Podcast: Advanced Propulsion Systems

Last week we talked about rockets. How they work and their limitations. This week we’re going to look at the future of propulsion systems. From the ion engines that are already working to explore the Solar System to the prototype solar sails to futuristic technologies like magnetic sails, and bussard ramjets. This is how we’ll travel to other stars.

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Advanced Propulsion System – Show notes and transcript

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One Reply to “Podcast: Advanced Propulsion Systems”

  1. “This is how we’ll travel to other stars.” Possible, but not likely, unless mankind discovers some heretofore unknown phenomenon that will allow faster than the speed of light travel. However, I suspect the best mankind will do, based on current physics, is possibly travel only a couple light-hours from earth and back. And it is doubtful it will be with a pipe-dream solar sail. How do I know? Simple! Where will the billions and billions of dollars come from to finance any kind trip to the edge of the solar system? What kind of return on investment can the government expect? Of course, this would be a wind-fall pork project if, in fact, such a cosmic trip was voted into reality. Otherwise, where is the rationale?

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