Astrosphere for May 28, 2007

It may be Memorial Day in the US, but it’s just a regular working day here in Canada. So, here’s today’s fine list of finds.

First, I’d like to point you towards the 5th Carnival of Space. It’s out of my hands this time, but I’ll be submitting an article. You should too.

If there was one conference I wish I could attend, it’s the International Space Development Conference going on in Houston. Unfortunately, I don’t pay me enough to attend conferences, but lots of people are there. I’ll just live vicariously through them.

Here’s a report from Spaceflight Sandbox.

More from ISDC, this time Space Liberates Us! is talking about Rick Tumlinson’s plans to create the sport of spacediving. That’s skydiving… but from space.

And Jeff Faust from Personal Spaceflight has news on Jim Benson’s new Dream Chaser spacecraft.

But that’s not the only conference I’m missing. This week is the American Astronomical Society’s meeting in Hawaii. Pamela Gay is there, and blogging all about it. Get ready for a hailing storm of space news.

Centauri Dreams is dreaming big.