Solar System Screensaver

  • 3D Deep Space – this is one of the most popular Solar System screensavers out there. There are several separate versions, and you can buy a pack that contains all their different versions for about $50. There are demo versions of each product, but they’ve got nag screens and only work for a limited amount of time.
  • NASA’s Genesis Spacecraft – This screensaver comes from NASA and teaches you about the Genesis spacecraft, and shows the path it will take through the Solar System.
  • SOHO – NASA/ESA’s SOHO spacecraft captures images of the Sun. This screensaver lets you display the images on your computer desktop while you’re not using it. It works with PC, and they released a Mac version in 2008.
  • Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter – This screensaver displays images from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
  • Mars 2004 – This is NASA’s site for Mars 2004. Click on Multimedia, and then Screensavers. There are two different screensaver packs you can install.
  • ESA Scitech – The European Space Agency has its own screensaver software that delivers breaking news from the agency.

If you’re looking for more multimedia, check out these links on Universe Today for photographs of the Solar System and pictures of Pluto.

We have recorded a whole series of podcasts about the Solar System at Astronomy Cast. Check them out here.