Ring Nebula, one of my favourite telescope targets. Thanks to Vern’s Weblog.