Glow in the Dark Solar System

Now this is a cool project. You can buy a glow in the dark Solar System kit, and put the entire Solar System on your ceiling. When you turn off the lights, the Sun and the planets glow in the dark.

There are several sets available from

One kit is called Planets and Supernova, and it comes with 100 small, medium and large glow in the dark stars. It also has 9 planets for the Solar System (sshh, somebody tell them that Pluto isn’t a planet anymore).

Another set contains just the glow in the dark planets themselves. It’s pretty inexpensive, just $3.95 for the set.

And if you want a 3-dimensional version, check out this set. It’s got all the planets as well as stars. The largest planet is 4″ across.

Here’s a cool project that lets you build a Solar System model.

We have recorded a whole series of podcasts about the Solar System at Astronomy Cast. Check them out here.