Solar System Games


  • Solar System Simulator – It’s not really a game, but the Solar System simulator from NASA is one of the coolest online tools you’ll find. It lets you simulate the entire Solar System, so you can see what things look like from any planet, moon or spaceship. Very cool.
  • Solar System Jigsaw – This interactive tool from BBC lets you build jigsaw puzzles on the Internet of the Solar System. You can make them more difficult or easy.
  • Solar System Games – Windows on the Universe has a whole system of Solar System games you can try out. Some are built in Java, and others are programmed in Macromedia Flash, so you might need to install plugins to make them work.
  • Science@NASA – NASA’s science website for kids has a series of games you can play online. You can explore Mars, or compare the size of planets.
  • NASA Space Place – NASA has many sites for kids, and most of these have online games you can play. This Solar System game lets you see how well you know your moons and planets.
  • Surfing the Solar System – This game from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific lets you go on a treasure hunt through the Solar System.

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